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Cannon Design Environments for Healing


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Cannon Design's Healthcare Interiors Brochure.

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Cannon Design Environments for Healing

  1. 1. healthcare interiorsenvironments for healing
  2. 2. every design decision we reach influences people’s lives. we work to empower the patient, the visitor and the caregiver. power of place We thrive on innovation. projects Our dedicated healthcare interiors team is committed Given the significant impact the built environment to solving our clients’ environmental challenges and has on patients and outcomes, we focus on solutions02 Northwest CommuNity hospital south pavilioN bringing to the table smart and responsible design that will benefit the emotional and psychological needs08 CoNfideNtial ClieNt outpatieNt CliNiC solutions that rise above expectations. of patients, families and caregivers while addressing the organization’s operational and financial objectives10 KiNg faisal speCialist hospital aNd researCh CeNter Our intelligent practice and creativity improves and goals.12 advoCate good samaritaN greeN Briar outpatieNt CeNter healthcare environments. Our fundamental design principles focus on comprehensive solutions that We are responsive to our clients’ goals and to the spirit14 millard fillmore suBurBaN hospital expaNsioN improve the quality of the healthcare experience in of their cultures. Our work is built upon the human18 advoCate lutheraN geNeral hospital aNd lutheraN geNeral ChildreN’s hospital patieNt Care tower the competitive healthcare market. experience of space and fosters healing, encourages27 BJC iNstitute of health at washiNgtoN uNiversity interaction and incorporates elements that empower We pride ourselves on the service we provide our the individual.32 osf st. fraNCis mediCal CeNter aNd ChildreN’s hospital of illiNois milestoNe proJeCt clients, striving to achieve the best solutions by36 stoNy BrooK uNiversity mediCal CeNter engaging hospital administration, facilities staff and38 NorthwesterN mediCal faCulty fouNdatioN maggie daley CompreheNsive CaNCer CeNter medical teams throughout our process.40 uNiversity of CaliforNia saN diego JaCoBs mediCal CeNter
  3. 3. orange expressioN, warmth, Joy REDEFINING THE COMMUNITY HOSPITAL Northwest CommuNity hospital south pavilioN Arlington Heights, Illinois | 225,000 sf This project presents a new progressive face to the community and has been designed to address several program deficiencies of the current campus. This inpatient building represents the opportunity to continue the family- centered focus and healing environment that has been integral to the Hospital’s mission. The over-arching goal for the project was to re-invent the brand identity for NCH and to create a new definition for “community hospital” . The design creates a healthcare environment that communicates the importance of nature and community to the healing process. Our innate need for nature and shelter is addressed by providing a sense of enclosure as well as a connection to the broader environment. Sheltered gathering places and lowered ceilings in key places provide a safe and comforting environment to heal. The complexities of the natural environment have been interpreted and seamlessly incorporated into elements of the interior through color, pattern, and form, providing a positive effect on one’s overall sense of well-being.2 healthCare iNteriors
  4. 4. Northwest CommuNity hospital south pavilioN A CHANGE CATALYST THAT TRANSFORMS THE PATIENT ExPERIENCE research-informed design The development of the Guiding Principle PEP (Principles-Elements-Processes) Guide established a series of 11 goals for the project; elements that would be implemented as metrics that are used to define success. A PEP council, comprised of nursing directors, reviewed decisions for guiding principle compliance.4 healthCare iNteriors
  5. 5. Emergency departments are often the first point of contact a These are busy places where the urgency of treatment is patient has with a hospital. As another front door, the impact paramount. Our care environments support these activities of a patient’s experience shapes his/her opinion when seeking efficiently and safely. Our emergency department designs are care in the future. The level of activity within emergency equipped to address the full range of healthcare issues from departments continues to rise, often creating chaotic and routine care to catastrophe. overcrowded conditions. emergency medicine st. anthony’s medical center CREATING A CALMING AND SAFE PLACE FOR THE MOST URGENT HEALTHCARE ENvIRONMENT Northwest CommuNity hospital Northwest CommuNity hospital OSF St. FranciS Medical center OSF St. FranciS Medical center6 healthCare iNteriors
