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Tattoo or you presentation


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This about what research I have collected in order for me to create a podcast about tattoos. I have called the presentation Tattoo or you? Because its a potential name for my radio podcast.

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Tattoo or you presentation

  1. 1. TATTOO OR YOU?
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION I will be creating a podcast show based around people and their tattoos; I want to find out exactly whether or not tattoos are a good way to express yourself or are they just a bad idea? Perhaps maybe celebrities and their tattoos are influencing teens under the legal age to persuade their parents to allow them to get one. How they could affect relationships between your family or even your work life? Statistically how many people regret getting inked at young age? Could tattoos create a moral panic to the public? In my podcast show I will interview some members of the public who do have tattoos and people who don’t. I then want to get the views and opinions from the tattoo artists themselves to see what they think about being inked. I want to bring out the best and worst tattoos and which are the best way to remove as well as deal with a health problems regarding the tattoo.
  3. 3. PRIMARY I used the BARB website to find the viewing figures for a documentary on channel 4 called “My Tattoo Addiction” which is about people who have an addiction to getting new tattoo on a regular basis. There is another show which is shown on TLC called “Miami Ink” which is about a famous tattoo shop who ink people who have the most amazing life stories behind each tattoo they have done by the tattoo artists. Questions I used on my survey: Age: 15-18 19-25 26-30+ Occupation: Do you have any tattoos? If yes what are they? Do you have any regrets about the tattoos you have and where they’re place on your body? Please explain. Do you have any tattoos that are inspired by celebrities? Are any of your tattoos meaningful? Which famous tattoos would say are the best and worst? Have you ever had any health problems with any of your tattoos? BARB Viewing Figures: 13 MY TATTOO ADDICTION (THU 2204) 1.40 1.40million viewers
  4. 4. SECONDARY Using the internet I went on the daily mirror and found a recent article about a 75 year old man who got his first tattoo of a scorpion as this was his star sign. When I read this article I thought it was quite inspiring, because there isn't an age limit to have a tattoo. McQueen and Knussen (2002) “The scope of secondary data will often exceed what the individual might achieve on their own” a problem with collecting information online is that everyone has differing perspectives.”
  5. 5. QUANTITATIVE I used this website to create an online survey for internet users to do so that I get a range of results. I found out that 60% of teenagers from the age of 15 to 18 would consider getting a tattoo and 20% of people said no because when they're older the tattoos will fade and wont look right. Out of the 5 people that took my survey 40% said they had meaningful tattoos and the other 60% said they don’t have meaningful tattoos. When I asked people in my survey who they thought was the best and worst famous tattoo and 3 people said they thought Cheryl Cole’s recent tattoo of roses on her bottom because it influences women to copy it. One said that Tupac Shakur’s “only god can judge me” tattoo was very inspiring and another said Frank Iero has the best tattoos. I asked my audience researchers would they consider tattoo removal and 33% said they wouldn’t and then 66% said that they would consider its because there is some tattoos that they regret.
  6. 6. PODCAST IDEAS • Interviews i. Tattoo artists ii. Public iii. Experts • Images i. Google images ii. Pinterest iii. Photographs • Music i. You tube ii. ITunes iii. Free music • Equipment i. Camera ii. Voice recorder iii. Setting iv. Speaker v. audience This is a list of things I will probably include in my podcast. I want it to be in the form of a desert island disc but make it so it appeals to my target audience and entertaining; I would like to have different segments of my podcast for example, have an expert time where a discussion takes place from the public who have some views for and against tattoos. This is because I want it to appeal to my target audience. I have researched some podcasts that I would like my podcast to be similar too and these shows have similar segments but talk very little about the health issues and are biased about tattoos. I also researched some websites of celebrities best and worst tattoos to get more of an incite of what I want to include in my podcast. I also had a look at some famous tattoo parlors to see how much people will spend for just one tattoo and how long it’ll take for them to get an appointment.
  7. 7. CONCLUSION In conclusion I have found out that 33% of people were against underage tattooing where as 66% of the public were for underage tattooing, this could spark a debate and raise a moral panic because more people thought it was acceptable for underage inking. I think that teenagers from the ages of 15 to 18 are influenced by celebrities having more than one tattoo and more parents are becoming a lot more relaxed with the issue. Tattoos are known as a way for people to express themselves through these permanent markings but exactly how far will people go before it becomes too much?