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Star Oil and Gas Procurement Services Magazine


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Star oil and gas procurement services seeks to support Ghana's (and Africa's) developing energy and petroleum industries by providing the following: Drilling and Downhole Equipment, Storage and Pipelines, Flow Stations, Instrumentation and Controls, Safety Equipment, Power Generation Equipment, Oil and Gas Personnel Services, and Environmental Remediation Products. For more detailed information and to place orders, our full oil and gas products magazine and brochures are available upon request @:

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Star Oil and Gas Procurement Services Magazine

  1. 1. STARAFRICA Commodities and Minerals Ltd. Ghana Office Line: +233.322.299.305 Marketing and Sales: +233.509.784.865 Investor Relations Ghana: +233.541.678.350 Investor Relations: Client Servicing: Website: Contact Us: Owning the means of production STARAFRICA Commodities and Minerals Ltd.
  2. 2. 92 1 Oil and Gas Oil and Gas I. ABOUT THE COMPANY……………………………………..…..................…………..… 2 a. Business Concept……………………….………………………..............................................……...... 2 b. Company's Long Term Business Aim………………………....................…...........……………. 2 II. OUR ACTIVITIES...…………………………...……………....................…………………. 3 Oil & Gas Division UPSTREAM……………………………………….………….....................……...…... 3 PENDING JOINT OFFSHORE OIL AND GAS ACREAGE APPLICATION…….......... 3 GEOLOGICAL REPORT ON ONSHORE OIL AND GAS ACREAGE.………..........…... 3 DOWNSTREAM………………………………………………........…………...……… 4 PERSONNEL SERVICES (SAPECS)…………....………………………………………………....... 5-11 SURVEY PLANING AND DOCUMENTATION.............................................................… 12 FEED STUDIES………………………………………………….....................…………….................... 13 INSTALLATION TOOLING AND DIMENSIONAL CONTROL………………………...... 14 SPECIFICATION, PROCEDURES, WORK INSTRUCTIONS, SCOPES OF WORK CHARTING................................................................................................................................. 15 SURVEY AND POSITIONING ACTIVITIES / CONSTRUCTION SUPPORT…......... 16 SEABED AND SUB-SEABED SURVEY.…………………………………………..………….....… 17 ROV SUPPORT / INSTALLATION / INSPECTION OF SUBSEA PIPELINES AND STRUCTURES SUBSEA METROLOGIES.…………………………………………………..……... 18 DATA ACQUISITION, PROCESSING, CHARTING AND REPORTING.…….........….. 19 DATA MANAGEMENT……………………………………………………………….………...........….. 20 GEOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION SYSTEM GIS.…………………………………........…….. 21 PROCUREMENT SUPPORT………………………………………………...………………….....…... 22 OIL POLLUTION AND POWER GENERATION PRODUCTS………………..............…. 22-76 CRANES, HYDRAULIC WINCHES, LIFESAVING DAVIT SYSTEMS AND LIFESAVING EQUIPMENT.….........................................................................….…….. 77 MARINE CRANES……………………………………………………………………............................ 78-79 OFFSHORE CRANES……………………………………………………………………………….....…. 79 HYDRAULIC WINCHES……………………………………………………………………….........….. 80 LIFESAVING DAVIT SYSTEMS………………………………………………………………..…....... 81 LIFESAVING EQUIPMENT……………………………………………………………….................... 82-83 MIDSTREAM………………………………........................................................... 83 · OIL AND GAS TANK FARM………………………………………..................................................... 83 III. MARKET SUMMARY ………………………………………..............……………………. 83 Oil & Gas Division………………………………………………………….…….......….............…..... 83 Ghana's Local Content Policy……………………………………………………………………….. 83 i. Market Prices……………………………………………………………………….....…..…. 84 ii. Market Opportunity / Competition……………………………………………..... 84 VIII. MANAGEMENT TEAM & ADVISORS………………………………............................ 85-86 TABLE OF CONTENTS PAGENotes
  3. 3. Oil and Gas Oil and Gas A. Business Concept The key concept of our company is based on our willingness to promote a social impact model for businessStar Commodities and Minerals Ltd. development for each of our projects,(Star Africa) is an indigenous while delivering superior returns fordiversified and integrated Ghanaian our investors. In summary, besidescompany involved in commodities providing products and services, Starexploration, production and Africa plans to explore and produceassociated services. Star's activities commodities that are at the heart ofcomprise of three main sectors: everyday life and are central to the development of Ghana and Africa Oil & Gas, Mining, Agriculture and while facilitating the flow of capital to Aquaculture Products and Services. our surrounding communities in the form of job creation and other social development initiatives.Formed in 2009, Star Africa's key strength is its first mover advantage We plan to produce these products:and managements understanding of profitably to create value for ourthe viability of its portfolio. As a result, investors; efficiently with respect fordue to a careful investment strategy, an the environment; and responsibly toentrepreneurial spirit and solid leave our community stakeholderspartnerships, Star Africa has initiated with the lasting benefits from ourvarious projects throughout Ghana; presence – such as infrastructure,and aims to be a leading indigenous improved local skills development andproducer of metals and minerals (Gold, knowledge transfer.Diamonds, Quarry), oil and gas Upstream; (Exploration, Production) Downstream; (Tank Farm), oil and gas B. Long Term Business Aimproducts and services providing the energy and petroleum industries in Our ultimate business aim is to growAfrica with; (Oil Pollution, Safety and and manage a portfolio of projectsPower Generation Products, Marine with our partners that deliver vitalCranes, Offshore Cranes, Hydraulic c o m m o d i t i e s a n d m i n e r a l s ,Winches, Lifesaving Davit Systems, and shareholder returns and sustainableLifesaving Equipment), providing the value for our community, petroleum and mining We are proud to pursue this aim, inindustries with specialists such; partnership with our existing and(Engineers, Energy, Mining and IT future stakeholders; developing ourPersonnel), agricultural products (Rice, people and assets to their fullestMaize), and aquaculture (fish farming potential and making a lasting,such as tilapia). positive contribution to Ghana and to Africa. 2 91 ABOUT THE COMPANY Notes
  4. 4. Oil and Gas Oil and Gas 90 3 II. OUR ACTIVITIES PENDING JOINT OFFSHORE OIL From the inception of Star Africa in AND GAS ACREAGE APPLICATION 2009, our immediate focus was on effectively identifying, acquiring and To date, Star Africa has partnered with integrating projects that can provide ERHC Energy, a publicly listed us with the scale and diversity across exploration company located in products and customer segments that Houston, Texas, and together with we believe are essential for success, ERHC, have submitted a pending joint inline with government policy and that offshore oil acreage application to the will provide supply based on market Ministry of Energy and Ghana's demand. National Petroleum Corporation. The two key prospects in the area hold For the purpose of this document we recoverables in excess of 500 Million will focus only on Star Africa's Oil and Barrels of Oil (MMB). The geological Gas division. chance factor is between 30% - 40%. The acreage chosen is in a highly ?Oil & Gas prospective basin and our application details a 5% carried interest for Star UPSTREAM: Africa. Please note, we have amended As an indigenous frontier exploration our application with Ghana's Ministry company, Star Africa believes that the of Energy and Petroleum as of upside potential for Ghana and Africa February 12th, 2014. We should as a whole is enormous. Both the receive a decision regarding our open shallow offshore and onshore are of acreage application sometime in 2014. particular interest to us with several Star Africa currently continues to highly prospective regions yet to have explore partnership opportunities been opened up to any great extent, regarding additional offshore open we believe that Africa remains one of acreages in Ghana. the world's great remaining prospects for multi-billion barrel discoveries. G E O L O G I C A L R E P O R T O N ONSHORE OIL AND GAS ACREAGE The business model followed in this division is a very straightforward In May 2013, Star Africa and our business model. The management contracted geologist from EnergyPro works exceptionally hard in a Resources Ltd. visited Ghana's data competitive environment to secure room to study Ghana's onshore oil highly prospective acreage in acreages. Our Geologist has produced underexplored regions. Following an internal evaluation report for us early stage work programs to highlight regarding open acreage in the the upside potential of the acreage, Onshore Accra Keta Basin. The Star Africa will look to farm down its objective of the report was to interests to larger partners in return for demonstrate the hydrocarbon carried interests over longer term potential of the area of interest and exploration programs. establish the basis for further work and acquisition. (Appendix B: Evaluation Report On Onshore Accra Keta Basin). Notes
