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Monthly Social Media Brown Bag Session. May 24, 2011. "Facebook 101: Tips,Tricks, & Best Practices"

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  • Chris: Review Agenda, Introduce panel\n
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  • Chris: Goals & Metrics\n
  • Chris: Goals & Metrics\n
  • When a potential new fan checks out your unit’s Facebook Page for the first time, a targeted landing tab is more successful in converting a visitor into a fan/liker than the default Facebook Wall. And don’t be subtle about your call to action. Make sure your landing tab includes a drop-dead-obvious driver to “like” your page\n
  • Only a small percentage of fans return to a unit’s actual Facebook Page once they’ve Liked it, so they’ll only see your Wall posts if that content appears in their News Feeds. The solution? Creating Wall content that is engaging enough to generate comments, likes, and shares in the first place, and then letting the Facebook EdgeRank algorithm take over to propagate those posts across your fans’ News Feeds. Best practices for generating Facebook Wall engagement are: keep status updates brief, ask interesting questions, mix in video and photo posts which are more likely to catch your fans’ attention in a text-heavy News Feed, share content that matches the culture of your unit \n
  • Is your unit’s Facebook Wall littered with status updates cross-posted from Twitter? Your fans aren’t going to like that. Instead, serve up Facebook-only content for your fans that acknowledge and reward them for their ongoing participation and feedback.\nExamples include behind-the-scenes videos, Facebook chats, and special offers or discounts.\n
  • It’s important to have a well-managed Facebook moderation on the Wall, whether manually or with the help of third-party tools.\nDon’t remove posts and comments from fans simply because they’re negative or critical of the brand, but I do zap those messages that violate the PSU’s “House Rules.” Hate speech, harassment, and commercial spam and link bating aren’t tolerated.\nGood Facebook moderation ensures that a few rouge trouble-makers don’t ruin the experience for everyone else, particularly PSU’s “core fans.”\n
  • Facebook offers Page administrators regular reporting on engagement and Wall activity through its Insights data. Study the reporting to understand the makeup of your fans and the type of content that they prefer, and also to chart the growth of your Page over time.\nOther data points I recommend are: User Insights, Interaction insights, average number of likes/comments per post, impressions, fan demographics, referrers from outside websites \n
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  • PSU Social Media May Brown Bag

    1. 1. Portland State Social Media Monthly Brown BagMay 24, 2011
    2. 2. Overview› Introductions› Facebook overview› Tips & best practices› Q&A
    3. 3.
    4. 4. Facebook 101:Tips, Tricks, &Best Practices
    5. 5. Use landing tabs to convert new fans
    6. 6. Optimize Wall content for the News Feed
    7. 7. Create a sense of exclusivity
    8. 8. Have clear moderation guidelines and procedures
    9. 9. Study Facebook Insights data
    10. 10. Contact Christian Aniciete Email: Phone: 971-563-5758 Twitter: @chrisaniciete