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Dear Candy Gourlay What Should I Read


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A Slideshare response to a letter I got in my author mailbag. I decided not to put a recommended reading age but as a reference to adults these books are great reading from 10 to 11 plus. I read them all and loved them. Do let me know if you can suggest any more titles that a child who read Tall Story might enjoy. Thank you!

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Candy Gourlay is the author of Tall Story, about a boy who is eight foot tall.

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Dear Candy Gourlay What Should I Read

  1. Dear Candy Gourlay,I loved Tall Story. What should I read next?
  2. W ell, it reallydepen ds onwh at youli ked ab out T all Sto ry …
  3. If you liked thebasketball and theunderdog story youmight like TheAbsolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian by Sherman Alexie Indian teen with tough life dares to leave reservation, gets beat up, makes friends, plays basketball.
  4. If you liked thebrother looking outfor a sibling youmight like FifteenDays Without aHead by DaveCousinsMum disappears, boy keeps SocialServices away by dressing up as her.Little bro thinks he’s a dog.
  5. If you liked the bitabout beingdifferent … as inREALLY differentyou might like Wonder by R J Palacio He’s funny, smart and brave – but he’s got no face and now he’s got to attend real school. How will he cope?
  6. If you liked theloveable hero insearch of familyyou might likeBud Not Buddy byChristopher PaulCurtisBud (not Buddy) is in search of hisdad in Depression Era America.There’s a big surprise waiting at theend of his journey.
  7. If you liked TallStory’s feisty, bad-temperedheroine you might also like Boy Overboard by Morris Gleitzman Boy dreams of playing for Manchester United. Problem is, his burka-wearing sister has better football skills than he does … which in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan could be fatal.
  8. If you were fascinated by the inevitable calamity you might like Not the End of the World by Geraldine McCaughreanNoah’s Ark ... But this flood is atsunami and the teller of the tale is agirl with many questions. Powerfulstuff and beautiful prose.
  9. If you enjoyed thestory within astory with amagical twist youmight like Holes by LouisSacharStanley Yelnats goes to a camp wherebad boys dig to become good. But hisdigging turns up some big surprises.
  10. If you liked the tallhero of Tall Storyyou might like Cosmic by FrankCottrell-Boyce Boy is so tall he manages to fool a dealer into letting him test drive a car. But is signing up for a trip to outer space a step too far?
  11. If you liked that itwas funny andsad at the sametime, you mightlike Unhooking theMoon by Gregory Hughes The Rat is a football-playing, gangster- baiting 10 year old girl (yes, another gutsy heroine!). She’s on a road trip with her brother Bob to find a new life.
  12. That’s plenty to startwith. No time to waste!G et reading!