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5. innovation at work fast track employment


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This module, module 5 explores the concept of innovation at work, it discusses the fast track employment element.

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5. innovation at work fast track employment

  1. 1. Innovation at work – fast track employment
  2. 2. Learning Objectives • Understand the role of innovation in organizational structures, including:  The adaption of innovation and Innovation management • Develop ability to detect opportunities for innovation • Structure convincing proposals
  3. 3. Innovation Adaption Cycle “The early bird catches the first worm” • This is a model that classifies adapter of innovation based on readiness to accept new ideas. • The diffusion of adaptors is classified into groups early adaptors, early majority, late majority, and laggards.
  4. 4. Innovation adaption cycle
  5. 5. Innovation Management • Innovation management: Is the management of innovation processes. It refers both to product and organizational innovation. • A key fundamental requirement for being able to managing innovation is to be able to measure and assess the various aspects of the process of innovation and its outcome • Tools of Innovation management?
  6. 6. Innovation Management • Not sure about this video as its for Oracle so not totally related. Quite liked it though it explains innovation management quite well
  7. 7. Innovation habits that every Organisation needs • Innovation takes many shapes and forms and there is no single formula for successful innovation • Innovation requires fostering and leadership, in order to stimulate innovation fully there are certain traits habits that companies should adapt.
  8. 8. Identifying opportunities for innovation • Group work – come up with 7 ways to identify innovation opportunities
  9. 9. Identifying opportunities for Innovation “fixing of problems.” Look for your blind spots. Identify where you have been making decisions while in the dark. Highlight your big failures. Identify the biggest threats. Focus on fear. Get scared Look for the “lost causes .” Identify resource- leakage. Pinpoint your weaknesse s. Find your routines, and break them
  10. 10. Creating Convincing Proposals “With great power comes great responsibility” • Once you have this great innovative idea you then need to create an even greater convincing proposal. • Following these steps will make achieving this all the more possible
  11. 11. Planning the proposal Define your audienc e Define your issue Define your solution Keep elements of style in mind Make an outline Writing the proposal Start with a firm intro State the problem Propose solutions Include a schedu le and budget Wrap up with a conclusion Edit and proofread your work
  12. 12. Exercise: Barrington Brands • Read Case Study • Identify areas for Innovation • Develop and present a 10 min PowerPoint presentation (5 slides max) to persuade Company Management to adopt your innovation suggestion