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SLA School Librarian of the Year 2012


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A photo report on the SLA School Librarian of the Year Award Ceremony at Dexter House, Tower Hill, London, 1 October 2012. The award was won by Adam Lancaster of Monk's Walk School in Welwyn Garden City.

Also awarded was the School Library Design Award, on its second year. Winner was The Duston School in Northampton. The school library, known as "The Hub" was praised by the judges for giving students "ownership of their own space and their own place. Funky furnishings, a bold colour scheme, creative space planning, natural and artificial lighting, effective acoustics and ever changing, motivating signage and graphics make The Hub a destination like no other."

Kevin Crossley Holland, author and chair of the SLA, in praising the finalists for the awards said: "Make no mistake about it! School libraries and school librarians are under real pressure – political apathy, cuts in their budgets, threats of redundancy, status within their schools. But all over the country, individual librarians are doing imaginative and valiant and, frankly, quite crucial work, inspiring a love of reading within their schools and communities. They’re not only custodians of the storyhoard, the river of poems and the building blocks of information but brokers of the relationship between books as physical artefacts and the Digital Age. Now, the very best of them have been shortlisted to be the SLA School Librarian of the Year. It’s an award that matters, and it should be recognised by each and every one of us.”

Sponsored by Scholastic Children's Books, Raintree Publishing, and Demco Interiors.

Photographs/Report by Candy Gourlay

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SLA School Librarian of the Year 2012

  1. 1. School Librarian of the Year 2012 Award CeremonyOn School Libraries Celebration Day, 1 October 2012 Dexter House, Tower Hill
  2. 2. “I don’t think I’ve metan author whodoesn’t talk abouthow libraries turnedthem into the authorsthey are.”Alec  Williams,  compere  Independent  Library  Consultant    
  3. 3. “We areprofessionals …being a librarianis not a hobby.”Lin  Smith  Chair  School  Library  Associa6on    
  4. 4. •  Librarians were nominated by head teachers and colleagues. Five schools were visited and three librarians shortlisted.•  For the Library Design Awards, 23 libraries were nominated, six visited by the judges and three shortlisted. Dawn  Woods   Chair   School  Librarian  of  the  Year   Selec6on  Commi<ee    
  5. 5. School Librarian of the Year Honours ListRosalind  Buckland   Adam  Lancaster   Gill  Trueman  Ripley  St  Thomas  Academy   Monk’s  Walk  School   Peasedown  St  John  School  Lancaster   Welwyn  Garden  City   Near  Bath  
  6. 6. “Ripley is very much a reading school, many of thestudents like to read and their families buy books,however there is always more you can do.” •  Interschool Year 8 reading project communicating via a blog •  Interschool author visits – including authors of adult books •  Set up gender-based boy-friendly area •  Partnered with Cumbria University so Ripley students can access Cumbria’s online interactive tutorials and swap staff and pupil visitsRosalind  Buckland   •  Led Ripley’s investment in qualitative schoolLibrarian   databasesRipley  St  Thomas  Academy  Lancashire  
  7. 7. “We are working to create a literacy-richcommunity which takes time and will benefit theschool for generations to come.” •  Monk’s Walk Library has offered free continuing professional development to primaries and secondaries across Hertfordshire after SLS closed •  Aims to create a reading community beyond the school •  Reading Collection for parents and intensive parent support to create a reading climate in the home •  Enjoying Reading sessions – doing fun stuff around reading like book trailersAdam  Lancaster   •  School to scrap homework in favour of preparationLibrarian  and  Associate  Assistant  Head  Teacher   for lessonsMonk’s  Walk  School  HerEordshire  
  8. 8. “For me library provision is about developing children’sreading enjoyment, helping them form their personaltaste … and teaching them how to access knowledge.” •  Timetabled library lessons for Years 3 to 5 teaching research skills, information literacy and e-safety •  Team teaching with class teachers and involving teachers in planning to reinforce information literacy across the curriculum •  Reading Collection for parents and intensive parent support to create a reading climate in the home •  Enjoying Reading sessions – doing fun stuff Gill  Trueman   around reading like book trailers Librarian  and   InformaGon  Manager   •  School to scrap homework in favour of Peasedown  St  John  Primary   preparation for lessons Bath  
  9. 9. Library Design Awards Finalists “An extremely beautiful library that bridges the gap between the traditional library and the emerging learning commons model.” The  ChaEeild-­‐Roberts  Library,   Cheltenham  College,  Gloucestershire  
  10. 10. Library Design Awards Finalists Rising from a school in Special Measures to Outstanding, the Dunston School renamed its library the Hub to put books at the heart of the school. The Hub gave the children “ownership of their own space and their own place”. The  Duston  School  Library,   Cheltenham  College,  Gloucestershire  
  11. 11. Library Design Awards Finalists “The investment, hard work and exciting library is inspiring children, staff and the wider community in an area of high social deprivation … a real little gem of a library.” Front  Lawn  Junior  School  Library,   Havant,  Hampshire  
  12. 12. BIG Thanks to theSponsors!Scholastic Raintree Publishers Demco InteriorsChildren’s Books Miles Steven Hawk Scott Grant, generalHilary Murray Hill, MD manager
  13. 13. Om g that’snick zB rian Sel f hugoa uthor o cabret!And the winnerof the LibraryDesign Awardfor 2012 is …
  15. 15. And our SchoolLibrarian of theYear for 2012 is… Hey that’s kevin crossley- holland!
  16. 16. ADAM LANCASTER!!!
  17. 17. “It shouldn’t be just oneperson in a schoolshouting about librariesbut a full orchestra. It’snot easy … but justbecause it’s not easydoesn’t mean weshouldn’t do it.” Adam Lancaster School Librarian of the Year 2012
  18. 18. Big Congratulations to everyone. Withthanks to Nicky Potter for inviting me tothe ceremony. And thanks to all the coollibrarians who definitely make this worldthat much more awesome. This  Slideshare  report     is  by  Candy  Gourlay