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Who is Jesus?


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David Spriggs - sermon at Canley Community Church, part of our "Start Here" series.

Published in: Spiritual
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Who is Jesus?

  1. 1. Who is Jesus? Who am I? Preacher Supporter Old man Father Who am I? Driver Cyclist Walker Shopper
  2. 2. Who is Jesus? How many answers can you find? Teacher Healer Blasphemer Prophet Forgiver Son of Man
  3. 3. Who is Jesus? Effective – he really can forgive Sympathetic – ‘tempted like us…’ Gracious –’Father forgive them…’ Sin bearer – ‘gave his life a ransom…’
  4. 4. Who is Jesus? Healing – ‘get up…’ Freeing – ‘take your mat…’ New start – ‘go home…’ Friend for life – ‘friend of sinners’