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Labour law by bandana
Labour law by bandana
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A big catch of Fish!



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Jon Rogers talk at Canley Community Church Breakfast - a big catch of fish!

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A big catch of Fish!

  1. 1. I’m sure we’ll catch lots of fish tonight! The fish swim near the surface when it’s dark
  2. 2. First we throw the net out
  3. 3. Pulling it back in is easy!
  4. 4. Maybe too easy!
  5. 5. No fish 
  6. 6. Yeeow! My turn now!
  7. 7. Ha! Still nothing
  8. 8. I’m going for a lie down
  9. 9. I’ll try my Polar Bear strength!
  10. 10. Net out…
  11. 11. …and pull it in again
  12. 12. We’ve still not caught anything at all!
  13. 13. It’s morning, but no time to snooze!
  14. 14. Fishing in the day time?! Throw your nets into the water!
  15. 15. I wonder what we’ll catch
  16. 16. Ummm. I might need some help here!
  17. 17. Wow!
  18. 18. Good job, everyone Come and follow me!
  19. 19. Now, what did we learn? Fishing is hard work! Hmmm. Jesus is really powerful! You don’t have to be special to follow Jesus!