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PelletServer: REST and Semantic Technologies

PelletServer wraps a range of semantic technologies -- query, reasoning, machine learning, planning, and constraint solving -- in a RESTful interface and sensible set of defaults & conventions. Even the wily shell programmer can build semweb apps with wget!

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PelletServer: REST and Semantic Technologies

  1. 1. PelletServer HTTP and OWL2 Reasoning Blazej Bulka Evren Sirin OWLED 2010 07/02/10
  2. 2. Who we are • Clark & Parsia is a semantic software startup • Offices in DC and Cambridge, MA • Software products for end-user and OEM use • Provides software development and integration services • Specializing in Semantic Web, web services, and advanced AI technologies for federal and enterprise customers 07/02/10
  3. 3. Outline • Motivation • PelletServer design principles • Reasoning services • Demonstration • Future work • Related work 07/02/10
  4. 4. Motivation • Framework that will provide access to distributed reasoning services – Use of computing resources (CPU, memory) that are not available locally (e.g., on a desktop machine) – Taking advantage of parallel execution – Ability to use different reasoners • Language independent binding for reasoning services 07/02/10
  5. 5. PelletServer design principles • RESTful interface – Access over HTTP (language independency) – Resources are knowledge bases (KB) • Abstraction of a data source • Have reasoning services associated with them • Different providers of reasoning services – HTTP content negotiation for output results – Service and resource discovery 07/02/10
  6. 6. Reasoning services • Reasoning services provided by Pellet – Consistency, classification and realization – Explanation – Query (SPARQL and Terp) • Generic query service (using Empire framework) • Semantic search service 07/02/10
  7. 7. Demonstration of PelletServer • Demonstration version of PelletServer 0.9.2 is available at (No GUI interface yet.) • Service discovery documents (JSON, RDF) • Namespace service • Consistency • Classification • Explanation • Query 07/02/10
  8. 8. Future work • SPARQL Update support • Pellet Integrity Constraints Validator (ICV) • Specialized reasoning services with other reasoners – Reasoners tailored for certain kinds of domains – Machine learning services – Planning services • More human-friendly administration interface 07/02/10
  9. 9. Related work • DIG and OWLLink – Different use-case – Not a RESTful service – Not a SPARQL endpoint • Bock et al. (OWLED 2009) client-server framework for multiple reasoners – Tight coupling with Java (use of OWLAPI) 07/02/10
  10. 10. Questions? Thank you for your attention! 07/02/10