  6. 6. red earth, eNergy, streNgth MAkING PRIvACY AND COMFORT A PRIORITY WHEN PATIENTS ARE PRONE TO vULNERABILITY Confidential Client outpatient CliniC Boston, Massachusetts | 38,000 sf The clinic’s new consolidated location—an office building colored glass create interest in public areas; sounds from with little natural light—presented a challenge in creating a water features mask conversations in treatment areas. light, open environment. The result is an environment that conveys the client’s image The circulation “square” was treated with varying ceiling as a provider of comprehensive, team-based, sensitive care heights, graphics, modern furniture and lighting to enhance and treatment to patients experiencing infertility problems in a visual interest, privacy and wayfinding. “Coves” create the supportive, state-of-the-art environment. illusion of natural light wells and “windows” of etched and8 healthCare iNteriors
  7. 7. gold Natural, riCh, Bright ExPANDS REGIONAL PRESENCE AND ENHANCES THE BRAND OF A TOP INSTITUTION king faisal specialist hospital and research center Riyadh, Saudi Arabia | 1,862,000 sf King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center is one of the Middle East’s top medical institutions. With the addition of the King Abdullah Center for Cancer and Liver Diseases, the National Biotechnology and Research Center, Family Clinics and Royal Wing, the Hospital wanted to expand their presence in cancer treatment and research and support clinical care, clinical practice and research modalities while enhancing their brand. Cannon Design supported this mission through development of design solutions that integrate the exterior and interior and convey a consistent brand image through meticulous attention to detail, sustainable design strategies and integration of the landscape. The team pursued consistency in design vocabulary with regard to materials hierarchy, lighting and interior architectural detailing. The comprehensive materials palette consists of two primary components; a core neutral palette that weds exterior and interior materiality and assists in locating key destinations and accent color palettes that add variety. These palettes and associated patterning are influenced by the natural and built environments of Saudi Arabia and Riyadh. Regional design considerations include: the impact large families have on the design of various spaces, separation of sexes in specific areas, light control and mitigation of airborne sand and dust.10 healthCare iNteriors
  8. 8. green growth, NurturiNg, healiNg A DISTINCTIvE DESIGN THAT ExCEEDS PROjECTIONS FOR MARkETSHARE CAPTURE AdvocAte Good SAmAritAn Green briAr outpAtient center Downers Grove, Illinois | 15,000 sf This center is one of the first newly branded outpatient facilities for Advocate Health. As a result, the design needed to convey a unique and memorable image. The design is simple and authentic, based upon the Japanese world view of Wabi sabi. With its roots in the tea ceremony, principles of harmony, respect, purity and tranquility are infused throughout. The tea house’s design is deliberately clean and simple, as it is meant to be a sanctuary. Wabi sabi inspires minimalism so the spaces are appropriately muted, using an earthy neutral palette of brown, black, grey, green and rust. A shoji screen element is used consistently throughout to separate the registration area from the reception area and in diagnostic rooms where they mask medical equipment and storage areas. Back-lit glass art panels feature photographs of nature and create a feeling of visiting a tea house, while serving as a positive distraction from the large-scale medical equipment.12 healthCare iNteriors
  9. 9. blue sKy, relaxatioN, sereNity Millard FillMore Williamsville, New York | 150,400 sf Suburban HoSpital The design for the hospital expansion, dubbed an “extreme makeover”by expanSion hospital administration, completely re-imaged the hospital, enhancing an image for advanced technology and service. The design of the expansion seeks to recapture what is typically lost when expanding on a hospital campus: light, open space, tranquility and natural materials. Granite, wood and glass panels from the building’s exterior flow seamlessly into the main lobby, creating textured wall surfaces within. Double- height public spaces and a bridge connecting new and existing patient floors crossing an open light well creates an active dialogue between interior and exterior. Light, green space and landscape penetrate the interior. AN OPEN LIGHT WELL CREATES AN ACTIvE DIALOGUE BETWEEN INTERIOR AND ExTERIOR14 healthCare iNteriors
