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ICL 7730

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Icl 7730 power point

  1. 1. SHHS Library VisionCandace MinorICL 7730June 16, 2013
  2. 2. Physical SpaceExpectationsI plan to incorporate the following into thephysical space of the library:● Comfortable seating● Interesting visuals (pictures)● Seasonal book displays● Seasonal decorationsSHHS Library Vision
  3. 3. SHHS Library VisionPhysical SpaceExpectations(continued)● Learning Commons approach with open spacefor collaboration● Computer stations and laptops● Tables and chairs that are easily reconfigured● Coffee bar● Soft background music● Comfortable atmosphere
  4. 4. SHHS Library VisionCollection Wish List● Update the nonfiction section● Add to the Accelerated Reader Collection● Update reference materials● Obtain copies of Common Core Exemplar texts
  5. 5. SHHS Library VisionTechnology Wish List● New laptop cart (34 laptops)● 8 new desktop computers (6 to go inside study carrelsand 2 to go on a computer table)● E-readers● Subscriptions to several scholarly journal databases
  6. 6. SHHS Library VisionAdditional Library Spaces● There is a room in the back left side of the library thathas a sink in it. I plan to make a kitchenette area● I plan to move the circulation desk closer to the frontentrance of the library● The book drop needs to be moved closer to the frontdoor● The periodicals room needs to be cleaned up andutilized●The storage room in the back right of the library needsto be cleaned out
  7. 7. SHHS Library VisionMiscellaneous Wish List● Additional comfortable seating● Additional bookshelves● New desktop for circulation desk● Student library helper
  8. 8. SHHS Library VisionProfessional Vision for the library:● Media specialist as co-teacher● Media specialist as collaborator● Media specialist as planner● Media specialist as researcher● Media specialist as visionary school leader
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