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Acts 16 v 30


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David White continues our series about the life of Paul "A man with a mission" in Acts 16:22-34, "What must I do to be saved?"

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Acts 16 v 30

  1. 1. Acts 16 v 30Acts 16 v 30 Q – What must I do to be Saved? A – Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ
  2. 2. What does Salvation mean?What does Salvation mean? 1) Acceptance of God’s Grace 2) All our sins are forgiven 3) Peace with God
  3. 3. Why do we need Salvation 1) Restore relationship with God 2) Receive Eternal life 3)Enjoy God as our Father
  4. 4. How do we get Salvation 1) Come to God in repentance 2) God’s Grace and our Faith 3) Trusting in Christ alone