  5. 5. Oil and Gas Oil and Gas 4 89 DOWNSTREAM: PERSONNEL SERVICES - SAPECS In September 2013, Star Africa In August 2013, Star Africa initiated a finalized the application for a permit downstream services subsidiary in from the Petroleum Commission of order to utilize our “Petroleum Service Ghana to operate as a “Petroleum Company” permit from the Petroleum Service Company”. In January 2014, Commission of Ghana. This division the Petroleum Commission of Ghana termed, SAPECS (Star Africa Personnel approved us for our permit. To date, and Consultants) operates as a for our downstream products and subsidiary of Star Africa. SAPECS services, we have partnered with a serves the Petroleum, Energy and leading U.S. company called AVCO Mining industries in Africa and aims to Consulting to provide: Back-End IT become one of Africa's Leading Services and Personnel Development Petroleum, Energy and Mining and Offshore Energy U.K. Limited to Personnel and IT Consulting service provide: Marine Cranes, Offshore providers. Cranes, Hydraulic Winches, Lifesaving Davit Systems, Lifesaving Equipment, Engineering Solutions, FEED Studies, Survey Planning and Documentation, About SAPECS – Unlike the Rest: Survey and Positioning Activities / Construction Support, Survey and Unlike most companies, our niche is to Positioning Activities / Geomatic specifically provide homegrown Support, Welding Engineering, personnel with jobs and projects in the Materials, Corrosion and Coatings, Petroleum, Energy and Mining Fabrication Engineering, and industries particularly in Ghana and Procurement Support for our throughout Africa. downstream and midstream products and service offerings in Ghana and the Our Petroleum, Energy and Mining rest of Africa. personnel and IT consultants bring direct experience to the industries we serve, a knowledge base that is constantly updated with their involvement in their professions and their communities. Paired with a disciplined process of understanding the projects and business needs of each hiring organization, identifying the best job seekers and making the right match, we deliver exceptional service and results. Notes
  6. 6. Oil and Gas Oil and Gas 88 5 SAPECS provides key personnel We also provide the petroleum, such as: energy and mining industries with IT consulting personnel such as: • Engineering Managers • Pipeline Engineers • Business Operations Specialists • Engineering Superintendents • Systems Administrators • Mechanical Engineers • Software Engineers • Well Test Operators • Programmer Analysts • Exploration Geologists • Senior Software Engineers • Lead Cost and Planning Engineers SAPECS has the best interest of those • Drilling Engineers who are in the Petroleum, Energy and • Production Engineers Mining industries across Africa by • Reservoir Engineers providing our quality, qualified pre- • Energy and Power Engineers screened, and vetted personnel for • Welding Engineers their various projects. Since we began • Fabrication Engineers in 2013, we seek to grow very rapidly • Materials, Corrosion and and our success will come from the Coatings Personnel high caliber Petroleum, Energy and • IT Consultants Mining personnel and IT consultants we place on projects and the top quality service we provide to our clients. It is our people, Petroleum, Energy and Mining Specialists and IT Consultants who generate the successful results for our clients. SAPECS is currently headquartered in Accra, Ghana. Notes
  7. 7. Oil and Gas Oil and Gas 6 87 SAPEC's Mission – Local Content: SAPEC's Strength – Job and Project Placement: SAPEC's mission is to provide our top local personnel with a platform for job Our strength is being able to match our opportunities in Africa's Petroleum, top local personnel with opportunities Energy and Mining industries. Our goal in the Petroleum, Energy and Mining is to provide our local personnel with both locally and internationally. We job placement opportunities in the seek to bridge the gap with companies Petroleum, Energy and Mining when finding the best local talent industries across Africa. We seek to becomes an issue. Our specialists become the leading Ghanaian provide international and domestic Petroleum, Energy Engineering, companies with the technical Mining and IT personnel providers in knowledge and solutions they need for Africa. their various projects in both the Energy, Petroleum and Mining sectors. Commitment Our IT consultants provide companies Our philosophy is 100% commitment in the Petroleum, Energy and Mining in helping our clients achieve success sectors with IT specialists and services and desired/optimal results at reduced such as Risk Management, Systems risk and lowest possible cost. and Application Integration, Web Services, Data Warehousing and Alliance Migration, Business Intelligence and Our role is a partnership and strategic Enterprise Resource Planning. We also alliance, listening to our clients and offer additional training via our IT supporting their initiatives with the consulting services. right people, the right experience and at the right cost. We seek to become the leading Ghanaian company to provide Quality Service qualified Petroleum, Energy and In response to the growing needs of Mining personnel and IT consultants Africa's Energy and Petroleum across Africa. Not only that, we Engineering and Mining Industries, we provide our specialist with continued strive to provide the top-notch up to date skill training and services to our clients at the lowest development if necessary. possible cost. Notes
  8. 8. Oil and Gas Oil and Gas 86 7 a. Advisors (Non-Executives) Nii Adzei Akpor (Acting CEO) - Ghana Petroleum Commission Thomas Manu (Director of Operations) - Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC) James Akatse (Director of Operations) - Ghana Irrigation Development Authority (GIDA) Michael Adem (Director of Operations) - Millennium Development Authority (MiDA) Sylvan Odobulu (Vice President) - ERHC Energy Seth Nyenya (Executive VP) - Office of International Initiatives, Houston Inventors Association Marc Van Der Zwan (Managing Director) - Zwanny Limited Phil Davis (Director) - Offshore Energy UK Limited Richard Turnbull (Director) - Offshore Energy UK Limited Matthew Williams - LR Global Partners (Director of Global Relationship Development) Pa r t n e r s h i p s – L e ve r a g i n g wells. Their responsibilities include: Experience with Some of the Industries Best: · Designing well programs (e.g., casing sizes and setting depths) The back end of SAPEC's includes t o p r e v e n t b l o w o u t s partnerships with some of the world's (uncontrolled leading human resources and project well fluid release) while management companies. Our allowing adequate formation partners have over 50 years combined evaluation experience and have placed over 2,000 · Designing or contributing to jobs to date. Here are some of the the design of casing strings and services that our personnel can cementing plans, directional provide to companies for their drilling projects: plans, drilling fluids programs, and drill string and drill bit SAPECS Drilling Engineering programs SAPECS Drilling Engineering is a · Specifying equipment, material subset of our petroleum engineering. and ratings and grades to be Our engineers' design and implement used in the drilling process. procedures to drill wells as safely and · Providing technical support economically as possible. They work and audit during the drilling closely with the drilling contractor, process service contractors, and compliance · Performing cost estimates and personnel, as well as with geologists analysis and other technical specialists. Our · Developing contracts with drilling engineer s have the vendors responsibility for ensuring that costs are minimized while getting Our drilling engineers are often information to evaluate the formations degreed as petroleum engineers, penetrated, protecting the health and although they may come from other safety of workers and other personnel, technical disciplines (e.g., mechanical and protecting the environment. engineering or geology). Some of our engineers have practical experience as The planning phases involved in a rig hand or s or mud engineers. drilling an oil or gas well typically involves estimating the value of sought reserves, estimating the costs to access reserves, acquiring property by a mineral lease, a geological survey, a well bore plan, and a layout of the type of equipment required to reach the depth of the well. Our drilling engineers are experienced in the process of planning and drilling the
