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Biography Izzah


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Biography Izzah

  1. 1. 1 SOFTSKILL ENGLISH Disusun oleh IZZAH MUJAHIDAH 14213593 1EA22
  2. 2. 2 Biography Izzah Mujahidah My name Mujahidah Izzah, usually called Izzah. I was born in Jakarta, 3 January 1996 at Clinics Asri Nugraha exactly 24 hours Wisma Asri Park. Name Ngadikun father, mother Puji Rahayu. I was the 3rd of 4 brothers, I have 2 brothers and 1 sister. My sister named Nur Yuditya Amanah who was called MBA Udit, and Oktaria Nur Hasanah who was called MBA Okta, my sister named Nur Robi'ah Islah who was called Islah. I live in Taman Wisma Asri road Passion Kingdom D20/03 Gulf 008 RT 04 RW Pucung North Bekasi. Currently I am studying at the University Gunadarma, Faculty of Economics, Department of Management. My high school at SMK Muhammadiyah 01 Bekasi, SMP 21 junior high school in Bekasi, New Hope Elementary School in SDN 2 Bekasi, kindergarten and kindergarten at Ibn Sina Bekasi. I have a lot of good friends, and a wonderful keepsake for me at school. Here, I would like to mention the names of friends that I still remember as long as I learn. These are the names of friends who still remember during my school. I believe, although few names I remember, when met, In Syaa Allah I will still recognize his face. Oh God I hope one day I can meet up again with my old friends and we can play together, aamiin... This time I want to tell you about my family. The first I want to tell you "Mr. Ngadikun" I think the father was a kind, firm, gentle, compassionate, creative, a good leader for his family and his company. Father work in PT. Astra Honda Motor Cibitung Bekasi. Once you work in PT. Astra Honda Motor Sunter area, had moved to some place other departments, and finally settled now in Cibitung. A grandmother living in my house, she is the mother of my father, the father is very empathetic with grandma. I learned a lot from the father, any father went to office or back home, the father always brought presents for our home. And then father also actively participates taklim in the mosque. Moreover, in the father served as chairman of RT 04 and sexy at Masjid Darussalam propaganda. Sometimes you go to work with the motorcycle, sometimes also with the car. Father born in Kroya, 5 September 1962. Father 4th child of 7 siblings, but among the 7 families, only 4 people who live to adulthood. The names are Tulus, Radun, and Darti. Name of the father 's father (grandfather) is Naya Dikrama, the name of father and mother (grandmother) is cremation. Pakde Tulus and Pakde Radun live in Bekasi with his family, while staying in Kroya Lik Darti with grandfather. Secondly, I 'll tell you about my mother, mother Puji Rahayu. I think he is a very nice person, helpful, considerate, compassionate, diligent cook, straighten industrious, sociable, talkative and diligent in worship. Mother is the 5th child of 6 siblings. My mother has a twin named Puji Pangestuti. Mother brother and sister named Gatot, Retno, Rahmi, and a sister named Jarot. Mother 's father (grandfather) named Subarkah , while her mother
  3. 3. 3 (grandmother) named Subingah. Most of the large family of mother lived in Jakarta. Alhamdulillah to date we often gather together. For example, while it is a social gathering, widths, etc. Mom was born in Jakarta on October 5, 1963. Mother active in several study groups that are aro;und the house, she also served as secretary PKK in RW 008. My mother is my inspiration.  Third, this time I'm going to tell you about my first daughter, his name is Yuditya Nur Amanah. Mba udit born in Jakarta on May 25, 1988. He is married to the Ahmad Arifin on March 10, 2013. Unlike her husband of 8 years of age. Because her husband was born in 1980, precisely on May 5. Mba Udit graduate nursing D3, but now she works as a school teacher playgroup nature Plastica. While her husband was working as an elementary school teacher outbound nature Cipondoh Tangerang area. I think his Mba Udit, kind, gentle, and helpful. She is the best sister to me. Mba Udit and her husband now live in Plastica, and every holiday, they returned to Calcutta. Hopefully they immediately gave the child of God and hopefully they could umra together in December 2014, because this is the hope Mba Udit and husband aamiin... Fourth, I will tell my second sister named Oktaria Nur Hasanah. Mba Okta has a unique character and attitude, many things that often do not agree with me. Difference is only 1 year old with Mba Udit. Mba Okta was born in Jakarta, October 1, 1989. Mba Okta computer accounting D3. Had several years of working at a company, but later quit and stay at home longer. I believe, Mba Okta his actually good, it's just that sometimes Mba Okta too selfish to get people's attention than he should pay attention to other people's opinions. Mba Okta hopefully get a job soon, diligent worship and help out mother and family at home, aamiin... Fifth, I will tell my sister named Islah Nur Robi’ah. I used to call Islah. He bermainku friends at home, and we also sometimes sleep together. Islah was born in Jakarta, August 15, 2001. Islah a chatty, had many friends, especially small children and had a lot of memorization. Islah also a casual, spoiled, and easily cry. His hobbies like to play phone, even because of this habit, the mother told the teacher up to Mom and Dad that Islah stop playing phone. The teacher and my parents expect Islah more active learning so that reconciliation can take a class with good values. Spirit Islah!!  This time it was my turn to tell about myself. I think I am a better person today, like helping the elderly, gentle, cheerful, diligent in worship and always want to do what is best for both parents.
