Social Media Strategy for Real Estate


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Presented by Candace Godwin, Godwin Marketing Communications, at the 2012 Coeur d'Alene Association of Realtors Tech Camp. Basics of developing a social media strategy and using Pinterest and Twitter for Real Estate.

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  • Its high time to leverage the power of social media for business. Real estate sector spends huge chunk of money on the other offline advertisements. With small portion of that chunk allocated to social media promotion can do the wonders. Great article. Explained all the nuances of social networks and usage. Thank you Dhiren C. Customer experience analyst , ,
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  • How do you decided what social media network to use? And how do you effectively use it for your business? It’s easy, really, but you do need a strategy. Today I’ll give you the basics of developing a social media strategy and some basic tips that you can to use with any SM platform.For Realtors: A Facebook Business Page, a profile on LinkedIn, and videos on YouTube are three really good places to start.
  • 84% of RE Professionals are using it..This data is almost a year old, so I would expect that these numbers are even greater – especially for YouTube. … 73% of homeowners said they are more likely to list with a realtor offering to do video, yet only 12% of the RE industry have YouTube accounts. 2012 has been called the year of the video.
  • First you should consider why you want to use social media and what it will add to your business.Developing a strategy is going to be personal – but here are some tips to get you started in the right direction.
  • Where are your clients and prospects spending time online? Recent study showed that for B2B companies – most of their clients were on LinkedIn – for B2C – they were on Facebook. Knowing where your clients are can make a difference.If you are using Facebook and your friends are using Facebook, but your clients are using LinkedIn… you get the point.
  • Before diving straight in, it is a good idea to have a clear plan of how you will proceed to make the most of what is available. By doing this, your time will be spent purposefully and you will get the maximum return on your investment. How do you turn the likes into leads??You can be successful, but you do need to have a plan or strategy and goals. It’s a tool - a powerful communications tool – and it does take effort and time for results appear. Do you want to improve the relationship with your customers?  Gain more traffic to your main website? Build a community of brand ambassadors to promote you? Or use the space to sell products directly? Understanding your main interests will not only give you a structure to work to, but will also make your goals measurable.Most social networks offer some type of analytics to measure your activity and responses.
  • With relevant content. What is it that your clients and prospects want from you? What information do they need? What benefits can you offer them? You will get much further with social media marketing if you offer something of value. I see many people who are just simply promoting themselves all of the time hoping they will attract new customers or site traffic. This really doesn't work well with social media. Once you have given people something of value, you've earned the right to plug yourself a little. 90 percent of your time providing valuable content and 10 percent promoting yourselfDon’t just update with statuses. Be sure to share videos, links, and photos. Make your accounts a truly interactive experience. Engagement Building relationships and trust takes time. You have to be consistent – post regularly /keep your site active and respond back. Sitting back and expecting instant results just because you have a presence is a common mistake. Be patient. Businesses aren’t built overnight and neither is a loyal following.Edge rank in FB more comments a post gets the higher its edge rank -- The comments will float your post to the top of your fan’s news feed, giving more fans the opportunity to interact.
  • Original content is best – from your blog. But there is lots of great content out there… It the share buttons on sites – add your own comments and post! Lots of options to share from. Like or follow company that provide great content.Add your own a comment and engage your audience.
  • Content Calendar - If you want to secure the most from your investment in social media, it’s essential you keep publishing original content, keep your social networks updated and respond to users reaching out to you.Keeps you on schedule.Create in Google Calendar, excel – or just write it down on a piece of paper! Include links to info, etc.You have to be consistent – post regularly /keep your site active and respond back. Sitting back and expecting instant results just because you have a presence is a common mistake. To get the most from your investment in social media, keep your social networks updated and respond to users reaching out to you.Look at the analytics to see what content is being responded – find out what is working and what’s not.
  • It’s a social pin board – a place to ‘pin” all the fabulous things you love, recipes, clothes, decorating ideas – it’s all visual and you share these or “re-pin” what you like.How many here are using it?