  9. 9. Oil and Gas Oil and Gas 8 85 SAPECS Production Engineering Our production engineers are be able to: SAPECS Production Engineering is a combination of manufacturing · Integrate resources. Usually technology with management science. required to consider physical, Our production engineers typically have a human and financial resources at wide knowledge of engineering practices high and are aware of the management efficiency and low cost, yet challenges related to production. Their considering the possibility of goal is to accomplish the production continuous further improvement; process in the smoothest, most-judicious · Make proper use of math and and most-economic way. Production statistics to model production engineering encompasses the application systems during decision making of castings, machining processing, joining process; processes, metal cutting & tool design, · Design, implement and refine metrology, machine tools, machining products, services, processes systems, automation, jigs and fixtures, and a n d s y s t e m s t a k i n g i n die and mould design and material consideration constraints and science and design of automobile parts particularities of the related a n d m a c h i n e d e s i g n i n g a n d communities; manufacturing. · Forecast and analyze demand. Select among scientific and Production engineering also overlaps technological appropriate substantially with manufacturing knowledge engineering and industrial engineering. in order to design, redesign or In industry, once the design is realized, our i m p ro v e p ro d u c t / s e r v i c e production engineers provide concepts functionality; regarding work-study, ergonomics, · Incorporate concepts and operation research, manufacturing quality techniques along all the management, materials management, productive system. Deploy production planning, etc., play important organizational standards for roles in efficient production processes. control proceedings and auditing; They deal with integrated design and · S t a y u p - t o - d a t e w i t h efficient planning of the entire technological developments manufacturing system, which is becoming · Understand the relation increasingly complex with the emergence between production systems of sophisticated production methods and and the environment. This control systems. Our production relates to the engineers possesses a wide set of skills, use of scarce resources, competences and attitudes based on p r o d u c t i o n r e j e c t s a n d market and scientific knowledge. Their sustainability; abilities and experience are fundamental · Manage and optimize flow for the performance of coordinating and (information and production i n t e g r a t i n g p r o f e s s i o n a l s o f flow). multidisciplinary teams. VIII. MANAGEMENT TEAM & governments, and sole proprietors in ADVISORS the areas of business development, management, market analysis, market a. Management Team research and strategy development. C h r i s t o p h e r A n d o h – Kadri Lomo – Director Managing Director Kadri Lomo is Executive Vice President Mr. Andoh is the founder of Star Africa and General Counsel of Star Africa Commodities and Minerals Ltd. Mr. Commodities and Minerals Ltd. His Andoh, for the last decade has focused primary responsibilities include Star's his career on international business l e g a l a f f a i r s a n d b u s i n e s s and entrepreneurship with a development initiatives. In addition to specialization in African markets. MBA private practice with a law firm in Finance and Management (Tulane Washington, D.C., he has held University, The Freeman School of positions as in-house counsel with a Business), MBA Guest Student healthcare services company and Program (The Wharton School of the principal in an infrastructure advisory University of Pennsylvania), B.S firm. Mr. Lomo graduated from Finance and minor in Business Howard University School of Law and Administration (Xavier University of has a B.A from Xavier University of Louisiana). Louisiana. He also has attended both the London School of Economics and Mr. Andoh has served as a financial the University of Oxford for analyst at the Ghana Stock Exchange, postgraduate studies. where he analyzed African market business trends, designed quantitative analysis forms, performed revenue forecasts on markets and oversaw trading. This experience furthered his knowledge about the business climate in Africa and strengthened his relationships and contacts in Africa. In the past, he has worked for City of London Investment Group, PLC, where he performed research and analysis on emerging markets and also focused on the African securities market. His knowledge of the legal, regulatory, and tax environments in Africa also grew at this time. In the United States, for more than ten years, he has been an independent consultant for several c o m p a n i e s , o r g a n i z a t i o n s ,
  10. 10. Oil and Gas Oil and Gas 84 9 i. Market Prices ii. Market Oppor tunity / Competition The International Energy Association (IEA), in its January 2013 report, Star Africa's near term focus is on the forecasted world consumption of oil to opportunities present in Ghana's be 90 mb/d in 2013. The figure is up offshore and onshore sectors. The 1% from 2012's figure and the IEA is availability of exploration licenses for projected a conservative estimate of 2- Star Africa to attain are based on 3% a year gain until 2015. This g o v e r n m e n t i n i t i a t i v e s a n d estimate is mainly due to heightened competition within the oil and gas expectations of consumption from sector from international exploration China and India. and production companies. Star Africa believes current changes in In addition, according to the IEA, to the government initiatives and laws growing year on year demand; the present a unique market opportunity supply of oil has fallen, even though for Star Africa to increase its likelihood non-OPEC producing countries have of obtaining acreage licenses. increased their supplies. As a conclusion, the IEA has suggested that At present Tullow, Kosmos, ENI, Hess, barring an unexpected global event, it Anardarko, and Lukoil dominate the foresees price to remain in the range of competitive landscape. However, $100/bbl - $110/bbl range for Brent Ghana's oil and gas industry is in a and WTI to range from 90/bbl-100/bbl period of transition, which will present for the year 2013. increased opportunities for smaller companies to take advantage of During the pure exploration phase of acreage prospects. our company's oil and gas initiatives any future agreement we have with our The country's upstream sector partners will detail the percentage of continues to be regulated by the gross production of crude oil can be Pe t ro l e u m ( E x p l o r a t i o n a n d delivered or have the right to receive Production) Law, 1984. The law is seen cash in lieu of its share interest. The as outdated an unsuited to the value of said share in cash shall be paid country's burgeoning oil industry. As a at the relevant weighted average result, legislation has been proposed Market Price for the relevant period as that would govern new E&P as well as determined in accordance with Article the country's management of oil 11.7 of the GNPC Model Petroleum revenues. The new legislation will set Agreement. out local content conditions and initiatives requiring Ghanaian i n d i v i d u a l s a n d c o m pa n i e s ' involvement. In this light, Star's market competition for exploration and production licenses is not as competitive. Production engineering is a combination Our reservoir engineers often of manufacturing technology with specialize in two areas: management science. Our production engineers typically have a wide · Surveillance (or production) knowledge of engineering practices and engineering, i.e. monitoring of are aware of the management challenges existing fields and optimization of related to production. Their goal is to production and injection rates. accomplish the production process most- Surveillance engineers typically judiciously and most-economically. use analytical and empirical techniques to perform their work, SAPECS Reservoir Engineering including decline curve analysis, material balance modeling, and SAPECS Reservoir Engineering is our inflow/outflow analysis. branch of petroleum engineering that · Simulation modeling, i.e. the applies scientific principles to the conduct of reservoir simulation drainage problems arising during the studies to determine optimal development and production of oil and development plans for oil and gas gas reservoirs so as to obtain a high reservoirs. Also, our reservoir economic recovery. The working tools of engineers perform and integrate our reservoir engineers are subsurface