  4. 4. 4 Mba Udit said, I am a man Introvert, where an Introvert it is a quiet, not like the crowd and if you've disappointed each one tends more to save his feelings in the heart. Mba Udit said, this same character as Father and Mba Udit While Mom, Mba Okta, and Islah personal Extroverts. They say the nose is sharp like India. My mother never told me, he said when first pregnant, she loves to watch Indian movies. Because that's the end of my nose like a sharp mancungnya Indian people. Hehe believe that this does not trust  Friends do not know why I always want to do what is good for my parents? yes because Mom is 9 months mengandungku with constant fatigue and Father earn a living to support his family. They took care of us all in earnest, they taught me to pray, to straighten at home, give alms to the people who are difficult, and the more I like it again, Mom was always trying to cook a nice meal for me and the family at home. Goodness that I did to them was not the extent of the kindness of parents who have given me during this time. I'm thankful God has given parents were very good to me and I was proud to have a great family. Hope, may we all remain compact, helping each other and remind each other in goodness and oversight. May Allah grant this prayer, aamiin... Right now I 'm living my college times. I will try to learn as quickly as possible so that I get good grades. Help me O God aamiin  Friends, before continuing the story about me, here I will attach an article about " JILBAB" . This article I think is important, because sure many benefits that can be taken with us to read the writing on it. Noteworthy yuk!!! The discussion this time is perinciaan from previous articles that discuss the issue of Muslim headscarves appropriate Shari'ah at once answers to many incoming comments. Hijab is an important part of the Shari'ah to be implemented by a Muslim. He is not just the identity or become a decoration only and is not a barrier for a Muslim to carry out activities of life. Using a hijab in accordance with the guidance of the Prophet sallallaahu'alaihi wa sallam is must be done by every Muslim, just like other acts of worship such as prayer, fasting is obligatory for every Muslim. He is not a separate obligation due to local conditions such as some people say (because Arabic was dusty, hot and so on). He also is not an obligation for a specific community (which has been on a pilgrimage or religious school). True... my sister wear hijab is our duty as a Muslim. And the use we also need to pay attention to what has been taught by the Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu'alaihi wa sallam. As mentioned in previous articles, there are some common uses of the terms in the appropriate veil shari'ah. May Allah ease the authors clarify the points that exist in the previous article.
