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Day-of winners 2016


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OSMA state convention winners 2016

Published in: Education
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Day-of winners 2016

  2. 2. NEWS INTERVIEW Honorable Mention: Emily Beuter, GlenOak HS Third Place: Kamryn Drach, Stow Munroe Falls HS Second Place: Autumn Leonhardt, Streetsboro HS First Place: Sophia Spivey, Lakota East HS
  3. 3. MAESTRO Honorable Mention: Matt Miles, Allison Detloff, Jack Warren & Kendra Gastin GlenOak HS Third Place: Mae Phillips, Emma Schultz, Brooklin Jamieson & Bayley Patterson Stow Munroe Falls HS Third Place: Michelle Chu, Erinn Aulfinger, Cara Satullo & Lauren Wilson Lakota East HS Second Place: Lena Kaval, Lexy Harrison, Tyler Bonovitz & Jennave Traore Lakota East HS First Place: Hannah Schuller, Madeline Zupko, Alexis Albright Streetsboro HS
  4. 4. COMMENTARY Honorable Mention: Faith Deevers, Streetsboro HS Honorable Mention: Alyssa Kuntz, Stow Munroe Falls HS Third Place: Victoria Negron, Lakota East HS Second Place: Dylan Astor, Stow Munroe Falls HS First Place: Vivian Kolks, Lakota East HS
  5. 5. NEWSPAPER Honorable Mention: Sophi Chryssovergis, Lakota East HS Second Place: Ellie Schiltz, GlenOak HS First Place: Hope Douglas, Stow Munroe Falls HS
  6. 6. YEARBOOK Honorable Mention: Cassi Chryssovergis & Adrienne Stolitca, Lakota East HS Honorable Mention: Madison Dabrowski & Emiy Eleron, Streetsboro HS Second Place: Erica Meyer & Megean Price, Antwerp HS First Place: Maria Vonortas & Madi Boring, GlenOak HS
  7. 7. NEWSMAGAZINE Honorable Mention: Mariella Marino, GlenOak HS First Place: Manjot Marino, Lakota East HS
  8. 8. BROADCAST Honorable Mention: Alex Furlong, Joe Reitz, Nick Kollar & Anthony Chmielewski Stow Munroe Falls HS Third Place: McCain Ballard, Nate Smith & Emma Murral Centerburg HS Second Place: Darian Hughes, Mike Sarago, Tyler Merlino & Stephanie Walton Trumbull County Career & Technical Center First Place: Emma Steifel, Alexis Heggood, Joey Deutsch Lakota East HS
  9. 9. PHOTO Honorable Mention: Olivia Ebersole, Granville HS
  10. 10. PHOTO Third Place: Abbey Jones, R.B. Hayes HS
  11. 11. PHOTO Second Place: Sydney Rader, Lakota East HS
  12. 12. PHOTO First Place: Dima Obaid & Wes Gray, Stow Munroe Falls HS
  13. 13. EDITORS’ CHALLENGE Honorable Mention: Jade Reese, Megan Kaliszewski, Ashley Sager & Julianna Smith Stow Munroe Falls HS Honorable Mention: Anna Minton & Grace Montgomery Granville HS Third Place: Grant Gravagna, Bradford Douglass, Clairrsa Djohari, Raquel Wu Beachwood HS Second Place: Annie Miesle & Brittany Smith Antwerp HS First Place: Brittany Meister, Nina Brillhart, Christine Shi & Maddie Weikel Lakota East HS