Guide to Fruits Basket


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Guide to Fruits Basket

  1. 1. a guide to fruits basketby tumblr user candycorn-karkat
  2. 2. this is tohru she’s an orphan with no place to live but she refused her friends’ offers to stay with them and lived in a tent instead because she’s a tough lil’ fricker like thatso kawaii it hurts she meets a bunch of angsty human animal thingiesshe’s a perky riceball
  3. 3. this is kyo would you just look at this hottie what a bishiehe likes to shout at people he’s a cat dude who gets and he gets angry a lot pissed off at everything but all the fangirls still love him that’s right cool cat dude doesn’t give a frick
  4. 4. this is yuki he’s an angsty rat dude all of the schoolgirls love himlook at him his favorite hobby iseating like he doesn’t give a beating up kyo the cat fuck dudethat’s just how cool he is look at the rat kawaii rat
  5. 5. who’s this guy??? it’s a mystery just kidding it’s hatsuharu he’s so mysterious he is a cow dude bipolar sexy guyit’s a mysterya fucking mystery he looks mysterious even as a cow
  6. 6. this is shigure and he is a dog he’s a pretty cool dude he likes high school girlsthis face of his really 123 high school girls scares me tho all for me sugoi as hell
  7. 7. this is ayame he’s a fashionable snake what a hottie (kind of???) pervy he’s brothers with yuki but yukisexy snake dude doesn’t give a frick wants to peel his skin off or something ah, brotherly love wow what a cutie
  8. 8. this is hatori he’s a dragon that looks like a seahorse “when snow melts it becomes spring”angst angst angsthe rarely ever smiles he was in love with some chick but then wanted her memory of him to be erased he’s a sexy doctor dudeis he a dragon or a seahorse wtfseriously tho
  9. 9. this is kagura she’s a boar she has 3287547823 different personalitiesshe’s basically the perfect she’s in love with an angry cat representation of the typical rabid fangirl don’t let the cuteness fool you touch her crush and you’re dead
  10. 10. this is kisa omg she is such a sweetheart she will kill you with the power of her kawaiishe is a tiger girlwatch out she bites angst angst motherfrickin’ angst ouchie that has got to hurt
  11. 11. this is hiro smart aleck little dude makes smartass comments all the time little sheep dudewho the fuck are you calling cute has a crush on kisa awwwwi said who are you calling cute motherfucker
  12. 12. this is momiji kawaii desu little rabbit dude he’s half german or something like thatangst angst angst angst kyo hits him a lotcute angst “wah kyo hit me”kawaii as hell he looks like a mutant pikachu pika-bunny
  13. 13. this is akito is he a boy??? is she a girl??? gender confusionhe (or she?) doesn’t turn into an animal, surprisingly people might confuse him (or her???) for yuki he (OR SHE???) is badass hehehe
  14. 14. you guys are gonna share a slide sorry these guys only appear in the mangathis is kureno this is rinhot rooster dude feisty horse girl lol fuck this I don’t wanna be awhat are you looking at horseit’s my sexy body rightyep I thought so
  15. 15. so here’s a summary• tohru meets angsty • mutant pikachu rabbit animals • angst• angst • i’m tired and I don’t• all of these characters wanna do my homework are hot/kawaii • angst• angst • i’m running out of room• why the fuck is hatori a now seahorse and not a • DID I MENTION THE dragon ANGST• angst