  5. 5. 5 “DEFINITION JILBAB” In language, the dictionary al- Mu `jam al Wasith 1/128, stated that the veil has several meanings, namely: 1. Qomish (sejenis jubah) 2. Cloth that covers the entire body 3. Khimar (kerudung) 4. Clothing tops like milhafah ( blanket) 5. Such blanket, who used a woman to cover her body As in the term, following the words of the Ulama on this subject. Ibn Hazm rahimahullah said, "Hijab in Arabic mentioned by the Prophet sallallaahu'alaihi wa sallam is the garment that covers the entire body, not just partially. "While Ibn Kathir said" Hijab is a kind of shawl worn over the current khimar same functions such as izar (cloth cover). "(Shaykh Al Bani in Muslim Hijab). Shaykh Bin Baz (Standing Committee of the Programme Mausu'ah Fataawaa wal Imamain) said, "Hijab is the cloth placed over the head and body on the fabric (depth). Thus, the veil is a cloth used to cover the woman's head, face and entire body. While the fabric to cover the head called a khimar. So women cover up with a hijab, the head, face and body above all fabric (depth)." (Bin Baz, 289). He also said, "The hijab is a rida' (shawl) is worn over the khimar (headscarf) as the abaya (women's clothing Arabia)." (Bin Baz , 214) In another place he says, "Hijab is the cloth placed over the head of a woman and badannnya to cover the face and body, as additional clothing for regular clothes (used at home)." (Bin Baz , 746). He also said, "The headscarf is all fabric used to cover the body of a woman. The fabric is worn after wearing dar'un (a type of cloak) and khimar (head scarf) with the aim of covering the fine jewelry places the original or artificial (eg, necklaces, earrings, etc)." (Bin Baz, 313). In a previous article, there is the question what is the difference between the hijab headscarf. Shaykh Al Bani rahimahullah said, "Every hijab is the hijab, but not all of the hijab as they seem." So it is sometimes meant to be the meaning of the word hijab headscarf. The other meaning of the hijab is something that covers or meghalangi himself, either in the form of walls, sketches or other. This is what is referred to in the word of Allaah in Sura al- Ahzab verse 53. "O ye who believe, do not enter the houses of the Prophet unless you are given permission... and if you ask for something they kepda purposes (the wife of the Prophet), then ask them from behind a jilbab" MUSLIM CLOTHING TERMS 1 . Closing the whole body except Excluded Allaah says , ‫يا‬ ‫أيها‬ ‫النبي‬ ‫قل‬ ‫ألزواجك‬ ‫وبناتك‬ ‫ونساء‬ ‫المؤمنين‬ ‫يدنين‬ ‫عليهن‬ ‫من‬ ‫جالبيبهن‬ ‫ذلك‬ ‫أدنى‬ ‫أن‬ ‫يؤذين‬ ‫وكان‬ ‫هللا‬ ‫غفورا‬ ‫رحيما‬
  6. 6. 6 "O Prophet, tell your wives, your daughters and wives of the believers: 'Let them stretch out their scarf around the bod . 'That is so that they are easier to be recognized, therefore they are not alone. And Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful."( Surat al- Ahzab : 59 ) ‫وقل‬ ‫للمؤمنات‬ ‫يغضضن‬ ‫من‬ ‫أبصارهن‬ ‫ويحفظن‬ ‫فروجهن‬ ‫وال‬ ‫يبدين‬ ‫زينتهن‬ ‫إال‬ ‫ما‬ ‫ظهر‬ ‫منها‬ ... "Say to the believing women: Let their gaze, and his cock, and they do not show her jewelry, except for the ( usual ) appear thereof ..." ( Surat an- Nuur : 31 ) On An Nuur verse in the letter which means "except the ( usual ) appear thereof ", then there is a difference of opinion among scholars that carry different consequences on the legal use of the veil for Muslim women. For a detailed explanation, please see the excellent article on this issue in the article Law Veils. From the first condition, it is clear that for a Muslim woman to cover the entire body except those excluded by the shari'ah. Thus, it is very sad when a person intends to wear her hijab, but we can see the hair coming out either from the front or the back, arms that look to a cubit, or neck and ears clearly visible so that should be covered jewelry show. Important notes in point is the use of khimar which is part of the shari'ah use the veil as listed in the next paragraph in the letter An Nuur verse 31. ‫وليضربن‬ ‫بخمرهن‬ ‫على‬ ‫جيوبهن‬ " And let them into his chest to wrap khimar " But there is relief for menopausal women who do not want to marry so that they are allowed to remove her hijab, as contained in the letter An Nuur verse 60: ‫والقواعد‬ ‫من‬ ‫النساء‬ ‫الالتي‬ ‫ال‬ ‫يرجون‬ ‫نكاحا‬ ‫فليس‬ ‫عليهن‬ ‫جناح‬ ‫أن‬ ‫يضعن‬ ‫ثيابهن‬ ‫غير‬ ‫متبرجات‬ ‫بزينة‬ ‫وأن‬ ‫يستعففن‬ ‫خير‬ ‫لهن‬ ‫وهللا‬ ‫سميع‬ "And the old women who had been suspended (from menstruation and contains) that has no desire to marry (again), Nor sin upon them to take off their clothes do not (intend) jewelry show, and be polite is better for them. And Allah is All- Hearing, All- Wise." Radhiallahu'anhu Ibn Abbas said that what is meant by the word "clothes" in the above verse is the "jilbab" and the same thing was said by Ibn Mas'ud. (Issued by Abu Dawud and al- Bayhaqi). Can also note here, that the use of a khimar veil is worn before covering his chest. So how can a person be said to wear the veil if only to the extent of the neck? May this be an afterthought for my sister as well. Here is an example display khimar and jilbab. Khimar worn over his chest. After that imposed the veil on it. (color, shape and length of the clothes in the picture is just as an example).