  10. 10. vision center and prototype at northwest community hospital At Northwest Community Hospital’s South Pavilion, the The design incorporates into the rooms the most recent size and configuration of the rooms have been shaped by research and trends that address patient safety, patient and the hospital’s Guiding Principles, including: standardization, family satisfaction, stress reduction and infection adaptability, privacy, technology and patient/family-centered control protocols. care. These were tested in the vision Center. A vision Center was created in an off-site warehouse for the design team, hospital and community research-informed design groups to test assumptions within a full-scale prototype. The vision Center was devised as a “testing laboratory” that enabled dialogue and evaluation in an iterative process resulting in solutions that were thoroughly analyzed against best practices and return on investment.16 healthCare iNteriors
  11. 11. violet BalaNCe, iNNer Calm, loyalty COMBINES NEEDS OF ADULT AND PEDIATRIC POPULATIONS WITH A FOCUS ON IMAGE AND SUSTAINABILITY AdvocAte LutherAn GenerAL hospitAL And LutherAn GenerAL chiLdren’s hospitAL pAtient cAre tower Park Ridge, Illinois | 414,000 sf The goal for this teaching hospital was to create a new patient care tower that refreshed their image and established a marketplace position, while upholding their commitment to environmental design. The design of the project went beyond aesthetic considerations to better support excellence in patient- and family-focused care. Balance of color and texture played a crucial role in showcasing the hospital’s vision to connect with nature and provide a supportive patient experience. Building form, materials and color palette harmonize and invoke feelings of confidence, inspiration and healing. The project is certified LEED Gold. Positive distractions are integral to the patient and visitor experience as illustrated through various amenities including a rooftop deck that overlooks a healing garden. Most noticeably, perhaps, is the interactive LED light wall that includes motion sensors and fosters a sense of discovery for visitors big and small.18 healthCare iNteriors
  12. 12. A LEED GOLD HOSPITAL THAT REDEFINES THE STANDARD FOR COMMUNITY HOSPITAL CARE AND FOCUSES UPON PATIENT AND STAFF SATISFACTION research-informed design The hospital and design team facilitated focus groups consisting of patients and family members who provided input on the functional needs, amenities and space design. Findings sparked inclusion of dozens of amenities for families.20 healthCare iNteriors
  13. 13. Cancer is one of the most frightening diagnoses a person can Cannon Design has worked diligently to fill this void through hear. Statistics indicate that it will touch more people as the our research study about infusion settings and patient well- population ages. As a result, most of us know someone–a being. We have used these insights to inform interior design, friend, a family member, ourselves–who is or has been a creating a powerful patient experience. By providing control cancer patient, yet one of the largest gaps in information is over the environment and a connection to caregivers–most research regarding the cancer patient. importantly family members–we are able to make the frequent visits a cancer patient has as comfortable and healing as possible. cancer care design karmanos institute weisberg cancer center22 healthCare iNteriors Froedtert HealtH CliniCal CanCer Center
  14. 14. cancer care design OUR INTERIOR SOLUTIONS FOR CANCER PATIENTS ARE IN-TOUCH WITH THE INTIMACY OF NATURE AND ITS POWER TO HEAL. UW CanCer Center at Johnson Creek AdvocAte lutherAn generAl hospitAl center for AdvAnced cAre AdvocAte lutherAn generAl hospitAl center for AdvAnced cAre UW CanCer Center at Johnson Creek24 healthCare iNteriors
  15. 15. BJC InstItute of health at blue violet traNquil, Composed, deep washIngton unIversIty we are responsive to CUTTING-EDGE St. Louis, Missouri | 910,000 sf A bold ten-year research initiative that is converting knowledge of the human genome into effective, individualized medical treatment MEDICINE AND the strategic goals is reflected in a cutting-edge interior space. The Institute combines research and hospital functions to accelerate the pace of discoveries RESEARCH IN AN and cures in the field of translational medicine. ENvIRONMENT of our clients and The facility houses five multidisciplinary research centers, each with their own identity. Collaboration spaces are placed throughout the building to cultivate relationships between researchers and physicians. WITH A HUMAN Interactive walls are present throughout collaboration spaces for a break TOUCH the spirit of their from the computer or pen and paper. All conference areas and labs are on the forefront of technology and foster thinking and learning. cultures.26 healthCare iNteriors
