EclipseRT, Equinox and OSGi


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A talk I gave at Red Hat's Middleware 2020 virtual conference. A basic introduction to EclipseRT, Equinox and OSGi.

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  • Eclipse itself is an example of a platform for creating tools and runtime frameworks. As such, it's little wonder that many of the early adoptors of EclipseRT have built platforms that allow them to rapidly deliver applications to their customers and end-users.
    For example, NASA, the US space agency, uses EclipseRT for its Ensemble platform. Ensemble is used by the different science teams to write the applications needed to control and run the experiments on their Mars rover operations. Instead of each team writing their software from the ground up, they build on-top of the EclipseRT-based Ensemble platform. This results in an an acceleration of their software development efforts, a consistent end-user view of these applications and an interchange point between applications.
    The component-oriented nature of EclipseRT and the OSGi standard creates a technology base that can be designed to be a platform. Architects can use the design and policy enforcement aspects available in EclipseRT to architect proper extension points and application development in their organization. Because the platform is built on-top of Eclipse technologies, developers can use their familiar tools and frameworks when developing for the platform instead of being forced to use custom platform tools. The deployment services available in p2 gives IT the ability to deploy and then maintain applications built on the platform.

  • Equinox and OSGi
    Of course Equinox is used as the base runtime across the Toast client, server and embedded elements. The example also demonstrates a wide range of OSGi services such as HttpService, ConfigAdmin, Log, ...
    Toast demonstrates three scenarios for the use of Equinox and OSGi on the server
    p2 provisioning
    Various elements of p2 are included in Toast; building, deploying, managing profiles, ...
    Toast is a distributed application and uses ECF to do vehicle discovery, remote services and various other nifty things (Twitter?)
    The Toast control center runs on servers and presents a rich user interface using RAP including Google Map and Earth integration.
    The control center needs to store and manage data about vehicles, drivers, packages, ..
    The basic Toast server side data is, of course, modeled using EMF.
    Toast allows for reporting on the activities of the vehicles, package delivery, ... through RAP integrated reportlets.
    Riena is used to give users a rich client application experience using remote messaging and focused workflows.

  • If you only run what you need you use less power

  • If you only run what you need you use less power
  • Eclipse, which used to be a developer tools framework is now evolving into a fully fledged component/service oriented runtime.

  • EclipseRT, Equinox and OSGi

    1. 1. EclipseRT, Equinox and OSGi Chris Aniszczyk 1 MIDDLEWARE2020
    2. 2. Agenda  Eclipse  EclipseRT  Software Landscape  Toast  Stackless Stacks, Equinox and CODA  Summary  Q&A 2 MIDDLEWARE2020
    3. 3. Eclipse? Middleware? Runtimes? What?  Eclipse is a trusted source of development tools  However, Eclipse is more than just tools!  There are 200+ projects  Eclipse provides a wide selection of...  Runtime Containers  Middleware  Enterprise Frameworks 3 MIDDLEWARE2020
    4. 4. What is EclipseRT?  EclipseRT is the name given to the runtime projects  4 MIDDLEWARE2020
    5. 5. EclipseRT-related Projects at  Equinox  eRCP  Riena  Swordfish  RAP  Jetty  EMF++  GEF  BIRT  SMILA  EclipseLink  e4  ECF  Higgins  Gemini  Virgo 5 MIDDLEWARE2020
    6. 6. Common Denominator?  It’s all OSGi based!   Infrastructure-related projects  Modular philosophy  Realizing Eclipse value, in runtimes 6 MIDDLEWARE2020
    7. 7. EclipseRT Adopters  Jazz  Lotus  SpringDM (Gemini)  NASA  SAP  Infor  GlassFish  Websphere  Oracle  US Army  JP Morgan  ... 7 MIDDLEWARE2020
    8. 8. Who’s Buying the Story? “OSGi and The Rise of The Stackless Stack: Just in Time” “Towards a “JBoss is working mainstream Open on OSGi too” Source OSGi application server?” “Spring Dynamic Modules for OSGi: simplified development of OSGi applications” “Keeping an eye on the OSGi” Alex Fletcher, Entiva Group “Top Five Java Technologies to Learn in 2008” 8 MIDDLEWARE2020
    9. 9. The Software Landscape 9 MIDDLEWARE2020
    10. 10. How did we get here?  Software complexity increases over time...  Software is becoming more specialized  Lack of a common component model 10 MIDDLEWARE2020
    11. 11. An EclipseRT Example: Toast  Toast is an EclipseRT example  Demonstrates a wide variety of EclipseRT technology  Targets the telematics and fleet management domain  Imagine...  Telematics information from fleet vehicles  Fleet management control center  A large courier company with vehicles and packages  The application domain is extremely rich 11 MIDDLEWARE2020
    12. 12. Toast Modules 12 MIDDLEWARE2020
    13. 13. Toast Modules 13 MIDDLEWARE2020
    14. 14. Technology in Toast  Equinox  Derby  p2  Amazon EC2  ECF  SLP  BIRT  Twitter  RCP  JavaScript  RAP  Google Earth  Jetty  EclipseLink 14 MIDDLEWARE2020
    15. 15. What makes Toast possible?  OSGi and Equinox  Modularity  API  CODA 15 MIDDLEWARE2020
    16. 16. Monolithic Middleware and Stackless Stacks  Traditional middleware is monolithic; a comfortable place to run applications but comes with a lot of baggage  Ideally, you only want to run what you need  EclipseRT allows you to specialize your own enterprise stack based on your needs via Equinox and OSGi 16 MIDDLEWARE2020
    17. 17. OSGi and Equinox  Equinox is an OSGi runtime framework implementation  Equinox is the foundation of EclipseRT  Equinox provides a common component model and runtime via OSGi  Allows you to specialize the enterprise stack for your application’s needs  This component oriented approach allows you to spend less time carving down bulky runtimes  We all this component oriented approach CODA... 17 MIDDLEWARE2020
    18. 18. CODA  Component Oriented Development and Assembly Multiple Customize Individual Component Components Solutions Producers 18 MIDDLEWARE2020
    19. 19. Platforms  Platforms are all about components  EclipseRT and CODA enables you to build platforms  Example: NASA and the Ensemble platform 19 MIDDLEWARE2020
    20. 20. Summary  Eclipse is more than just a tools framework  Eclipse is evolving into runtimes via EclipseRT  EclipseRT allows you to build your own stacks  The tight integration between Eclipse tools and EclipseRT provides a great developer experience  EclipseRT and CODA is the future of runtime technology at Eclipse 20 MIDDLEWARE2020
    21. 21. Question and Answers? 21 MIDDLEWARE2020