well tests into their data for geology, applied mathematics, and the reservoirs in geothermal drilling. basic laws of physics and chemistry governing the behavior of liquid and vapor phases of crude oil, natural gas, and SAPECS Energy Engineering water in reservoir rock. Of particular interest to our reservoir engineers is SAPECS's energy engineers apply their generating accurate reserves estimates for skills to increase efficiency and further use in financial reporting to the SEC and develop renewable sources of energy for other regulatory bodies. Other areas of our clients. The main job of SAPECS's experience includes: numerical reservoir energy engineers it to find the most modeling, production forecasting, well efficient and sustainable ways to operate testing, well drilling and work over buildings and manufacturing processes planning, economic modeling, and PVT for our clients. SAPECS's Energy engineers analysis of reservoir fluids. Our reservoir audit the use of energy in those processes engineers also play a central role in field and suggest ways to improve the systems. development planning, recommending This means suggesting advanced lighting, appropriate and cost effective reservoir better insulation, and more efficient depletion schemes such as water flooding cooling properties of buildings in Africa. or gas injection to maximize hydrocarbon Although our energy engineers are recovery. Due to legislative changes in concerned about obtaining and using many hydrocarbon-producing countries, energy in the most environmentally they are also involved in the design and friendly ways, our energy engineering implementation of carbon sequestration specialists are not limited to strictly projects in order to minimize the emission renewable energy like hydro, solar, of greenhouse gases. biomass, or geothermal but also have experience in oil and natural gas extraction
  11. 11. Oil and Gas Oil and Gas 10 83 SAPECS Power Engineering Fabrication engineering Although much of SAPECS's power S O W s , I T Ts , Te c h n i c a l engineers are specialists concerned Specifications with the problems of three-phase AC Bid technical, commercial and power - the standard for large-scale quality review power transmission and distribution Design engineering, MTO, across the modern world - a significant drawing & procedure review fraction of our power engineers have Interface with fabrication yards experience in the conversion between and site reps AC and DC power as well as the ITP PQT PPT FAT SIT development of specialized power Yards / suppliers audits systems such as those used in aircraft or for electric railway networks. ADDITIONAL SERVICES: Welding Engineering Materials, Corrosion and Coatings · Welding Coordination (EN · Material Selection 14743) · Cathodic Protection Design · Specifications, codes and · Failure Investigation standards · Specifications · Weld design and design for FJC, and Coating Selection welding · Documentation: WPS, WPQR, WPAR, ITPs and weld map · Process, vendor and equipment selection All forms of Miscellaneous III. MARKET SUMMARY Lifesaving Equipment to include: Due to the diversified nature of Star Breathing Apparatus Africa as a whole, it is more advisable Pyro-Technics to look at each of Star Africa's four Floatation Devices business divisions and summarize the Lifebuoys market and marketing approach of the Throwing Lines products produced on their own merit. Star Africa has focused on each of its product lines because of their viability MIDSTREAM: and ease of entrance. For the purpose of this document we will focus on Star OIL AND GAS TANK FARM Africa's Oil and Gas division. Star Africa is currently needs to raise $40 Million to build an oil and gas tank Oil & Gas Division farm in the Western Region, Takoradi, Ghana. Star Africa has access to 12 Ghana's Local Content Policy acres on a 78-acre shore base project. Requires Mandatory Local Content Termed, the Funko Shore Base Project, in Oil and Gas Development is the development of an oil and gas logistics shore base to support the All regulatory authorities, operators, warehousing and logistical activities of contractors, sub-contractors and any P r o d u c t i o n S h a r i n g other entities involved in any project, Contractors/Companies (PSC), Oil operations, activity or transaction in S e r v i c e s C o m p a n i e s , a n d Ghanaian Oil and Gas Industry shall Manufactures of Oil and Gas consider local content as an important equipment operating in the western element in their project development region of the Gulf of Guinea. and management philosophy for (Appendix C: Oil and Gas Tank Farm project execution. Every project, Feasibility Study) operation, activity or transaction must have a Annual Local Content Plan. Such a Plan shall include all aspects of the Local Content framework. The implementation of the Local Content philosophy shall ensure measurable and continuous growth of Ghanaian participation in all aspects of the operations.
  12. 12. Oil and Gas Oil and Gas 82 11 Star Africa has recently partnered with Our Engineers are involved Offshore Energy UK Limited to throughout the life cycle of the project exclusively provide efficient, from initial FEED through "Kick off“, Integrated Project Management design, onshore planning, offshore and Solution-Based Engineering installation and on to successful Services to the Oil & Gas, subsea project completion. Our engineering Telecommunications and Renewable focus adds value by exercising the Energy industries in Africa. We now rigor necessary to effectively mitigate have the ability plan, design and and manage risks, facilitating the deliver projects in challenging innovation and creative thinking environments, creating the most needed to effectively deliver complex, effective and efficient solutions for our demanding and often unique and clients. ground-breaking projects. Our managers and engineers have high levels of competence and expertise in their respective fields, gained through significant industry experience and a wide range of projects. Engineering is at the heart of e v e r y t h i n g w e d o a n d t h e maintenance and development of our knowledge base and engineering team is the key to adding value to our projects. LIFE SAVING EQUIPMENT SURVEY PLANING AND DOCUMENTATION Life rafts: Throw-over type with capacities of 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 20, 25, 37, 50 and 150 persons. Life rafts: Davit launched with capacities 12, 16, 20, 25 and 37 persons. Lifejackets: A range of KRU type SOLAS Approved lifejackets designed with quality in mind and supported throughout the world.
  13. 13. Oil and Gas Oil and Gas 12 81 FEED STUDIES Baseline Survey Management Route Finding Planning and Costing Specifications Documentation LIFESAVING DAVIT SYSTEMS any application. Standard Ranges of davit systems for rescue boat, fast We are able to offer a wide range of rescue craft, life raft and lifeboat launch and recovery systems for the launching. High-tech special wave marine and offshore sectors and come compensated systems are also with easy installation, operation and available for launching of daughter economical aspects that make the craft and special FRC's in extreme sea products a safe and reliable choice for state conditions.
  14. 14. Oil and Gas Oil and Gas 80 13 Offshore applications, hoist, crane Storage facility of wire / synthetic tugger and positioning winches rope in excess of 5000 meters Pipe lay vessel winches, anchor 4.5m diameter drum) h a n d l i n g , m o o r i n g a n d Capacities up to 600 tonnes positioning (up to 300 tonnes / Wave riding, Active Heave 117mm) Compensation and constant Towing winches, sea-towing and tension harbor towing (up to 300 tonnes) All classification societies worked Special A&R winches with, e.g. DNV Capstan Dockside winches INSTALLATION TOOLING AND DIMENSIONAL CONTROL CAD Tooling Designing Fabrication Dimensional Control Laser Scanning Vessel Calibrations HYDRAULIC WINCHES
  15. 15. Oil and Gas Oil and Gas 14 79 SPECIFICATION, PROCEDURES, WORK INSTRUCTIONS, SCOPES OF WORK CHARTING Sub-contactor Specifications Survey Procedures for all types of Survey Generic Work Instructions for Common Tasks Scopes of Work Charting and Field Layouts Stiff Boom Cranes ranging from 20TxM through to 180TxM: OFFSHORE CRANES R a m a n d Ro p e l u f f i n g configuration cranes suitable for installation offshore suitable for supply boat lifts, subsea c a p a b i l i t y a n d g e n e r a l maintenance duties on and around vessels / floating production vessels, drilling rigs and offshore platforms Crane sizes 4te up to 350Te with boom outreach 20 / 30 / 40+ mtrs