  17. 17. Our approach to designing for behavioral health is rooted in Every detail of design is carefully considered in order to create crafting a place that heals the whole person. With that in environments where patient and staff safety is ensured, while mind, Cannon Design has created several award-winning avoiding the feeling of an “institution”. facilities that consistently offer places for interaction and Creating “neighborhoods” within our behavioral health socialization to promote well-being–dedicated to each facilities allows for the accommodation of variations in the patient’s medical and spiritual needs. patient population and provides a catalyst for activities and interaction among like-acuity patients. behavioral health institute for mental health policy, research and treatment THE EMPHASIS IS TREATING EACH PATIENT HOLISTICALLY, MEDICALLY, SOCIALLY AND SPIRITUALLY Lindner Center of HoPe, ComPreHensive mentaL HeaLtHCare Center institute for mental health policy, research and treatment30 healthCare iNteriors
  18. 18. indigo suNset, meditatioN, spirituality, digNity TAkING INSPIRATION FROM A NAMESAkE TO CREATE A NEW FRONT DOOR OSF St. FranciS Medical center and children’S hOSpital OF illinOiS MileStOne prOject1 Peoria, Illinois | 440,000 sf As a Catholic hospital with St. Francis of Assisi as their patron saint, OSF wanted the project’s design to convey the significance of his life and provide an engaging and educational environment for children while conveying a sense of medical excellence for all patients and families. The Canticle of the Sun, authored by their patron saint, provided the framework for the building’s design and offered variety, interest and a wayfinding strategy. The facility cares for high-acuity patients, many of whom travel from long distances, so taking into account the needs of their families was an extremely important consideration. A vibrant, full-spectrum color palette addresses the needs of children in the hospital. Children respond to their environment differently than adults: their point of view is lower, scale of spaces and forms can impact them adversely and the interesting use of clear, vibrant saturations of color can provide a positive distraction for adventurous minds. Concurrently, we were challenged to design for the needs of the adult population. While still colorful, the manner in which color is applied and the palettes used within adult areas are more sophisticated and restrained. All details throughout the building respond to The Canticle, including the use of artwork, wayfinding and graphics.32 healthCare iNteriors
  19. 19. OSF St. FranciS Medical center and children’S hOSpital OF illinOiS MileStOne prOject IMPROvES PATIENT SAFETY THROUGH ROOM STANDARDIzATION research-informed design Children have a different point-of-view, engage with their environment differently and need to have a sense of continuity in their lives in order to feel safe and healthy. Our team used research findings to create an interactive space for pediatric populations, including a motion-sensor visual play area, smaller-scale furniture and spaces for family-inclusive care.34 healthCare iNteriors
  20. 20. red violet lush, viBraNt, expaNsive All buildings on-site complement each other, incorporating key design elements that link inpatient and outpatient campuses. With a flexible clinical core area wrapped in a glass-and-metal “necklace” of public spaces, the facility design recognizes qualitative differences between spaces devoted to treatment and those devoted to preventative screening by providing two major independent entrances linked by a shared conduit of public space. Stony Brook UniverSity Medical center Stony Brook, New York | 415,000 sf The Stony Brook University Medical Center campus has experienced significant growth since its construction in the 1980s. In order to better respond to the needs of their patients, visitors and staff, a renovation and expansion of the hospital was designed. Along with the ability to meet the needs of the surrounding community, the client also wanted to use this opportunity to create a striking new campus gateway image and to improve wayfinding among the facilities. The new entrance and lobby of the major expansion provides a striking new public space from which each of the major clinical areas can be readily accessed. The original entry was internally focused and was difficult to navigate. The new entryway design creates an efficient connection to various department areas, improved segregation and security measures, and significantly increased connection to existing parking facilities.36 healthCare iNteriors