  7. 7. 7 Hijab Khimar Another important note of this point is the assumption that there is a women's clothing suitable robe referred to are in the form of the canal (longdres ), so there are some Muslim women who force themselves to connect connect-shirt and skirt to wear clothing that is said longdress. Standing Standing Committee was asked about this matter, namely whether the veil should "channel" or "chunks" (no underwear tops and skirt). So the answer to the Standing Committee Standing, "Hijab either the canal or pieces, they are not why be covered as long as they are told and disyari'atkan. "This fatwa was signed by Abdul Aziz bin Baz as chairman and Abdullah bin Ghadayan as member (Fataawaa Standing Committee Standing 17/293, no fatwa: 7791, Maktabah Syamilah). Thus, it is clear about the untrue assumption that qualified majority Muslim robes canal ( longdress ) for Muslim clothing. Remember this, O my sister! 2 . Not Functioning As Jewelry It is as contained in the letter An Nuur verse 31, " ... And let them not reveal her jewelry ... " When the veil and women's clothing and jewelry worn so that their genitalia are not visible , it is not appropriate when making clothing or veil it as jewelry for an early goal to cover jewelry becomes lost . Many errors arise because these points are missed, so that one feels
  8. 8. 8 justified using the veil and beautiful clothes with soft colors with beautiful floral motifs , decorated with threads of gold and silver or putting a variety of jewelry trinkets on hijab them. However , there is also a misconception that if someone is not wearing a black hijab headscarf it means to function as jewelry . It is based on some of the actions of the companions atsar women at the time of the Prophet sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam who wear colored other than black . One is atsar of Ibrahim An Nakhai , ‫أنه‬ ‫كان‬ ‫يدخل‬ ‫مع‬ ‫علقمة‬ ‫و‬ ‫األسود‬ ‫على‬ ‫أزواج‬ ‫النبي‬ ‫صلى‬ ‫هللا‬ ‫عليه‬ ‫و‬ ‫سلم‬ ‫و‬ ‫يرا‬ ‫هن‬ ‫في‬ ‫اللحف‬ ‫الحمر‬ " That he was with al -Aswad Alqomah and never visited the wives of the Prophet sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam and he saw them wearing red coats . " ( Narrated by Ibn Abi Al Mushannaf Syaibah in the book ) Note : This issue applies to women of color . As for men , there is a hadith which explain the prohibition of the use of red clothing . Thus, the measure of " Clothing jewelry or not is based on ' urf ( custom ) . " ( Statement of Shaikh Ali Al- Halabi ) . So that a color or motif draws attention to a society that was forbidden and this may not apply to other communities . 3 . Must Thick fabric , Not Thin Prophet sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam said about the two groups that included the denizens of Hell , and he had never seen , ‫ونساء‬ ‫كاسيات‬ ‫عاريات‬ ‫مميالت‬ ‫مائالت‬ ‫رءوسهن‬ ‫كأسنمة‬ ‫البخت‬ ‫المائلة‬ ‫ال‬ ‫يدخلن‬ ‫الجنة‬ ‫وال‬ ‫يجدن‬ ‫ريحها‬ ‫وإن‬ ‫ريحها‬ ‫ليوجد‬ ‫من‬ ‫مسيرة‬ ‫كذا‬ ‫وكذا‬ " Two groups including the denizens of Hell , I 've never seen it , a people who have whips like the tails of cattle , they hit the man with the whip and women who kasiyat ( dressed but naked , either as thin or short that does not cover the private parts ) , mailat mumilat ( style when walking , want to be noticed ) , their heads like a camel's hump . They do not go to heaven and not get the smell , but the smell was found by traveling so and so . " ( Narrated by Muslim 3971 , Ahmad Malik 8311 and 1421 - see Al Furqan magazine Gresik ) Take this hadith and behold , O my sister , because the threat is so hard that the scholars put it in the big sins . How many Muslim women who seemed to cover the body , but in fact naked . So in the selection of materials we wear clothing that will also have to be considered because , as stated by Ibn Abd al-Barr , " thin material can describe the shape of the body and can not hide it . " Shaykh Al Bani also confirmed , " The thin ( transparent ) was more severe than curves that describe ( but thicker ) . " in fact we know , flimsy material is sometimes easier to follow the curve of the body so that even non-transparent , the shape of a woman 's body becomes readily apparent .