  16. 16. Oil and Gas Oil and Gas 78 15 SURVEY AND POSITIONING ACTIVITIES / CONSTRUCTION SUPPORT High Accuracy GPS Positioning & Heading System Calibrations Standard and Specialist Equipment Mobilization and Usage LBL Array Design and Operation Experienced Survey Personnel MARINE CRANES Telescopic Boom Cranes ranging from 20TxM through to 180TxM: Heavy Duty Knuckle Boom Cranes ranging from 120TxM through to 370TxM: Fully Folding Knuckle Boom Cranes ranging from 1.5TxM through to 115TxM:
  17. 17. Oil and Gas Oil and Gas 16 77 As mentioned, Star Africa's partnership Our davits are designed to meet the with Offshore Energy UK Limited latest SOLAS requirements and the allows us to provide Marine Cranes, hydraulic power unit can be integrated Offshore Cranes, Hydraulic Winches, on the main davit frame, only requiring Lifesaving Davit Systems, and electrical connection from the main Lifesaving Equipment. This ships supply. Davits are easily partnership brings the capabilities of transportable within 20 / 40' Offshore Energy to Ghana and Africa containers. The boats mount perfectly and gives us the capability to supply, within the davit system and the service and maintain all equipment systems fully integrate, with ease of associated with lifting and lifesaving, mounting to the deck. Equipment can the Offshore Energy team has in excess be supplied with standard controls of 40 years trading in the marine, mounted to the side of the structure; offshore and oil and gas sectors. operator platforms, control cabins or to radio remote control sets. The cranes we now offer come built to the latest codes (EN13001 (shipboard Our partnership with Offshore Energy use) and EN13852 (offshore use)) and UK Limited, allows us to provide an can be certified to all the leading integrated design team that can assist classification societies, including with any enquiry from basic supply Lloyds, DNV, BV, etc. For extreme information right through to the latest conditions, all electrical components 3D modeling, deck loadings and are ATEX approved. advice about the best positioning on board. We now have access to a Star Africa now prides ourselves on worldwide network that allows being able to supply cranes, davit equipment supplied by us to be systems and complete deck machinery supported wherever the vessel is in packages which cover lifting, moving operation, providing year-round back and lifesaving top deck equipment. up. SEABED AND SUB-SEABED SURVEY Multibeam and Sidescan Surveys Sub-Bottom Profiler Surveys Pipe Tracker for Buried Product Identification High Resolution Digital Terrain Models CRANES, HYDRAULIC WINCHES, LIFESAVING DAVIT SYSTEMS AND LIFESAVING EQUIPMENT
  18. 18. Oil and Gas Oil and Gas 76 17 ROV SUPPORT / INSTALLATION / INSPECTION OF SUBSEA PIPELINES AND STRUCTURES SUBSEA METROLOGIES ROV Positioning & Support Structure Positioning Pipeline / Cable Installation Support As-Trenched / Out of Straightness Spool Piece Metrology IRM Surveys protect the keel · 4 oversized bollards and 4 · Strong holding pockets on both oversized lifting points sides of the bow · 8 door attachment points · Non-slip deck · Automatic and manual bilge · Steering console with windscreen pump and powerful bar Mooring Lines and chart plotter · Driver seat · Powerful fender rubber · Hydraulic steering wheel · Hinged protective guard around the motor
  19. 19. Oil and Gas Oil and Gas 18 75 Star Africa offers robust workboats for The boats have safety equipment demanding conditions, made from intended for professional use seawater resistant aluminum and including powerful fenders keeping designed for oil spills in coastal waters guard on both sides of the bow, high and offshore. The boats are robust, range, solid lifting points, joints on the secure, with high stability, high load deck for securing loads, lockable capacity, and are virtually maintenance storage and a rescue ladder on the free. stern. Also a non-slip deck and reflectors provide the user with safe The boats, which are adapted to each and secure working conditions at sea. customer´s needs, have a continuous The seawater resistant aluminum longitudinal reinforcement, which construction is also maintenance free, makes them particularly suitable for environmentally friendly and can be beaching under harsh conditions. The easily recycled. workboats are self-bailing with a full payload. They have been used for Key Features many years by fire and rescue services · Harbor and coastal use in Germany and the Netherlands, and · Offshore use their moderate V hull gives them good · Extreme weather directional stability, high load capacity · Butt bow designed for safe and and high performance. easy loading / unloading · Longitudinal reinforcement to DATA ACQUISITION, PROCESSING, CHARTING AND REPORTING Secure Data Logging Digitized Events (e.g. Field Joints) Linked to Video Experienced Data Processors Digital Charting Field and As-Built Reporting Work Boats [Product No: 31]
  20. 20. Oil and Gas Oil and Gas 74 19 Star Africa offers water pumps. These · Operation: Able to pump air, with pumps are made of lightweight sea high suction and able to operate water resistant aluminum. We offer dry for extended periods of time. the PD75, which is available with oil · Mounting: Wheel resistant components to ensure a · Safety: Over-speed valve and continuous trouble free performance spark arrestor included even in the most arduous of conditions and on the most difficult of spills. · Drive: Diesel Engine Model Yanmar L48 (4.8 hp) · Pump Speed:1500 RPM · Output Up to 30 m3/hour · Inlet Port: 75 mm camlock type · Outlet Port: 75 mm camlock type · Maximum Delivery Head: 30.5 meters · Maximum Suction Head: 9.1 meters · Able To Pass Solids: 6.0 mm DATA MANAGEMENT Data Plans Digital Video Deliverables Secure Data Storage Water Pumps [Product No: 30]
  21. 21. Oil and Gas Oil and Gas 20 73 Pump construction 1. Casing: Cast steel (stainless steel and aluminum as an option) 2. Protecting shoulders: Wear resistant steel 3. Lobes: Coated with NBR, EPDM, SBR or FKM rubber GEOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION SYSTEM GIS Integration of Data into a Custom or Client Geographical Information System. Vogelsang Hydraulically Driven Oil Transfer Pump Continued [Product No: 29] Maintenance The lobes can be checked and replaced A draining port allows constant directly from the front of the pump by checking of the correct operation of removing the front flange without the seals interfering with the seals or the transmissions.
  22. 22. Oil and Gas Oil and Gas 72 21 Star Africa offers the Vogelsang Working principle VSeries 0il transfer pumps, which are positive displacement, self-priming Two counter rotating lobes transfer rotary lobe pumps that can be used from the inlet to the outlet the with skimmers or as stand-alone pumping media drawn into the transfer pumps. These hydraulically pockets formed between the lobes and driven pumps are suitable for handling the pump housing. Simply changing viscous and pasty media (oil, the direction of rotation can reverse hydrocarbons, paint, mud, storm the flow direction of the media. water, etc.). PROCUREMENT SUPPORT Line pipe Structural steel Bends, elbows and pilings Forgings, Flange and Gaskets, Valves Anodes Manifolds & Wellheads Vogelsang Hydraulically Driven Oil Transfer Pump [Product No: 29]
  23. 23. Oil and Gas Oil and Gas 22 71 Star Africa offers the Vac Pac System, The system consists of an air which is commonly used to recover blower/vacuum system (trolley- stranded oil on the surface of sandy or mounted for easy transport). A vacuum rocky beach areas, ditches, lid designed to fit over a standard 205- marshlands, etc. liter (45 US Gallon) oil barrel, suction and discharge hoses and oil suction wand OIL POLLUTION AND POWER High Performance Weir GENERATION PRODUCTS Skimmers [Product No: 14] I n d u s t r i a l G e n e r a t o r s Star Africa has signed an exclusive (Sample)[Product No: 15] MOU with a Zwanny Ltd. a UK company Multi Skimmer MS 10 Modular and agent for Aqua Guard, CAT, [Product No: 16] Lubetech, Olympian, SDMO, and New Pramac Gensets [Product Pramac to offer Oil Pollution and No: 17] Power Generation Products in Ghana, Oil Bags [Product No: 18] Togo and the Ivory Coast. Star Africa Oil Pollution Equipment will now be able to provide companies [Product No: 19] working within these nascent Storage Cages [Product No: 20] petroleum industries with some of the Permanent Containment necessary offshore products they need Booms (P-Series) [Product No: for oil pollution and power generation. 21] Our partnership with Zwanny Ltd. Power Packs [Product No: 22] allows Star Africa to provide the Pre-Owned Caterpillar Gensets following products: [Product No: 23] Absorbents (Ecosorb) Spill Kits [Product No: 24-1025; [Product No: 01] 24-1050; 24-1120; 24-1240; 24- Agua-Guard RBS Triton 600 1755] URO Offshore Oil Skimming SDMO Products [Product No: Sys. [Product No: 02] 25] Air Flex Boom [Product No: 03] Storage Cages [Product No: 26] ASTM Connector [Product No: Uniboom C (Flexiboom) 04] [Product No: 27] Auto Tanks [Product No: 05] Vac Pak Vacuum System Bridle [Product No: 06] [Product No: 28] Containment booms with Vogelsang Hydraulically Driven cylindrical foam floatation Oil Transfer Pump [Product No: (Uniboom® A Series Booms) 29] [Product No: 07] Water Pumps [Product No: 30] DHPP 7.5 Hydraulic Power Pack Work Boats [Product No: 31] [Product No: 08] Fence Booms [Product No: 09] Generator Spare Parts [Product No: 10] HarbourFlex Tidal Dock Seal Slide [Product No: 11] HarbourFlex Boom [Product No: 12] HarbourFlex 24/150 Oil Containment Boom [Product No: 13] Vac Pak Vacuum System [Product No: 28]
