Digital Agency Account Management Overview


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A brief overview on the roles, responsibilities, operations and tips of an Account Manager within a digital agency.

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Digital Agency Account Management Overview

  1. 1. Digital Agency Account Management Overview
  2. 2. What is an AM? Account Managers hold the relationships of clients and serve as the face of the business. They function as the bond between clients and all other operational departments/persons within a company. Client AM Client AM Agency AM Agency Agency
  3. 3. AM Pre-Requisites Efficient Team Player Knowledgeable Organized Hands-on Thick-skinned
  4. 4. AM Functions Project Manager Operations Manager Team Leader Relationship Manager Sales Person Strategist Customer Support Crisis Manager Account Manager Analyst
  5. 5. Suggestions Detailed Custom Briefs Create a detailed client brief template to complete during or after a client status meeting to refer to and share with colleagues when compiling a strategy. Department Briefs: once a strategy is approved, supply all departments involved with their own custom brief. Client Education Be the resource your clients use and depend on for all the latest industry developments and changes via monthly newsletters, ad hoc notices and annual “digital diagnoses” (seminars/talks/presentations/events) held for clients and partners. Internal Education Have staff “shadow” each other, or host short presentations about their role and what their department does. AM’s who fully understand all company products & services can provide effective business solutions and efficient management of clients.
  6. 6. Suggestions Digital Project Timelines Create a live, online project timeline interlinking the various topline tasks involved, which employees and perhaps even clients can access. Enforce project timeline is up to date at all times and revised if any deadlines are missed or tasks are changed. Authentic Erratic Communication Try be available and reachable whenever possible. Great ideas/brainwaves happen sporadically at unusual hours – don’t be scared to share these with client or respond to an “out the hours” client mail/request in order to create the perception of a 24/7 dedicated AM of which they have a close and exclusive relationship with. Effective CRM System Use Implementing an efficient procedure to effectively utilize a CRM system, departmentwide, can massively improve internal communication, client lead conversions, task assignment, client data management, forecasting, ETC!
  7. 7. Suggestions Turn Data into Information All client feedback, reports and campaign status updates should be analysed in depth and transformed from data into meaningful information. This information should be presented in a language that your clients understand, as well as contain solutions to problems, forecasted results (where possible) and your recommendations going forward. You have multiple employers As an AM, you are not only an employer of your agency, but you are also employed by all your clients. You are just as much an integral part of their marketing plan as all their own staff. This means you represent your client at all times, are a brand ambassador, and readily keep up to date with the happenings of all clients. Pro-active Improvement Prevention is always better than cure, and in Account Management, there is a constant need for improvement. Streamlining procedures, utilizing software effectively, making useful ad-hoc recommendations to clients, self-education, and essentially, ensuring your company’s service excellence.
  8. 8. Typical Project Lifeline Client Status Meeting Reporting Strategy Monitoring & Optimising Pitch Implementation Team Briefing Project Plan
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