  9. 9. 9 4 . Must be loose , not tight Besides the fabric is thick and not thin , then the clothes should be loose , not tight , so it does not show a Muslim woman 's body shape . It is as contained in the hadith of Usama bin Zaid when he was given a thick shirt Qubthiyah by the Prophet sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam , he gave the clothes to his wife . When the Prophet sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam informed, he said , ‫مرها‬ ‫فلتجعل‬ ‫تحتها‬ ‫غاللة‬ ‫فإني‬ ‫أخاف‬ ‫أن‬ ‫تصف‬ ‫حجم‬ ‫عظمها‬ "Instruct her to wear clothes in Qubthiyah behind it , because I was worried that the clothes can still describe the shape of the body . " ( Narrated by Ad Dhiya ' Al- Maqdisi , Ahmad and Bayhaqi with a hasan isnaad ) So it is not right if someone suffice to wear a skirt , but it still shows the hip , leg or calf . So if the clothes are already quite thick and loose but still shows the shape of the body , it is advisable for a Muslim woman to wear in layers . But do not suffice with long socks , because it is not enough to cover the body shape ( especially for the sisters who are often exposed her skirt while climbing the motor so terlihatlah form of a calf ) . This point is also the answer for someone who allow the use of pants with loose grounds and hips covered by a long shirt . Pants may be used for layers , but not the core of the clothes we wear . Because the shape of the body looks and clothes that resemble men . ( see point 6 ) . If there is reasonable , so flexible pants . So , does he not know that the skirt even more flexible if it is appropriate requirements ( do not imagine a tight skirt / span ) . If skirts are not flexible ( albeit on a flexible origin ) if we assume our logic ( which says more flexible pants ) more true than the shari'ah that God and His Messenger set . Meditate , O my sister ! 5 . Unscented or Perfume Consider one of the Prophet sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam relates about the women who wear fragrances when out of the house , ‫ايما‬ ‫امرأة‬ ‫استعطرت‬ ‫فمرت‬ ‫على‬ ‫قوم‬ ‫ليجدوا‬ ‫ريحها‬ , ‫فهيا‬ ‫زانية‬ " Anyone who wears women's fragrances , and he passed the men so that they get the smell , then he is a fornicator . " ( Narrated by Tirmidhi ) ‫أيما‬ ‫امرأة‬ ‫أصابت‬ ‫بخورا‬ ‫فال‬ ‫تشهد‬ ‫معنا‬ ‫العشاء‬ ‫االخرة‬ " Anyone who wears women bakhur , then let him go with us in the 'Isha' prayer . '" ( Narrated by Muslim ) 6 . Not Resemble Men 's Clothing There are hadiths which indicate the prohibition of a woman like a man or vice versa ( not limited to clothing only) . One hadith that prohibits resemblance in clothing problem is the hadeeth of Abu Hurayrah radhiallahu'anhu , he said ‫لعن‬ ‫رسول‬ ‫هللا‬ ‫صلى‬ ‫هللا‬ ‫عليه‬ ‫و‬ ‫سلم‬ ‫الرجل‬ ‫يلبس‬ ‫لبسة‬ ‫المرأة‬ ‫و‬ ‫المرأة‬ ‫تلبس‬ ‫لبسة‬ ‫الرجل‬
  10. 10. 10 " Prophet sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam cursed the man who wears women's clothing and women who wear men's clothing . " ( Narrated by Abu Dawud ) Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah said , " The similarity in the case of birth resulting similarity and similarity in character and deed . " With resemble men's clothes , the woman will be affected by the temperament of men in which he will reveal his body and eliminate the shame that disyari ' atkan for women . Even if severe impact to bring the other sinners , that is carried masculinity , so in the end like other women . Wal'iyyadzubillah . There are two runways that can be used as a reference for us to avoid the use of clothing that resembles the male . 