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Candice O'Denver: Perfectly Beneficial


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First of all we have to recognize that education in the nature of mind is possible. So a time comes when it’s more than a glimmer of hope inside us, and we recognize that education in the nature of mind is possible. Then for many of us, we might try many different approaches before we find one that really works, and what we look for in terms of what works is results. The results have to be evident in the community of people that are practicing the teaching. When looking for education in the nature of mind then, we want
to see the results in the people; we want to see people that are recognizing their strengths, gifts and talents and are able to display those, to actually demonstrate them. This is key, because when we then see people who are demonstrating the immensity of all-accomplishing activity, then we know that it’s possible for us too. This is very important, it is very, very important. In fact, it is a profound basis for the actual introduction to the nature of mind to take place—a very profound basis.

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Candice O'Denver: Perfectly Beneficial

  1. 1. Perfectly  Beneficial  5.12.13       First  of  all  we  have  to  recognize  that  education  in  the  nature  of  mind  is       possible.  So  a  time  comes  when  it’s  more  than  a  glimmer  of  hope  inside  us,       and  we  recognize  that  education  in  the  nature  of  mind  is  possible.  Then  for       many  of  us,  we  might  try  many  different  approaches  before  we  find  one  that       really  works,  and  what  we  look  for  in  terms  of  what  works  is  results.  The       results  have  to  be  evident  in  the  community  of  people  that  are  practicing  the       teaching.  When  looking  for  education  in  the  nature  of  mind  then,  we  want       to  see  the  results  in  the  people;  we  want  to  see  people  that  are  recognizing       their  strengths,  gifts  and  talents  and  are  able  to  display  those,  to  actually       demonstrate  them.  This  is  key,  because  when  we  then  see  people  who  are       demonstrating  the  immensity  of  all-­‐accomplishing  activity,  then  we  know       that  it’s  possible  for  us  too.  This  is  very  important,  it  is  very,  very  important.       In  fact,  it  is  a  profound  basis  for  the  actual  introduction  to  the  nature  of  mind       to  take  place—a  very  profound  basis.     When  we  see  the  result  evident  in  so  many  people,  right  away  in  our  own       mind  it  sparks  something  that  hasn’t  been  there  before.  Instead  of  just  a       glimmer  of  hope,  we  now  have  a  recognition  that  is  occurring  for  us.  At  that       point  we’re  really  ripe  for  the  introduction  to  take  place,  for  the  introduction,       the  authentic  introduction,  which  is  both  symbolic  and  non-­‐symbolic,  that       lives  within  a  profound  lineage  throughout  humankind  of  people  everywhere       all  over  the  world  who  have  been  introduced  to  open  intelligence  and  the       profundity  of  beneficial  quality  and  activity  that  is  inseparable  from  that.    
  2. 2.     Copyrights  and  Trademarks:  2012  Balanced  View  Media     Once  the  introduction  to  the  nature  of  mind  takes  place—boom!  Instead       of  just  an  intellectual  understanding  of  what  is  possible  and  some  kind  of       recognition,  the  recognition  becomes  bright  and  clear.  It  is  obvious  to  us       what  the  recognition  of  the  nature  of  mind  is.  We  now  have  an  instinctive       recognition,  and  the  instinctive  recognition  for  some…Some  people  come       with  a  naturally  restful  mind,  and  so  the  instinctive  recognition  then  is  easy       and  increasingly  obvious  from  then  on.  Others  proceed  in  quantum  leaps,       leaping  along  like  a  kangaroo.  Then  for  others  it  is  more  gradual,  and  the       practice  of  short  moments  repeated  again  and  again  until  open  intelligence  is       obvious  forever,  this  is  what  is  suggested.       This  is  a  very  powerful  and  profound  practice.  It  is  a  practice  of  open       intelligence  on  the  fly.  I’m  going  into  all  of  this,  because  this  is  the  basis       for  recognizing  strengths,  gifts  and  talents.  The  first  short  moment  of       introduction  is  the  first  short  moment  of  immediate  benefit,  the  first  short       moment  of  immediate  beneficial  potency.  In  that  we  now  have  something       that  we  have  clearly  identified  as  ourselves  that  we  know  we  can  count  on       for  immediate  benefit,  no  matter  what  is  going  on.       We  may  forget  that  it’s  available  at  first,  but  eventually  we  see  that  we  can       trust;  we  can  trust  that  this  is  present  all  the  time  and  we  can  trust  that       it  is  our  go-­‐to.  It  is  our  go-­‐to  in  every  circumstance.  Initially  we  may  just       once  or  twice  a  day  remember  short  moments,  and  then  we  recognize  the      
