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Vastrm insights and strategy


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A Social Media Strategy Skillshare Class Project with @juliancole

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Vastrm insights and strategy

  1. 1. Skillshare Social Media Strategy Class Project Olivia Sulistio / @candrakirana
  2. 2. Problem Goal
  3. 3. • Who are the current visitors of Vastrm? • Who are the competitor visitors? When are they visiting Vastrm? When are they visiting their sites?• How do these people find Vastrm? • How do people find competitors?• How is Vastrm currently communicating? • How do competitors communicate?• Who are the category users?• How do people purchase polo shirts? Is there any seasonality?• Who buys polo shirt? The end user (men) or other party (women for their beau)?• What are people looking for when buying polo shirts?
  4. 4. Vastrm visitors are mostly graduate school educatedmales in 25-34 years old age group with no childrenand access Vastrm site while at work.They are looking for polo shirt that fits their bodyperfectly, regardless of what their body type is.The most popular week is Nov 11, 2012 with theBarack Obama post.Do comments about how they look from co-workertrigger them to search for flattering polo shirt?Do they feel their ‘power’ threatened by thesecomments?
  5. 5. These news online sites visitors are mostlycollege or graduate school educated males in25-34 years old age group with no childrenand access sites while at work.Are most of Vastrm visitors found the sitethrough these online news sites?
  6. 6. 1. Traffic to the site peaked on January 2012. Is there any promotional activity or any significant communication effort at this time?2. Does the promo program lead to increase in site traffic?
  7. 7. is visited more frequently by females who are in the age range 18-24, have no children,are college educated and browse this site from school.Are females in general care more about quality clothing – fit, tailoring, etc.?Do females influence men’s clothing purchasing? If so, should we target them?
  8. 8. Mostly people visit the sites because they look forpolo shirts or look for the brand.
  9. 9. Ralph Lauren facebook is mostly ‘liked’ by 18-24 y.o. New Yorkers(‘waspy’ image?)
  10. 10. Facebook page as the venue to give program update andproduct launches.
  11. 11. However Vastrm gives morefreedom to personalize thepolo, from the type of fit(slim, relaxed,etc.) to thetype of button.
  12. 12. Can we use this type of ‘controversial’ headline to attract people’s attention while at the same time drive brand message?
  13. 13. Lacoste site is visited more frequently by females who are in the age range 18-24, have no children,are graduate school educated and browse this site from school.
  14. 14. Lacoste facebook page is liked by 18-24 y.o. people who live in Istanbul.
  15. 15. Mostly people visit the sites because they look forthe brand but not necessarily for its polo shirts.
  16. 16. Offering selections of colourful polo shirts
  17. 17. Lacoste imagines the polo shirt of the future- polos that change colors with the swipe of your finger, extendable sleeves, self-tailoring shirts, athletic shirts that keep score, etc. and asks people to share their imagination too.
  18. 18. How Vastrm could drive interactivity via engagingcampaign?
  19. 19. Polo shirt is not the coolest apparel for edgy young people (associated with golf).This is made worse by the reputation of polo shirt as having odd fitting.Hypothesis:Polo shirt is bought when men work in white collar industry as semi-formalapparels for corporate functions.
  20. 20. August August AugustSearch happens mostly in USand Australia.
  21. 21. Mens clothing search online is mostly done by young adult females (25-34 y.o.) who are interested in professional looking attire (which fit is the key ‘success’ factor)Should we target women as they seem to pay more attention in this category hence arelikely to influence purchase?
  22. 22. Men’s clothing guide articles Affordable men’s clothing guide Blog about how a James Bond dresses upHow could we persuade them that Vastrm is worth to pay?
  23. 23. Filter: Male respondentsMost males (below 40 and above 40) do not research first before purchasing.If they do so, they prefer to be able to touch it first then decide.How can we give them Vastrm’s sense of full sensorial experience?
  24. 24. Filter: Female respondents, below 40Most females below 40 did not do research. Purchasing might be impulse driven.For those who do research, store visiting and webshops are important.How can we give them Vastrm’s sense of full sensorial experience?
  25. 25. Amongst people who are likely to purchase apparels this holiday seasons, cost, size and qualityare most important factors in making purchasing decision.Source: Google Consumer Surveys Holiday Insights
  26. 26. For both 25-34 y.o. males and females, cost is the most important factor with size comes in the secondplace.How could we persuade them that Vastrm is worth to pay?Source: Google Consumer Surveys Holiday Insights
  27. 27. • Visitors are mostly 25-34 y.o. males with no • Ralph Lauren and Lacoste are frequented by 18-24 children and access Vastrm site while at y.o. females with no children while at school. work. • Mostly people visit Ralph Lauren because they look• They look for polo shirts that can fit their for its polo shirts while people look for Lacoste as a body. brand but not necessarily because of polo shirts.• Vastrm seems to try make itself be • Facebook page as the venue to update consumers discovered in online news as the IT startup (Ralph Lauren) and interact with consumers (Lacoste)• Hypothesis on category users: Men in white collar industry who look for apparels for semiformal business functions• Search volume peaks on summer (August)• Category might be driven by impulsivity. Females might be greatly influence purchase decision in men’s clothing category – interested in suits and business apparels.• Value-for-money perception drives purchase decision for apparels.
  28. 28. • Polo shirt is not a cool apparel • Vastrm has a competitive edge in offering• Competitors are strong in the market – a tailor fit polo shirt – size and preference polo shirt is practically synonymous with • Vastrm is cheaper than premium brands’ Ralph Lauren polo shirts but gives quality polo shirts • Women, who are the key influencers,• Vastrm might be seen as expensive might be interested in anything that looks presentable and professional like suits ... and James Bond Targeting men and women who are on the look for men’s polo shirt (easier target), how can we make them see the value of Vastrm compared to competitors?
  29. 29. Many women find women who wear sleek suits are sexy.However it is not practical to wear suits all the time and can seem ‘trying too hard’ if worn in casual occasions.
  30. 30. Men who wear good fittingclothes feel good aboutthemselves and attract people– they are the best versionsof themselves
  31. 31. Highlight the unprecedented value of a tailor fit personalized polo shirt With the right polo shirts, in off-duty times, every man can look like the coolest-version- of-himself Use social media to tell 3600 sensorial storytelling• Interactive role-playing activity (online and offline) which is personalized according to user’s facebook profile or preference• Blogger outreach in overindexed sites such as and
  32. 32. Skillshare Social Media Strategy Class Project Olivia Sulistio / @candrakirana