  21. 21. turquoise restful, Cool, staBility MEETING THE NEEDS OF WOMEN IN A COMPREHENSIvE CANCER CARE FACILITY THE ENvIRONMENT NorthwesterN medical Faculty FouNdatioN maggie daley compreheNsive caNcer ceNter SHOULD SPEAk TO THE Chicago, Illinois | 21,000 sf ACTIvITIES THAT WILL BE The goal for the project was the expansion of the existing clinic to provide an environment for infusion, taking advantage of the expansive TAkING PLACE WITHIN IT. views of Lake Michigan, as well as incorporating integrated services in a single location. All women’s needs are accommodated during treatment: physical, emotional and aesthetic. Integrative, holistic services include: acupuncture or Reiki, nutrition and health psychology to enable women to better cope with their diagnoses and daily activities during treatment. A healing boutique offers wig and prosthesis fittings, and makeup consultations for patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatments. Since patients receive treatment lasting from an hour up to eight hours, it was important to make the space feel warm, inviting and comforting. The use of warm cherry wood materials for flooring and mill work respect the standards established by Northwestern. In order provide a balance with the deep cherry wood, the use of soft yellow tones create an optimistic and uplifting environment.38 healthCare iNteriors
  22. 22. yellow suN, optimism, Clarity DEFINE A BRAND AND A SIGNIFICANT SHIFT TO THE ACADEMIC MEDICAL CENTER University of California san Diego JaCobs MeDiCal Center La Jolla, California | 495,000 sf The Jacobs Medical Center project is a continuation of the transformation of the UCSD La Jolla campus, from a community hospital to a world-class academic medical center. To assist in the transformation, we are providing the latest in technology infrastructure to accommodate future change, increasing the capacity and capabilities of the medical education/conference facilities and incorporating three hospitals into a single chassis. Cannon Design has met the challenges of branding the three hospitals by creating distinct image, material and color solutions for each, while also incorporating a cohesive aesthetic throughout. The building is organized into three major specialties: advanced surgery, cancer, and women and infant care. The interior aesthetic reinforces the overall brand as a whole, establishing a unique response inspired by the surrounding landscape. The hospital for advanced surgery interior concept is based on both the coloration of the local canyons as well as the nature and function of the high tech facilities, it ultimately reflects “transform” As the building rises, the cancer center . hospital responds to the ocean views and “replenishment. The top floors, which ” house the women and infant hospital, responds to the sky and “discovery” .40 healthCare iNteriors
  23. 23. an insightful environment for the most at risk patients APPLYING RESEARCH TO THE EFFECT Sensitivity to issues related to this very specific patient PvCs, help create an environment that enables neonates population is critical to achieving positive outcomes. to thrive. Application of research on the affect of the built environment on premature infants indicates that the choice of materials, Families need support in a caring environment. Private rooms or “pods”, with controls for temperature and lighting and OF THE BUILT lighting and color impact these outcomes. Neonates are far a daybed, allows parents to stay for extended periods; a more sensitive and fragile than most other patient groups. family lounge with a kitchenette gives parents the ability to ENvIRONMENT Particular attention to the selection of materials that provide participate in caregiving. good acoustic qualities, are low-vOC emitting and, without ON PREEMIES nicu design osf saint francis medical center NorthwesterN MeMorial hospital’s preNtice woMeN’s hospital Northwest CommuNity hospitaL Northwest CommuNity hospitaL42 healthCare iNteriors
