Urban development & community input


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A new process aimed to foster more community input in the Jersey City, New Jersey development process.

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Urban development & community input

  1. 1. A Ward E process to engage community in the development of downtown Jersey City Councilwoman Candice Osborne 11/2013 Ward E Development Feedback
  2. 2. Community engagement, which yielded the development of projects like Grove Plaza, has led to better outcomes for the residents of Jersey City
  3. 3. But the community engagement and iNconsiStent
  4. 4. As your Councilwoman I want to get early feedback & understand degree of support from the community for development changes
  5. 5. 30 stakeholders weighed in to solve the problem Ward E Council Office Concerned citizens New community input process Neighborhood associations Planning department
  6. 6. • Formalized process 4 initial goals for community input • Widely disseminated • Pro-active vs. reactive • Cover items voted on by City Council • Redevelopment plans • Zoning maps • Land development ordinance
  7. 7. 1. Cover items not under City Council purview • Initial process will NOT… • Planning board site plan submissions Changes to Master Plan 2. Prevent public input at later phases • • At planning board meetings At City Council meetings
  8. 8. existing High Level Proposal change to redevelopment plan, zoning map, or land development ordinance? new yes Community Review 1 no Idea Refinement Out of Scope for Phase 1 Community Review 2 Planning Board Caucus + Council 1st Reading Council 2nd Reading
  9. 9. Community Review 1 (in person or virtual) • Owner: Ward E Council Office • Presenter: Planning + person requesting the change • Participant(s): Open to entire community • Invitation Method: Published to the press, on social media, message boards, via Neighborhood Associations + anyone signed up to receive notifications • Timeframe: Invite sent 2 weeks ahead of time & summary sent out for feedback for 2 weeks post review meeting • Location: City Hall for significant changes, virtual for minor adjustments • Content: Criteria for assessing the change (pros/cons), value of the change to the city and scope of the change Ward E Council Objective: Pro-active community feedback
  10. 10. Idea Refinement • Owner: Planning • Participant(s): Persons who initially proposed changes to planning department prior to the community meeting • Timeframe: At discretion of Dep. Director/Admin Ward E Council Objective: Revisions based on community feedback
  11. 11. Community Review 2 (Virtual) • Owner: Planning + Ward E Council Office • Participant(s): Anyone who attended community idea review + anyone signed up to receive notifications • Timeframe: 4 – 8 weeks, to be determined by Ward E Council Office • Content: final write up of proposed changes emailed out to participants with a mechanism to provide Council Office feedback on level of support for the change Ward E Council Objective: Understand level of community support
  12. 12. ? WHAT OTHER DEVELOPMENT RELATED IDEAS COULD BE BENEFICIAL FOR RESIDENTS IN JERSEY CITY? Including: ideas for the administration & ideas for City Council
  13. 13. Ideas for the Administration to Consider • The City website should include all redevelopment plans in a clickable way that is clear, perhaps an online interactive map • The City website should include a list of all active development related projects online • The City should consider a task force to work on a revamp of the Master plan
  14. 14. Ideas for the Council to Consider • Introduce legislation that would require mailings to people within 200 feet of a proposed change
  15. 15. Sign up to get notified of development changes! 1. 2. 3. 4. Go to http://candiceosborne.com/act/newsletter-signup Fill out your information Choose the “development updates” check box Click subscribe