  3. 3. introduction.  The  introduction  is  already  present;  it’s  simply  a  matter  of       recognition.  Short  moments  provides  that  instinctive  recognition.       As  we  settle  into  the  immediate  benefit  of  open  intelligence,  we  are  settling       in  to  its  immediate  beneficial  potency,  and  this  completely  saturates  our       mind,  and  it  changes  the  way  our  mind  is.  It  changes  the  way  our  speech       is  and  our  body,  qualities  and  activities.  So,  all  this  you  see  is  the  basis       for  identifying  strengths,  gifts  and  talents,  for  even  coming  to  a  conclusion       of  what  those  might  be.  All  of  us,  no  matter  who  we  are,  there  are  things       we  like  to  do  and  other  things  we  don’t  like  to  do.  So  the  things  we  like  to       do,  within  the  range  of  those,  it  might  not  be  exactly  clear  how  we  want  to       However,  we  can  know  by  simply  becoming  more  and  more  familiar  with  the       reality  of  our  own  identity—the  great  vast  body  of  open  intelligence,  vast  and       inexhaustible,  beyond  any  kind  of  comprehension  or  description—that  that       vast  body  is  our  own  body.  Our  physical  body  is  the  momentary  shining  forth       of  open  intelligence’s  primordial  purity  whenever  that  happens  to  enter  mind,       which  is  very  rare.  So  it  becomes  easy  to  see  that  actually  open  intelligence’s       primordial  purity  is  always  spontaneously  present  as  every  appearance,       every  data  stream,  and  this  is  our  primary  body  of  quality  and  activity,     Copyrights  and  Trademarks:  2012  Balanced  View  Media     endless  and  inexhaustible.     The  quality  and  activity  of  open  intelligence,  as  I  just  said,  is  endless  and       inexhaustible.  It  is  aimlessly  and  directionlessly,  ceaselessly  available  as      
  4. 4. the  benefit  of  all.  So  for  each  of  us,  we  sink  into  that;  we  sink  into  the       reality  of  what  that  means  for  us,  and  we  have  the  support  of  the  whole       worldwide  community.  We  have  the  support  of  the  training  itself;  we  have       the  support  of  the  trainer  and  we  have  the  support  of  the  simple  practice  of       short  moments.  Through  all  of  this  for  each  of  us,  no  matter  who  we  are,  I       can  guarantee  it  will  become  clear;  it  will  become  very  clear.     In  my  own  case  I  realized  from  the  time  I  was  very  young  that  there  would       come  a  point  where  I  would  be  involved  in  something  like  Balanced  View.  I       had  no  idea  when  that  time  would  come,  and  that  was  fine  with  me,  because       I  would  just  say  to  myself,  “Well,  I’ll  know  when  the  time  has  come.  I  will       just  know  and  leave  it  at  that.  Why  bother  with  any  kind  of  worry  or  other       concern?”  Because  I  could  see  that  life  proceeds  without  any  effort  and       without  anything  needing  to  be  done,  that  there’s  nothing  that  needs  to  be       done  for  the  spontaneous  self-­‐release  of  the  here-­‐and-­‐now;  it’s  guaranteed.       All  that  is  indivisibly  present  all  along  is  open  intelligence,  primordial       purity,  its  immediate  benefit;  that’s  all  that  is  present  all  along  with  each       spontaneous  release  of  the  here-­‐and-­‐now.     I  invite  anyone,  I  challenge  anyone,  to  try  to  hold  the  here-­‐and-­‐now       in  place  or  measure  it  or  analyze  it  or  assess  it  in  any  way.  I  challenge       everyone  in  the  world  to  try  to  do  that.  That  in  itself  is  humbling,  entirely       humbling.  As  much  as  science  and  technology  have  tried  to  measure  reality,       the  occurrence  of  what  is  reality,  the  measurement,  the  analysis,  the       assessment,  the  curation  of  all  the  data  accumulated,  no  one  can  figure  it      
  5. 5. out.  What  we  do  see  in  our  own  direct  experience,  which  is  really  what  is       important  in  the  cases  of  each  one  of  us,  is  that—boom,  boom,  boom,  boom,       boom,  boom,  boom—in  fractions,  measureless  fractions  of  a  second  the       spontaneous  self-­‐release  of  the  here-­‐and-­‐now  is  guaranteed.