1. The clothing differentiate between men and women 2. Closing of women. In conclusion , the difference between the types of clothing men and women back to what is in accordance with what was ordered for the man and what was ordered for women . But keep in mind , this prohibition is in things that did not suit his nature . Shaykh Muhammad ibn Abu Jumrah rahimahullah as quoted by Shaykh Al Bani said , " What is forbidden is the matter of clothing , gestures and others , instead of resemblance in the case of goodness . " 7 . Not Resemble Women 's Clothing - Women's Pagan Many of the points that have been mentioned earlier to feel heavy to be carried by a woman because it has been influenced by pagan women clothing . What we know , they ( the disbelievers ) love the shape and curves show , wearing clothing that is transparent , does not care about women's clothing with male resemblance . In fact, sometimes they are designing clothes for women masculine ! Only to Allah we seek refuge and ask for help to be kept away from the love of those who disbelieve . Allaah says , " Has not the time come for those who believe , to subject their hearts the remembrance of Allah and the truth which has come down ( to them ) , and they do not like people who previously had lowered the Book to him , then berlalulah over their long lifetime and their hearts became hardened . And most of them are wicked people . " ( Surat al- Hadid [ 57 ] : 16 ) Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah rahimahullah said , "The Word of God , ' Do not they like ... ' is an absolute prohibition of actions resemble them .... " ( Al Iqtidha , quoted by Shaykh Al Bani ) 8 . Clothes Not To Seek Popularity " Whoever wore syuhrah ( to seek popularity ) in the world , Allah will wear humiliation on the Day of Judgment , and then burn it with fire naar . " The libas syuhrah ( clothing to find popularity ) is any clothing that is worn with the purpose of gaining popularity among the people, both the expensive clothes , a person who used to take pride in the world and jewelry , as well as low-value clothing that is worn to show one's asceticism and with the aim of riya . ( Muslim headscarf )
  11. 11. 11 But here it does not mean one should not wear good clothes , or expensive worth . Since the prohibition here as stated by Imam Asy Syaukani is related to a desire to gain popularity . So , which is used as a benchmark is the purpose of wearing it . Because Allaah if his servants appeared like pleasures that God has given him . Prophet sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam said , ‫إن‬ ‫هللا‬ ‫يحب‬ ‫أن‬ ‫يرى‬ ‫أثر‬ ‫نعمته‬ ‫على‬ ‫عبده‬ " Allah loves that if the trail pleasure given by him there on a servant . " ( Narrated by Tirmidhi ) Thus the veil a little explanation about the meaning and explanation of the points on the corresponding requirementsof Shari.ah Muslim veil. Friends let us not be deceived all the words of the activity funds tend to make a person feel not possible to use the appropriate veil Shari’ah. Remember, that there is no friend at the end of the day who would bear the sins we commit. Only to Allah we ask for help when running all the worship that has been in Shari’ah. Hopefully useful content in this article, aamiin... I chose an article titled “jilbab” thank God today because I’ve been wearing the hijab. I think the veil is obligatory for all women, especially people in the world muslim. Allah has also been explained in the Qur’an about the command to wear the hijab. All friend we have berhijab guys from now  I think it’s quite a biography about me above. The contents of the above article has also been qiute a lot, so, just so guys...