  24. 24. Oil and Gas Oil and Gas 70 23 Star Africa offers ECOSORB sorbent The booms are manufactured from booms with skirts. These combine the polypropylene fabric and net, and are protection given by a conventional available in hydrophobic cotton fiber containment boom with the or melt-blown polypropylene sorbent performance of a sorbent boom. fibers. The booms are supplied in a They absorb oil and not water. Their robust big-bag, making storage, low weight and unique design make transport and handling easy. quick deployment possible. 250 meters can be deployed in less than 5 Properties minutes. The booms can be linked up to any length, using the quick · Oleophilic - Strong affinity for oils connectors made of carbine hooks and rather than water Velcro. The excellent absorption · Hydrophobic - Tending to repel capacity and ease of handing make the and not absorb water booms an effective and economic tool · Reusable for the control and recovery of small and medium size oil spills in protected waters. Absorbents (Ecosorb)[Product No: 01]Uniboom C (Flexiboom) Continued [Product No: 27]
  25. 25. Oil and Gas Oil and Gas 24 69 Star Africa offers Aqua-Guard RBS Agua-Guard RBS Triton 600 URO TRITON™ skimmers that rely on Offshore Oil Skimming System adhesion of oil to the surface of a Continued [Product No: 02] rotating insert (brush, drum or disc). As the insert rotates through the Recovery Capacities oil/water surface, the oil adheres to the Note: Recovery capacities of the RBS surface and is removed by a scraper. TRITON™ 35 Brush, Disc, and Drum are The product is collected in a common based on tests witnessed by ABS sump and pumped away. Brush can be Marine Services and DNV (Det Norske interchanged with either drums or Veritas) - tested to the ASTM-F631- discs (without the use of tools) for 93/99 standard. U.S. Patent Number various oil types. 7,303,688 · BRUSH Quoted +37.8m3/hrs 238 Properties barrels/hour · High oil recovery rates with up to · Disc Quoted+10m3/hrs 62 98% efficiency barrels/hour · Easily assembled, operated and · Drum quoted+7.2m3/hrs 45 maintained barrels/hour · All marine grade aluminum and · Note: Recovery capacities are stainless steel construction limited to the Pump Supplied · Removal front trough (designed for (30m3/hour) use in excess waves / windy · Brush – Heavy and Medium conditions) Viscosity Oils – OIL/WATER · Versatile; Brushes can be EFFICIENCY 96% interchanged with either drums or · Disc – Light and Medium Viscosity disc for various oil types Oils – OIL/WATER EFFICIENCY 98% · Ideal for industrial applications · Drum - Light and Medium Viscosity such as oil/water separators, Oils– OIL/WATER EFFICIENCY 98% sumps, chronic spills and oil spill control Agua-Guard RBS Triton 600 URO Offshore Oil Skimming System [Product No: 02] Uniboom C (Flexiboom) Continued [Product No: 27]
  26. 26. Oil and Gas Oil and Gas 68 25 Deployment The Flexibooms' compact design Handles are placed on top every one means that they can be stored and meter for ease of handling. Retrieval is deployed from a boom reel or equally straightforward and the manually from a customized container, booms' flat surfaces make them requiring only 2 or 3 operators. especially easy to clean. Star Africa offers the Airflex Boom, Airflex booms are available in various which is a rapid response, air-inflated materials such as heavy duty neoprene boom for inshore, and offshore use it is or polyurethane fabrics. Airflex booms available in polyurethane and heavy are available in various sizes from 65 duty neoprene fabrics. Aqua-Guard's cm (24 inch) inshore to 220 cm (86 Airflex emergency response pressure- inch) offshore booms. inflatable oil booms are available in inshore and offshore models. Inflatable booms offer the advantage of a high buoyancy to weight ratio, excellent durability and stability along with minimum storage volumes. Air Flex Boom [Product No: 03]Uniboom C (Flexiboom) Continued [Product No: 27]
  27. 27. Oil and Gas Oil and Gas 26 67 Properties • Manufactured from high strength aluminum • Slide connection with additional thumbscrew fixings • Suited for harsh boom deployment applications • Use in ports, harbors, estuaries, oceans and open waters Star Africa offers the Uniboom C coated polyester fabric. The floats are (Flexiboom), which are easy to handle. flat closed cell foam and the booms These booms are high quality fence feature vertical fiberglass stiffeners booms for use in harbors and coastal (battens) and integral top and bottom applications. tension members, making them extremely strong while being of low Construction weight. Flexibooms can be equipped with any type end connectors, U-bolts Flexibooms are made from high- and ASTM connectors being the frequency welded oil resistant PVC- standard option. ASTM Connector [Product No: 04] Star Africa offers the ASTM Connector for all of your connection needs. Uniboom C (Flexiboom) [Product No: 27]
  28. 28. Oil and Gas Oil and Gas 66 27 Quick Overview · Super absorbent polypropylene construction · White in color to easily see if saturated · Will float on water even if saturated with hydrocarbons · Not suitable for water based liquids · Strong outer mesh construction · Have sturdy nylon rope with steel clips to easily connect together · Easy to deploy · Very easy to retrieve because of quality construction of the linking system. · Cost effective · Use the number of booms needed for the size of spill C o m p l y w i t h F e d e r a l Regulations Star Africa offers Auto Tanks, which are make them extremely hardwearing self-erecting foldable tanks used for and suitable for intensive use. All Auto the storage of oil, drinking water and Tanks can be folded up to facilitate other liquids. They are ideal for use transport and storage. They are under a leakage, as a decontamination supplied folded inside a bag with pool, as a temporary storage tank for handles making them easy to carry and liquids, etc. Auto Tanks are ready to be deploy. deployed at any time, as they hold themselves up without a frame due to the floating collar that rises as the tank Properties is filled. They include handles at the bottom, allowing the base of the tank · Easily transportable to be positioned as required. · No assembly necessary Design · Light yet robust · Large storage capacity Auto Tanks are made of PVC-coated polyester that is both flexible and oil resistant. All joins are high frequency welded, eliminating the need for seams or adhesives. The tanks' design, fabric and manufacturing process Auto Tanks [Product No: 05]Sorbent Booms Continued [Product No: 26]
  29. 29. Oil and Gas Oil and Gas 28 65 Star Africa offers Bridles, which are insulated from it. Typical bridles are 80 special sections of cables that are ft [24 m] long. Electrodes may be placed between the logging cable and wound on the outside of the bridle and the head of the logging tool. Unlike the connected to the logging tool for use logging cable, the steel load-bearing as measurement references or for element is in the center, surrounded by spontaneous potential measurements. the conductors that are held in an insulating jacket. The bridle is needed for most conventional electrical logs and laterologs in which the cable armor is used as a current return. To be effective, this return must be at some distance from the logging tool and Each boom is constructed with a tough The booms are available in 5" and 8" outer mesh skin that encases the super diameters and 10 foot or 20 foot absorbent polypropylene filler. The lengths. Helps you comply with filler will not shed. A nylon rope runs Federal Regulations 33 CFR through each boom and has carbon 154.1047(c)(2), 40 CFR 112.7(c)(1), 40 steel connectors so you only use the CFR 122.26 and 40 CFR 263.3. number of booms required to contain the spill. Be prepared. Waiting until you have a spill can costs hundreds or thousands Retrieval is easy with the long lasting, of dollars in overnight shipping as well durable linking system. The oil as huge pollution fines. absorbent booms come in a bright white color to make it easy to see when they are completely fully saturated. With this feature you save money by not replacing the boom too soon. Bridle [Product No: 06] Sorbent Booms Continued [Product No: 26] A must have item for marinas and construction sites near water.
