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Story ideas


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An interactive approach to get students to think beyond the obvious.

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Story ideas

  1. 1. Nothing ever happens here…
  2. 2. Story ideasAND WHERE TO FIND THEM Candace Perkins Bowen AEJMC Teach-In Chicago, Aug. 8, 2012
  3. 3. Nothing isgoing onhere…• Nobody has anyideas• We’ve covered all ofthis before.• Our town is soboring.• Students don’t readthe paper anyway.• Yadda yadda yadda
  4. 4. Why not ask yourself some questions?• What has made me angry lately?• What have I been curious about?• What am I planning to buy?• What did my best friend just ask?• What am I worried about?
  5. 5. And where are the sources you need?Experts Spokespersons Doctors  Store employees County health officials  Company Lawyers representatives Police officers  Red Cross volunteer College profs  Even a school public Auto mechanics relations person
  6. 6. And where are the sources you need?Reactive But not… Ones who attended an  The first five clueless event kids in the hall. Ones who have used a product Ones who have experienced a situation
  7. 7. The answers are your stories!