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How to Build An Effective Online Presence - Seminar


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An effective online presence is essential to any freelancer and independent professional in this connected age. But where do you start? And how do you build an effective web presence with the time and money constraints often faced by any independent worker?

This day-long seminar including step-by-step demonstrations will be presented by web designer turned author Candy Gourlay. She will:
- Discuss your needs and how to create a web presence that is global, integrated and strategic.
- Domains, hosting, web builders, search engine optimization —
Candy will walk you through building a website using free and affordable content management tools such as blogs, Weebly and Jimdo.
- Introduce you to social media and discuss the most effective and time-efficient ways to maximize effectivity using online media such as infographics, slideshares and video.

  • you're amazing Candy - so much vision and energy - as someone who can't work Facebook count me in - Lucyx
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