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How do journalists use social media to gather AND to disseminate information. Lots of links to more depth articles.

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Social media

  1. 1. Social MediaFor gathering and disseminating news
  2. 2. How can journalists get news?First “sort out the noise.” According to figures fromMarchmorethan 1 billion tweets were being posted every three days, so how can journalists sort the social media chaosand find contacts and stories?•Organize the chaos with RSS feeds, joining groups onFacebook and on Twitter.•Create Twitter lists with Tweetdeck or the like. (forplaces, people)
  3. 3. How can journalists get news?• Create Facebook lists• Set up searches on Tweetdeck.• Use keywords and hashtags• Employ Google Translate if necessary• Use contacts to find contacts• Search by image• VERIFY, VERIFY, VERIFY
  4. 4. How can journalists Trust news?• Can we geo-locate this footage? Are there any landmarks that allow us to verify the location via Google Maps or Wikimapia?• Are streetscapes similar to geo-located photos on Panoramio or Google Street View?• Do weather conditions correspond with reports on that day?• Are shadows consistent with the reported time of day?• Do vehicle registration plates or traffic signs indicate the country or state?• Do accents or dialects heard in a video tell us the location?• Does it jibe with other imagery people are uploading from this location?• Does the video reflect events as reported on Storyfuls curated Twitter lists or by local news sources? Finding the Wisdom in the Crowd, by Mark Little, Neiman Reports, Summer 2012
  5. 5. Here’s how it worksThe conversation on the desk usually goes likethis: "Wow. Did you see this iReport? Incredible."Jointhe conversation on twitter using the hashtag#NRTruth"Yeah, no kidding. But how are we going to vet it?”iReport, CNN’s platform for citizen journalists.•Everything that’s posted is fact-checked.•Eight full-time producers oversee this.•It starts with a phone call.•CNN also invited participation.•What if the submission comes from a participant? “Vetting citizen journalism,” by Lila King, Neiman Reports, Summer 2012
  6. 6. What about Disseminating?What’s the fine line between informing about andhighlighting your media work…and promoting it?•A Facebook status update about this month’s coverstory? Like.•A Pinterest board that showcases staff photos fromhomecoming or prom? Let the pins begin.•A tweet cheering the basketball team on to victory in thisweek’s big game?•Hold off on counting those retweets.•Is it appropriate to cheer the team on to victory in a newsstory? Of course not.  Then why do it with social media? PR versus journalism: What’s the difference?” Marina Hendricks, Social Media Toolbox website, Nov. 2012
  7. 7. State of the News Media ReportPew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism, March 18, 2013For example, a vast majority of reporters use socialmedia to report and to promote.
  8. 8. State of the News Media ReportPew Research Center’s Project for Excellence inJournalism, March 18, 2013It’s no longer just Facebook and Twitter.
  9. 9. A conversation:• Marc Zazeela • 19 days ago• Geoff,• Interesting to watch the evolving landscape. My burning question is how to differentiate between reporting and promoting?• The lines seem to have become a bit blurred.• Cheers, Marc• 1 • Reply • Share ›• geofflivingston Mod Marc Zazeela • 19 days ago −• I agree, and as we see more brand journalism and a smaller and smaller journalist corps, it becomes harder and harder to distinguish quality information.• 0 • Reply • Share ›
  10. 10. What about Future Issues?• Media outlets say they “own” the social media accounts of their reporters• Reporting has always in some ways been a collaborative process between journalists and their sources. But increasingly, theres a merger between the source and the content producer• Facebook’s new HOME – monetization through ads eventually.