The fourth of six 2013 Cannes Lions and SapientNitro infographics


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This series of infographics by Cannes Lions and SapientNitro is full of rich Festival data. Each one focuses on a different decade. Number 4 centers around the 1980s.

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The fourth of six 2013 Cannes Lions and SapientNitro infographics

  1. 1. game changer:The 1980sLee ClowWith the 60th anniversary of Cannes Lionscomes a celebration of the iconic work thatchanged the landscape of advertising.“Steve believed in advertising. MarketingCommunications. Marcom. And yes, we metevery week. He hated most of the existingApple products, they were boring beigeboxes, and he was many months away froma new product. But we had to say something.Think Different. It was a celebration ofSteve’s Apple. The old Apple. And the newApple he envisioned.”Winning Work:The 1980sApple ‘1984’Apples ‘1984’commercial wastransmitted onlytwice, but that wasenough. It won theGrand Prix atCannes Lions in1984 and has continued to win industryplaudits for TBWAChiatDay since.Featuring a Big Brother character(representing IBM), and a young model witha sledgehammer who shatters the order(representing Apple), the commercial almostdidn’t air at all, and caused much controversywithin Apple itself.
  2. 2. Quote of the dayconan o’brien
  3. 3. PRide of Place11 most awarded countriesUSA106Brazil96Australia71UK71India32New Zealand31South Africa31Germany59France39Sweden33Japan32
  4. 4. 14 remaining categories• Film Craft Lions• Branded Content & Entertainment Lions• Titanium and Integrated Lions• Palme dOr• Creative Marketer of the Year• Independent Agency of the Year• Grand Prix for Good• Lion of St. Mark• Holding Company of the Year• Network of the Year• Agency of the Year• Cannes Chimera Winners• Young Lions Film Winners• Young Lions Marketers WinnersFestival Mentions2012 v. 2013 (approximate)Pin ofthe
  5. 5. One of the biggest mistakes isthat brands dont listen enoughto whats important to thisgeneration. If you empowerthem, youll get your return tentimes over.– Sean CombsSteer clear of cliche.Fight the instinct to goto the safe place.– Jack BlackThe minute you start to backaway from authenticity becauseyou see an opportunity for profit,you end up losing.– Conan O’BrienBuilding on culture and itsvalues is how you gethypergrowth.– Jeff Weiner, LinkedInAUTHENTIC810COMMUNITIESBUILT ONCULTURE24476STRAYFROM SAFE65MILLENNIALS180CONTENT1,699I dont give a shit aboutuser-generated content; Icare about user-generatedcommunities.– David Droga, Droga5Trending in sessions and social
  6. 6. High Scorers Most-Attended SessionsSapientNitroStories are morethan a narrative.And fashion ismore than design.– with VivienneWestwoodmcgarrybowenIconic StorytellingFrame by Frame:Annie Leibovitz,Disney &mcgarrybowenAdobeYou Cant TrustMarketers – withTina BrownYahoo!The New World ofOnline Content –Appealing to theHabits of Today’sConsumer– with Jack BlackTime Warner Inc.What Connectsin Comedy– with Conan OBrienand Anderson CooperVideo game titles & consoles havewon 56 awards at Cannes Lionssince 2001.
  7. 7. Social activityVOLUME BY COUNTRY (1 SIDE OF CUBE = 1%)USAAustraliaFrance OtherSpainMexico GermanyPortugalSwedenBrazilIndiaUnited Kingdom
  8. 8. 1989 3,5821990 3,7491991 3,7781992 5,9091993 6,2691994 7,1421995 8,5471996 9,2481997 11,1511998 12,4251999 13,1022000 16,3472001 19,0142002 17,2582003 16,3922004 18,7062005 22,1012006 24,8632007 25,5692008 28,2842009 22,6522010 24,2422011 28,8602012 34,3012013 35,765number of entries since 1989
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