Why do we live in 2D


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Student pitch for spikes academy final presentation 2010 for Samsung LED 3D TV campaign

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Why do we live in 2D

  1. 1. A campaign for Samsung LED Worldwide = globally Peter Wang Di Ethenia Novianty Jeong Yumi
  2. 2. It has an advanced technology Samsung LED TV is a world’s to convert any 2D content into first LED TV in a new 3D. So the audience will enjoy dimension. any content from their TV in a real and better way.
  3. 3. Campaign Mandatory : to Campaign objective : use social coverage : that Samsung media to bring global own the forth the conversion benefit of feature in the Samsung 2D 3D LED TV to 3D market. conversion.
  4. 4. Tone and manner : attractive, enjoyable, real Target audience : demographic : 8-60 year old, live in urban, SES A Psychographic : modern, following the trend, new technology adaptor
  5. 5. • The TA can not feel something and realize how important that things are until they’re losing them. For instance, 3D Consumer insight life. • Real experience through some events and ambient media Preferred communication medium • The TA would find that they can’t live in 2D world, that’s why they need Samsung LED TV with 3D technology. (create Desired response public awareness and information about Samsung LED TV)
  6. 6. 1 st phase Create an advertisement to lead the TA to go into the For the poster and ambient We’ll put this advertisement social network created to media we will put QR code in a place where the TA can this campaign (user- and also website address to see it (railway station, bus generated content website). lead the TA to open the handling, etc where the TA The advertisement will be in website from their mobile actively move). outdoor advertisement phone, laptop, etc. (ambient media and poster).
  7. 7. Inside this microsite, we will invite the TA to upload their funny video about how they live in the 2 dimension (how they Microsite (social media user-generated move their body only in 2 dimension, content) and also facebook page and twitter. The Facebook page and twitter are Microsite address : which is right and left and up and down). And later, we will ask the people to actually part of promotional tools to www.liveinapaper.com register and log in into this microsite to promote the microsite and invite people to vote for their favorite video. And the upload their funny videos. people who got the most voters and also some lucky ones voter will get a prize later (from Samsung LED TV).
  8. 8. Since this is a funny game, We will create some “game” then a lot of people will events in some potential participate or just see how public places, such as : this game work. Then it will So then this “live in 2D” will crowded shopping mall, MRT create a viral form of be published to more people. station, etc. This game is communication. People will There may also be some about how they can finish the tell about this game to their media who report and write challenge to take and move friends, family, relatives, etc about this funny game some boxes to the other with the power of word of (without noticing what game sides by only move their mouth and also the social actually it is for). bodies in 2 dimension (only media that they have move to the right, left, up, (Facebook, twitter, and down). foursquare, youtube, plurk, etc).
  9. 9. For every participants of the game will also get an invitation For the winner of this games in ticket to watch movies and play each spot (the one who can the games in a place called “3D collect best point) will get a palace” (a place where in every prize in a coupon that can they sides inside the room will be exchange with the prize later. covered with Samsung LED TV The prize will be Samsung LED (on the ceiling, on the wall, and TV (without telling what the also on the floor) so that the TA prize that they will get in the will experience to live in a world coupon). full of 3D after they had to live in a 2D world.
  10. 10. The 3D palace visitors will have The invitation tickets are many choices and many range of also available for every one movies (animation, action, who logged in thriller, war, comedy, drama, etc) www.liveinapaper.com, and also games (action, whether they are video adventure, race, sport, etc) to be uploaders and also the watched and played there, so they video voters. can have the best experience. 3D Palace