  30. 30. Oil and Gas Oil and Gas 64 29 Star Africa offers oil absorbent booms, Our booms are idea for skimming oil which are perfect for the control and from water. Use them on the ocean, the clean up of oil spills on water. They rivers, wastewater troughs, ponds or can also be used to contain and absorb streams. Great for use on land or water large industrial hydrocarbon spills on for fuel spills or low viscosity oil. land. These oil only booms repel water that means they will float even if saturated. Oil absorbent booms can be used to handle all types of hydrocarbon spills such as fuel oils, hydraulic oil, gasoline, diesel, motor oil, jet fuel and kerosene. Not to be used for acids, aggressive fluids or water based chemicals. Construction Deployment and recovery Star Africa offers booms that are The cylindrical floats, which are filled equipped with cylindrical floats that with closed cell foam, make quick are flexible giving the boom excellent deployment possible (typically 3 wave following characteristics and people and a light craft are needed). exceptional protection in adverse Moreover, the boom has fold-points conditions. The materials used, top every two meters, and stows away quality, high-frequency-welded oil- easily in a standard container. resistant PVC or PU coated fabrics, make this boom robust and highly Containment booms with resistant to hydrocarbons, chemical cylindrical foam floatation agents and weather conditions. (Uniboom® A Series Booms) Continued [Product No: 07] The boom is composed of 2-metre Key Features: long independent cylindrical floats · Lightweight and easy to handle that guarantee floatation in case of · Immediate deployment damage. Each section is fitted with · High buoyancy to weight radio standard Norwegian type end · Easy to transport connectors. · Easy to clean Excellent wave following characteristics Containment booms with cylindrical foam floatation (Uniboom® A Series Booms) [Product No: 07] Sorbent Booms [Product No: 26]
  31. 31. Oil and Gas Oil and Gas 30 63 Star Africa offers the standard range of applications and offer a vast generating sets from the SDMO Power array of options and retrofits which Products range provide an energy enable them to adapt perfectly to all solution for all electricity requirements configurations. between 7.5 and 3,000 kVA. Designed for industrial use, they cover a wide Containment booms with cylindrical foam floatation (Uniboom® A Series Booms) Continued [Product No: 07] SDMO Products [Product No: 25]
  32. 32. Oil and Gas Oil and Gas 62 31 Star Africa offers the Markleen DHPP running equipment such as boom 7.5, which are small, mobile, diesel- reels, skimmers, pumps and air driven hydraulic power packs for compressors. marine applications. They are ideal for DHPP 7.5 Hydraulic Power Pack [Product No: 08]Oil Spill Kits Continued [Product No: 24-1025; 24-1050; 24-1120; 24-1240; 24-1755]
  33. 33. Oil and Gas Oil and Gas 32 61 DHPP 7.5 Hydraulic Power Pack Continued [Product No: 08] Oil Stpill Kits [Product No: 24-1025; 24-1050; 24-1120; 24-1240; 24-1755]
  34. 34. Oil and Gas Oil and Gas 60 33 From a large supply ranging in age and Cat Used Equipment Benefits: hour – to Cat Certified Used Equipment, Star Africa offers • A thorough inspection using affordable alternatives to new the latest technology machines and engines. • Unmatched knowledge of Cat equipment • Unbeatable ser vice and product support • Extended coverage options available • Maintenance history Star Africa offers fence booms. This Deployment and recovery flat foam floatation boom is designed for use in harbors or calm waters and is The floats, which are filled with closed robust, lightweight and compact. cell foam, make quick deployment possible (typically 2 people and a light craft are needed). 250 meters of boom Construction can be deployed in less than 5 minutes. The boom's flat design means it can be The materials used, top quality, high- stored on a manual or hydraulically frequency-welded oil-resistant PVC or driven winch and is easy to clean. PU coated fabrics, make this boom robust and highly resistant to oil, Reliability chemicals, all weather conditions and UV light. The boom is composed of 1-metre long independent flat floats that guarantee floatation in case of damage. Fence Booms [Product No: 09]Pre-Owned Caterpillar Gensets [Product No: 23]
  35. 35. Oil and Gas Oil and Gas 34 59 Connection between booms Each section is fitted with standard quick connectors, which may be ASTM, UNICON or Norwegian type as required. Properties · Easy and compact storage · Made of durable oil-resistant material · Quick and easy to deploy and recover Easy to clean Generator Spare Parts [Product No: 10] Star Africa offers generator spare parts, in addition to the SDMO sets that we offer. Star Africa offers the Mini Hydraulic · Capacity (Hydraulic Tank): 6.3 Power Pack. The Power Pack is a liters (1.7 US gallon) approx. manual start diesel motor driven · Capacity (Diesel Fuel): 2.5 liters single circuit hydraulic unit, which is (0.7 US gallon) approx. wheel mounted and capable of 4.8 HP. · Wheel Diameter: 41 cm (16 in) · Weight: 62 kilograms (136 Features pounds) approx. · Reliable, easy to use · Safety: Over-speed valve and · Welded brackets for insert able spark arrestor included carry poles for carrying over rough terrain · Oversize tires for moving over rough ground Specifications · Motor Model: 4.8HP Yanmar L48 (or equal) - Non EPA · Length: 74 cm (29 in) · Width: 61 cm (24 in) · Height: 91 cm (36 in) Fence Booms Continued [Product No: 09] Power Packs [Product No: 22]
  36. 36. Oil and Gas Oil and Gas 58 35 Harbourflex Tidal Dock Seal Slide [Product No: 11]Permanent Containment Booms (P-Series) Continued [Product No: 21]
  37. 37. Oil and Gas Oil and Gas 36 57 Properties · Very flexible, giving excellent wave following characteristics · Good stability in strong winds, currents and chop · Particularly high tensile s t re n g t h a n d a b r a s i o n resistance · May be wound on to a hydraulic boom reel · Will maintain full floatation even when damaged · E a s i l y r e p a i r a b l e ( a l l components may be changed on site) HarbourFlex Boom [Product No: 12] Star Africa offers the HarbourFlex current in salt water, we recommend boom, which used in the ports. For the our HarbourFlex 36/350 permanent HarbourFlex, we are pretty flexible boom with a tensile strength of when it comes to the mounting 57,272kg. The lighter weight hardware. We have some standard HarbourFlex 36/150 has a tensile options, but a lot of individual site strength of 24,494kg. All fasteners are locations require custom solutions. Stainless Steel 304 with SS 316 Custom mounts are not an issue and available as an option. usually worth the efforts of custom design due to the long life of the This boom typically has two tidal boom. compensation options available; a Secured vinyl coated galvanized steel The boom itself is pretty standard cable is offered as our standard ranging from 18” to 36” (45-90cm) equipment. Or a stainless steel slide Overall Heights. Our 2 main fabric pipe is offered for stronger current options are 150 or 350. All fasteners applications. are offered in SS304 as standard supply with SS306 as an option. The floats remain the same for any size fabric. For installations with a mid to strong Permanent Containment Booms (P-Series) Continued [Product No: 21]
  38. 38. Oil and Gas Oil and Gas 56 37 Star Africa offers the P Series booms, construction that is easy to maintain and repair on site. Most of the forceswhich are heavy-duty booms with on the boom are absorbed by the high-density polyethylene floats. The ballast chain, which is shackled on to boom is particularly robust and is the lower part of the skirt. The ballast made to give a particularly long service chain is connected between sections life in installations where booms are with “split-links” made from hot-dip- used frequently or permanently. galvanized steel. Each section is fitted with marine grade aluminum ASTM connectors. Tools are not required to Design connect the sections together. Alternatively, Unicon or Norwegian Boom with a heavy PU or PVC vertical type connectors may be delivered. barrier fabric and symmetrically placed high-density polyethylene floats, filled with ecological foam. The two halves of the floats are bolted together trapping the barrier fabric in between. This gives rise to a particularly heavy-duty We also offer boat gate systems whereHarbourFlex Boom Continued a vessel may pass through the boom[Product No: 12] by disconnecting the boat gate. Available with floats colored Black , For anchoring, standard installation Yellow, or any combination of the two consist of anchoring the boom to a colors. The yellow ones are more submerged concrete block and buoy visible but do not last as long as the (supplied by end user) via the black ones when they are exposed to Anchoring Clamp Set with Bridal. For UV rays. Typical installation life is 5-8 strong current applications, we years before spares are required. recommend securing the boom to piles driven into the seabed. HarbourFlex 24/150 Oil Containment Boom [Product No: 13] Star Africa offers the HarbourFlex durable high tensile material. The Containment Boom, which is designed HarbourFlex floats are roto-moulded to be left in the water constantly for and foam filled. They are longer and years. Typical installations include wider than competitor products. The petrochemical shipping terminals, larger float size provides superior protection for power plant water buoyancy and higher stability in rough intakes, and debris barriers for water. They also eliminate the need for desalination plants, marinas and bottom ballast to keep the boom separation ponds. upright. This boom needs very low maintenance and can be left in the Features water for years with minimum HarbourFlex “L” is constructed of very maintenance. Permanent Containment Booms (P-Series)[Product No: 21]