  24. 24. among our clients Abrazo Health Care • Adventist Healthcare • Acibadem Healthcare Group • Advocate Healthcare • Arizona State Hospital • Baltimore Washington Medical Center • Banner Health • Baptist Medical Center • BjC Healthcare • Berkshire Health Systems • Bermuda Hospitals Board • BjC HealthCare • Blue Ridge HealthCare System • Boston Medical Center • Botsford General Hospital • Brigham and Women’s Hospital • Cedars-Sinai Medical Center • Center for Addiction & Mental Health • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention • Centre Hospitalier de l’Universite de Montreal • Children’s Hospital of Boston • Children’s Hospital of Illinois • Children’s Hospital of New Orleans • Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia • Children’s Medical Center of Israel • Clarian Health Partners • Condell Medical Center • Decatur Memorial Hospital • Delnor Hospital • Detroit Medical Center • Essex County Hospital Center • about cannon design Fraser Health Authority • Friendship village • Froedtert and Community Health • George Washington University Medical Cannon Design is recognized internationally for the design of Center • Hauptman-Woodward Research Institute • Hospital for Special Surgery • HSA | PrimeCare • Iasis Healthcare • healthcare facilities that manifest design excellence, Illinois vascular Institute • INCA Instituto Nacional de Cancer • Interior Health Authority, BC • john C. Lincoln Healthcare • technological innovation and sustainable solutions. johns Hopkins Medical Center • kaiser Permanente • kaleida Health System • karmanos Cancer Institute • king Faisal Our Ideas Based Practice functions on the principle that Specialist Hospital • Lake Forest Hospital • Lindner Center of HOPE • Loma Linda University Medical Center • Loyola interdisciplinary interaction among planners, architects, engineers, interior designers and cost estimators results University Medical Center • Mayo Clinic • Medical College of virginia • Medical College of Wisconsin • Memorial Sloan- in the highest-quality planning and design strategies. kettering Cancer Center • Mercy Hospital and Medical Center • Methodist Hospital • Milwaukee Regional Medical Center • Cannon Design team members are a part of the American Ministry of Health, Ontario • Mount Sinai Hospital Medical Center • National Institutes for Health • New Women’s College Association of Healthcare Interior Designers (AAHID), a Hospital • New York Presbyterian Hospital • New York University Hospitals Center • Niagara Health System • Northern credentialing body that qualifies healthcare designers by education, training, experience, and an advanced examination, Health Authority, Prince George, BC • Northwest Community Hospital • Northwestern Memorial Hospital • North Carolina with the goal of raising the bar for healthcare design and Department of Health • Oak Park Hospital • OSF Healthcare • Pima County Hospital • Phoenix Baptist Hospital • Phoenix distinguishing those who practice it. Children’s Hospital • Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital • Rhodes Rehab • Resurrection Health Care • Roswell Park Memorial Institute • Royal Ottawa Hospital • Rush-Copley Medical Center • Saint Anthony Hospital • Saint Francis Hospital • Saskatoon Health Region • Scripps Health • Sherman Hospital • Silver Cross Hospital • St. Anthony’s Medical Center • State of virginia • Stony Brook Medical Center • Sutter Health/California Pacific Medical Center • Tata Group • Tel services Aviv Medical Center • United Health Services • University Hospitals • U.S. Department of veterans Affairs • University Interior Design of Arizona • University of California, San Diego • University of Chicago Hospitals • University of Colorado Hospital • Planning University of Illinois at Chicago Medical Center • University of Iowa Hospital and Clinics • University of kansas Medical Architecture Center • University of Massachusetts Medical Center • University of Michigan Health System • University of Pennsylvania Health • System University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics • UW Cancer Center at johnson Creek • valley West Engineering Community Hospital • vancouver Island Health Authority • veterans Administration Hospital • village Medical Center • Specialty Services virginia Commonwealth University Health System • Washington University Medical Center • Yale New Haven Medical Center • zhejiang University Medical Center 1 TEAM CREDITS OSF St. Francis Medical Center and Children’s Hospital of Illinois Milestone Project: In association with Stanley Beaman & Sears44 healthCare iNteriors
  25. 25. BaltimoreBostonBuffaloChicagohoustonlos angelesmumbaiNew yorkphoenixsan franciscoshanghaist. louistorontovancouvervictoriawashington