  • Now #3 social networkAlmost 19 million unique visitors in March97% of users are women.Generates referral trafficPeople spend a lot of time here!
  • Add your website and your social networking links.Get the browser plugin – adds a marklet to your browser and allows you to pin from any webpage.
  • Rule of thumb here is 80 /20 with the 20% business related.
  • Of course that 20% for listings, solds,
  • If you are using an automated system to pin – make sure the photos are on the sites!
  • How many are using twitter?
  • Vertical image size is 180 pixels wide by at least 400 tall.Include the @ sign “@KellerWilliams” for the company handle.
  • @name – give credit to the original tweet, plus they will see that you retweeted it.
  • Search for topics – find content to retweet and people to follow.
  • It can be done!
  • Add and manage other SM accounts – Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare and others.
  • Building relationships and trust takes time. You have to be consistent – post regularly /keep your site active and respond back. Sitting back and expecting instant results just because you have a presence is a common mistake. Be patient. Businesses aren’t built overnight and neither is a loyal following .It is a conversation – not a one way sales pitch. Add value. If the only thing your followers see is houses for sale, they will quickly stop following. Think about what your audience wants from you…what can you provide to them that will enrich their lives – or create engagement?
  • Write a sentence or two – this isn’t your resume (unless you’re on Linkedin).Why?People look at profiles …it might be on the SM site or it might be from a Google search…And, I do recommend you Google yourself and see how you and your business present on the page. Filling in those profiles can make a difference.
  • Connect the dots! This can make your life a little easier, especially if you have multiple accounts. You can link your Twitter account to Facebook and both to LinkedIn. And you can also link Pinterests to both FB and Twitter. Use and Manage with sites like Hootsuite. Most sites have a section where you can add your other social media accounts. Link those.
  • Wow – what a hard time I had finding examples of SM links on agent websites! If you are using SM, let people know! Youdo need to drive people to your social media accounts – just like you need to drive traffic to your website. ACTIVE – if you don’t use it, don’t say you do.I say this is probably the one tip you can all start to implement today.
  • I’m certain everyone in this room is familiar with this – but I know from my previous position that not everyone remembers the rules…
  • Social Media Strategy for Real Estate

    1. 1. CREATING A SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY Featuring Twitter & Pinterest REALTOR® Technology Camp 2012 www.GodwinMarketingCommunications.c om
    2. 2. Social Media for Real Estate
    3. 3. Social Media for Real Estate Social Media Platform Used by RE Industry90 7980 84% of Real7060 48 Estate5040 Professiona 293020 15 ls are Using 1210 Social 0 Media. Source: Postlings, 4/11
    4. 4. Social Media for Real EstateIn 20 minutes… Developing a Strategy Content: When, Where, How Often Twitter for Real Estate Pinterest for Real Estate General Tips for Social Media
    5. 5. Social Media for Real Estate Why Are You Using Social Media?
    6. 6. Social Media for Real Estate Do you know where your clients and prospects are spending time online? What social medianetworks arethey using?
    7. 7. Social Media for Real EstateSetting Goals for Social MediaWhat do you want to accomplish?  Page likes, followers?  More leads & sales? How will you measure success or ROI?
    8. 8. Social Media for Real EstateRelevant Content Aim to engage your audience. Give them a reason to chime in and make comments. Polls, questions, opinions. Photos & Video 90% valuable content, 10% self promotion. Test and check analytics
    9. 9. Social Media for Real EstateWhere to find content: Your Brokerage Corporate/Franchise Inman News MLS/Association Title Co. & Lenders Online Newspaper & Magazine Articles
    10. 10. Social Media for Real EstateBeing Consistent Develop a Content Calendar  Timesaver – have a plan!  Keeps you on schedule  Sense of accomplishment  Start small – one SM network  Pick a theme (month/week)  Decide how oftenPost regularly, comment and respond to others.
    11. 11. Social Media for Real Estate Go Ahead, Pin It!