  39. 39. Oil and Gas Oil and Gas 38 55 HarbourFlex 24/150 Oil Containment Boom Continued [Product No: 13] Storage Cages Continued [Product No: 20]
  40. 40. Oil and Gas Oil and Gas 54 39 Star Africa offers the Markleen storage of oil spill response equipment cages, which are designed to optimize (containment booms, skimmers, the storage; transport and deployment power packs, etc.). To Connect or disconnect, simply The Harbourflex Gate System also unbolt the top fastener and raise the facilitates a quick, easy connection to handle up approximately 2" (50mm). an emergency response boom. In that This gate is designed so large waves or case, the Gate would be installed on tidal change will not affect its the Harbourflex Boom permanently performance. Upon re-attachment, and the emergency response boom simply raise the handle again, guide would connect to it during the the boom into the slots, drop the deployment. handle and re-bolt the top fastener.. HarbourFlex 24/150 Oil Containment Boom Continued [Product No: 13] Storage Cages [Product No: 20]
  41. 41. Oil and Gas Oil and Gas 40 53 Star Africa offers a high performance The skimmer is mounted on a robust weir skimmer for harbor, coastal or stainless steel frame that sustains the offshore oil spills. This skimmer four floats and protects the pumps handles all types of hydrocarbons, from light diesel to heavy crude oil, High Performance Weir Skimmers and is suitable for advancing and Continued [Product No: 14] stationary skimming operations. The skimmer features a well-proven Properties self-adjusting flow-controlled inlet The skimmer handles all types of oil weir, with automatic parallel weir lip spills, from light diesel to heavy crude movement to water surface. The weir mixed with debris. working depth is controlled by the pump flow rate, and determines the · Extremely high recover y quantity of water in the recovered c a pa c i t i e s a t l o w p u m p product. revolutions · Large 360º inlet opening with The skimmer incorporates two heavy- strong cutting knives for efficient duty submersible Archimedes Twin debris handling Disc Screw pumps that provide 70% · The pump casing is easily higher capacity than traditional screw dismantled for maintenance and pumps. The pumps are hydraulically cleaning driven and need as such a hydraulic By removing the floating power pack for their operation. The structure, the skimmer can easily stainless steel pump casing as be converted to an efficient standard provides high resistance submersible transfer or discharge against corrosion and abrasive wear. pump The spill containment products that spill containment products will help Star Africa offers provides a physical you conform to these laws and barrier to prevent potentially harmful regulations. fluids entering the ecosystem. Strict laws around the world govern how fluids must be stored. Our Lubetech High Performance Weir Skimmers [Product No: 14] Oil Pollution Equipment [Product No: 19]
  42. 42. Oil and Gas Oil and Gas 52 41 Star Africa also offers the Eaton Oil Key Oil Adsorption Applications: Adsorption Insert, which is the ultimate solution for increased oil · Automotive removal capacity. It is made of · Parts Manufacturing meltblown polypropylene with a spun · Chemical Process bound cover and a polypropylene · Industrial Water extruded core for support. The insert · Metal Casting can be installed in most standard size 02 filter bags with SNAP-RING and SENTINEL ring collars. This insert increases dirt and oil removal capacity. It is necessary to equip these inserts with a stainless steel cover plate for optimal efficiency and capacity. Industrial Generators (Sample)[Product No: 15]Oil Bags Continued [Product No: 18]
  43. 43. Oil and Gas Oil and Gas 42 51 Star Africa offers the Lofclear Oil · The LCR-119/129 is designed for Removal Polypropylene Meltblown e-coat applications with higher filter bags with SENTINEL® Ring flow rates up to 60 gpm/size 01 securely remove silicone oil and other and 120 gpm/size 02 crater causing substances traces from · The LCR-130 extended life bags coatings while allowing pigments to are designed for extra adsorption pass through. capacity and high amounts of oil at 90 gpm/size 02 LOFCLEAR™ Oil Removal · The LCR-135 bags deliver high Polypropylene Meltblown with removal particulate and oils from SENTINEL™ Ring clear coat where pigment removal is not an issue, flow-rate The LOFCLEAR™ oil removal filter 30 gpm/size 02 bags were developed for the filtration of coatings in the automotive Eaton's premium filter bags must be industry. The filtration design allows assembled with a matching bag pigments to pass through the positioner and supported by an filtration layers, while retaining original Eaton Filtration round bottom impurities and removing silicone oil Restrainer Basket. A special basket and other crater forming substances. without the internal bead is recommended for a better fit and · The LCR-118/128 is designed for extraction of the filter bag. e-coat applications at flow rates no higher than 45 gpm/size 01 and 90 gpm/size 02 Industrial Generators Continued (Sample)[Product No: 15] Oil Bags [Product No: 18] Oil Removal
  44. 44. Oil and Gas Oil and Gas 50 43 Star Africa offers used industrial generators to provide solutions to your power generation needs. Here is an example of the specs for some of the industrial generators that we offer: Alternator Data Technical Data Manufacturer: GEC Make: Caterpillar No. of Bearings: 2 Model: 3516DITA Insulation Class: F Rating: Prime: 1875KVA Excitation System: 55V 5.5A DC Year: 1989/90 Generator Voltage: 11,000 V Hours Run: 500 – 600 Hours Frequency: 50Hz Serial Numbers: 25Z01454 Make: Caterpillar 25Z01431 Model: 3516DITA 25Z01428 Rating: Prime: 1875KVA Arrangement No: 2W8408 Year: 1989/90 Hours Run: 500 – 600 Hours Serial Numbers: 25Z01454 25Z01431 25Z01428 Arrangement No: 2W8408 Industrial Generators Continued (Sample)[Product No: 15]New Pramac Sets Continued [Product No: 17]
  45. 45. Oil and Gas Oil and Gas 44 49 Star Africa offers the Markleen Operating Principle Multiskimmer, which are compact, lightweight units used for recovering Multiskimmers operate based on the all types of oil. Diesel oil, grease and well-proven oleophilic (oil attracting) emulsions are quickly and efficiently properties of some materials and recovered with a minimum of water recover light oils through to heavy content. All components used in crude. Markleen MultiSkimmers are robust and water and oil resistant . Depending on the viscosity of the substance to be recovered, standard rotating brush Markleen Multiskimmer may be converted to drum or disc skimmers in just a few minutes and without the use of tools. Thus the Markleen Multiskimmer offers the advantages of having three skimmers in one. Multiskimmer MS 10 Modular [Product No: 16] New Pramac Sets Continued [Product No: 17]
  46. 46. Oil and Gas Oil and Gas 48 45 The rotating module powered by a water drains down before reaching the hydraulic or pneumatic motor creates scraper. A transfer pump, totally a current that draws the substance to integrated into the MultiSkimmer, be recovered towards the skimmer. except on the MS 10, then transfers the The oil sticks firmly to the chosen oil to an external tank. module that is made of oil attracting and water repelling material. It then reaches the comb or scraper where it is separated and poured into an intermediate tank in the skimmer head. Due to the hydrophobic (water repelling) effect of the module, the Multiskimmer MS 10 Modular Continued [Product No: 16] Drum Discs Brushes MS 10 New Pramac Sets [Product No: 17] Star Africa offers a series of new Pramac Sets, these includes the following list:
  47. 47. Oil and Gas Oil and Gas 46 47 Multiskimmer MS 10 Modular Continued [Product No: 16] Multiskimmer MS 10 Modular Continued [Product No: 16]