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Vertigo themes, symbols, motifs


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Vertigo themes, symbols, motifs

  1. 1. THEMES MOTIFS SYMBOLSDeath Spirals Red•Presented as attractive and •eyes / hairstyles / stairs / trees •considered to signify dangerfrightening through ideas about fear •reinforces ideas surrounding vertigoof vertigo (Scottie) and potential and closely linked to themes aroundsuicide (Madeline) life and death•Scottie seems obsessed withparadox of being attracted by deathbut terrified of it.The Supernatural Flowers Green – considered to represent•ideas about dying and coming •idealised notions of beauty and •nature & lifeback from the dead femininity as fragile •life after death / supernatural / ghosts •represents Scottie’s idealisation of Madeline as his ideal womanThe power of Psychological Tunnels & Corridors Towersobsession •represented as passages to (and •Phallic symbols and connected to themes•the rational v irrational romantic from) death around Scottie’s impotence and powerdelusion Scottie has with Madeline struggles in the film•The idea that we’re all prisoners ofour own psychePhysical appearances & beauty: Religious Icons Sequoia Trees1)physical manifestations in people •relates to themes to do with life, •considered to by symbolic of life and death2) ideals of beauty but with a price death and the supernatural – the years we live and generations of timeto payCrisis of Masculinity•Role of men and women in 1950ssociety