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Extract from my own learning at the World Business Forum, Oct 3 - 4 2012, NYC

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Leading Change 100712

  1. 1. A Kaleidoscope of Perspectives onOur Future, Leadership and Change October 4, 2012 Source: World Business Forum, NYC October 3 – 4th 2012 This document intends to share author’s learning, ideas and personal reflection on the topic. If you intend to quote or replicate any part of this presentation, acknowledgement of this document and other authors cited in this document as your sources would be greatly appreciated 1
  2. 2. Table of Content• Our Future• Leadership 2
  3. 3. Predicting the futureDon Tapscott• Future is not to be predicted but to be achieved• Industrial age will end• Old societal / business model is based on nation states, we are going into age of networked intelligence which is the age of collaborationFareed Zakaria• Political stability is the bedrock• There is never a straightline projection• Be prepared to downsize and build resilience• Don’t fight change, be open to it 3
  4. 4. Future of WorkLynda Gratton -1. Serial mastery – be an expert and build expertise in certain discipline, as middle management jobs are disappearing2. Collaborating across boundaries – e.g. Unilever’s chocolate deodorant http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=POJE-AVV7cU3. Nowhere to hide – authenticity4. Meaningful network – with 3 groups of people – One that possess some skills as you and run at the same speed – Big ideas crowd – someone that inspires you – Regenerative loving relationship (emotional support)• Lost legitimacy – people don’t think corporations are what they say they are• Building resilience going in the future is key – with lots of environmental and social challenges – company needs to help people build: 1) intellectual, social and emotional capital 4
  5. 5. Table of Content• Our Future• Leadership 5
  6. 6. Humility + Will = Level 5 Leadership • Jack Welch – what he looks for in a leader – Great leader is a generous coach – Leadership quality • Energy • Energize others • Edge (can say yes and no definitively) • Execute • Generosity gene (promote good people, like to see people win) – Love your job but ready to leave: you can’t be afraid – For change to happen effective: people need to care, take time to communicate and the benefits to the people need to be explained 6
  7. 7. Good to Great Jim Collins • 20 mile mark – fanatic discipline • Fire bullets, then cannon – empirical creativity Fanatic • Blend creativity with discipline is Discipline powerful • Plan for “when”, it is not about Not If but When – build buffers Level 5 Ambition Productive Empirical paranoia creativity http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/british/britain _wwone/south_approaches_01.shtml 7
  8. 8. Great tips – building leaders, we are all leadersMark King – TaylorMade – Adidas Golf• Incrementalism is not the way to compete• Lead the way for change is to obsolete what you have accomplishedBarbara Corcoran - Real Estate Entrepreneur• Great at failure• 2 types of people – expanders and containers (work well together)Robert Gates – Former US Secretary of Defense• Act as a guide and show the way• Transparency in decision making• Candor – don’t say one thing and do another• Courage• Never get imprisoned by the advice of others• Responsibility of leaders is to fight short-term pressure• If you get voted out, get voted out!Richard Branson• Love new challenges, don’t waste a minute of time• Let your hair down• Be a good listener 8
  9. 9. Most leadership development is formulaic – but youshould play to your strengths •You are a practical, concrete thinker who is at your most powerful when1 ADVISOR reacting to and solving other peoples problems. • You are a catalyst. Your power lies in your craving to put two things together to2 CONNECTOR make something bigger than it is now. •You make sense of the world, pulling it apart, seeing a better configuration, and3 CREATOR creating it. •You are a level-headed person whose power comes from keeping the world in4 EQUALIZER balance, ethically and practically. •You engage people directly and convince them to act. Your power is your5 INFLUENCER persuasion. •You see the world as a friendly place where, around every corner, good things6 PIONEER will happen. Your distinctive power starts with your optimism in the face of uncertainty. •You sense other peoples feelings, and you feel compelled to recognize these7 PROVIDER feelings, give them a voice and act on them. Self aware •You are the host of other peoples emotions. You feel responsible for them, for8 STIMULATOR turning them around, for elevating them. Perceptive •You are thrilled by the potential you see in each person. Your power comes Authentic9 TEACHER from learning how to unleash it. Source: http://standout.tmbc.com/gui/soIndividual 9
  10. 10. The value of brand can be measured Brand Strength • Brand strength measures the ability of the brand to secure the delivery of expected future earnings. Financial Performance • Financial performance measures an organizations raw financial return to the investors. For this reason, it is analyzed as economic profit, a concept akin to Economic Value Added (EVA). Role of Brand • Role of brand measures the portion of the decision to purchase that is attributable to brand—this is exclusive of other aspects of the offer like price or feature.http://www.interbrand.com/en/best-global-brands/2012/Best-Global-Brands-2012.aspx• http://www.interbrand.com/Libraries/Articles/Brand_Valuation_Final.sflb.ashx 10
  11. 11. Global Brands 2 4 Apple Google +129% +26% $76,568M $69,726M 7 McDonald +13% $40,062M-2% +12%$57,853M $39,385M http://www.interbrand.com/en/best-global-brands/2012/Best-Global-Brands-2012.aspx • http://www.interbrand.com/Libraries/Articles/Brand_Valuation_Final.sflb.ashx 11
  12. 12. Top Canadian Brands• TD $9,643M +45%• Thomson Reuters $9,548M +1%• RBC $7,929M +28%• Blackberry $6,446M +7%• Scotiabank $3,965M +84%• Tim Hortons $3,441M +30%• Lululemon $3,245M +292%• Shoppers Drug Mart$3,179M -7%• Bell $3,059 +25%• Rogers $2,998 +32% 12