    12. 12. Social Media for Real Estate“Pinterest is the hottest new social networking tool. And it’s digital crack for women.” – Petula Dvorak, Columnist, Washington Post
    13. 13. Social Media for Real Estate Now 3rd Most Popular Social Network 18.7 Million Unique Visitors in March. Generates more referral traffic to websites than YouTube, Google+ and Linkedin combined. Visitors spend an average of 89 minutes per month on the site.
    14. 14. Social Media for Real EstateStart Pinning Invite Only: easy to get (email me). Create your profile and add social links Create you first board – 5 included Get the Pin It! Plugin You’re Ready to Pin!
    15. 15. Social Media for Real EstateWhat to Pin:Rule of Thumb 80%/20% Things You Love Unique Homes Area Lifestyles (Beautiful Coeur d’Alene!) Gardens, Man Caves,Home Décor, HomeStaging Ideas…
    16. 16. Social Media for Real Estate Your Listings, Solds, Team Members, Video Tours Sites for ideas /inspiration HGTV Style House Realty Corcoran Group Inman News Raj Qsar Agent:
    17. 17. Social Media for Real EstateWhat NEVERto do……and Especially noton Pinterest!
    18. 18. Social Media for Real Estate Pin from your website  Backlinks to your website or blog to drives referral traffic to the site. Pin Videos -YouTube & Vimeo!Remember to Share the Love! Repin & Comment!
    19. 19. Social Media for Real EstatePinterest Etiquette  Do:  Use common sense  Pin you blog posts  Pin things you are passionate about  80% personal, 20% business/RE  Comment and like!  Don’t:  Only pin your listings  Make it only about your business Have Fun &  Spam Keep it  Spend all day pinning!  Post every pin on Facebook and Twitter Social!
    20. 20. Social Media for Real Estate What Can You Say in 140 Characters?
    21. 21. Social Media for Real EstateQuick Twitter Strategy Complete your profile & background.  165 characters, what you do, where, a bit of personal info. A good tweet is short – 60 to 70 characters  Don’tuse all 140 characters, allows for retweeting! Shorten links (,
    22. 22. Social Media for Real EstateReTweeting Best Practice Share the Love! Copy and paste the link, add RT and your message. Add the @name to give credit!
    23. 23. Social Media for Real EstateYour Content Strategy Post content you like and want to share! Post and/or retweet 2-4 things per day Finding Interesting Content  Inman News  WSJ / NY Times  Local News Follow to get followed  Search “” for hashtags or topics that interest you.
    24. 24. Social Media for Real Estate Twitter in 15 Minutes a Day 1 min: Check @messages and reply 1 min: Check Direct Messages and reply 5 min: Scan feed, comment and retweet 2-4 items. 7 min: Schedule 3 more tweets using Hootsuite. 1 min: Follow 10 new people.Rinse and Repeat the next day!
    25. 25. Social Media for Real Estate Hootsuite –
    26. 26. Social Media for Real EstateA Couple of Tips…1. Remember the Golden Rule of SocialMedia… IT’S SOCIAL!The proper and effective use of social media is tobuild community, conversation andrelationships with your audience.
    27. 27. Social Media for Real Estate2. Complete your social media account profiles. Promote yourself! Don’t leave the bio section blank! On apersonal page, include your business; on abusiness page, tell a little about yourself. Include your website address. If there isn’t aplace in the profile, add it in your bio!
    28. 28. Social Media for Real Estate3. Link your social media accounts and allowyour updates to post to other sites!
    29. 29. Social Media for Real Estate4. Add your active social media links to your website, blog, email signature and advertising!
    30. 30. Social Media for Real Estate5. A Word From Your MLS: Be Compliant!  Familiarize yourself with MLS rules for posting listings on the Internet.  Remember to identify yourself as a REALTOR and ® include your company’s name and/or logo!  When in doubt check with the MLS.
    31. 31. Thank You! Candace@GodwinMarketingCommunications