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Acts 17.16 34

Chris Richards sermon at Canley Community Church

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Acts 17.16 34

  1. 1. Proclaiming the ‘Unknown God’ Acts 17. 16-34
  2. 2. What did Paul see? Idolatry – not culture
  3. 3. What did Paul feel? Jealousy – for the Name of God
  4. 4. What do You feel?
  5. 5. What did Paul do? He preached the Gospel In the Synagogue In the Marketplace To the Aeropagus
  6. 6. 2 Main Groups Epicureans Stoics Secularists Atheists
  7. 7. What did Paul say? Your gods are too small! God made the world God rules the world God will judge the world
  8. 8. What happened? Most are unmoved But some are saved What about you?