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Mobile application for care of patient


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Mobile application for care of patient

Published in: Business, Technology
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Mobile application for care of patient

  1. 1. Mobileapplicationfor care of patient
  2. 2. » Idea» Services
  3. 3. » The idea is to make an application for mobile devices (tablet) that allows access to information from the clinical history and relevant data from patient to patient when performing a query on the site where the patient is located either within the same medical institution or outside it. The purpose is that information provided is available to the doctor no matter where you are. For this we must consider the security of information which must convey a lot of confidence to keep the project does not have good reception.
  4. 4. » The application may be installed on the table or accessed through the Internet by an https:// connection.» Must be safe and always have to travel information in encrypted form.
  5. 5. » The application has the posibiliad to join an existing application to query information databases.» Having connection to databases Oracle or SQL Server.
  6. 6. » Should have a permanent connection wi-fi.» Serviced update of the application either on site or via internet.
  7. 7. » Personal attention to patients with real and updated information.