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5 Best Web Analytics Apps That Boost Your Web Experience


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CanCurve bring you a list of 5 Best Web Analytics Apps That Boost Your Web Experience. You can use these application to analyze your total traffic, total reach, popularity, traffic emerging areas, rating of web pages, clicks and visits.
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5 Best Web Analytics Apps That Boost Your Web Experience

  1. 1. 5 Best Web Analytics Apps That Boost Your Web Experience App for web analytics and tracking enables the experts to find out the complete picture of their website. From here experts take the status of total traffic, traffic emerging areas, total reach, popularity, rating of web pages, clicks, visits, navigation and many more. It helps professionals to calculate everything and based on the status work further.
  2. 2. Google Analytics is the most appreciable tracking tool that enables the expert to know more about the website and keep eye on every day ups and downs which includes mobile traffic, social reports and behavior of visitors to your site. Google Analytics
  3. 3. Piwik is similar to Google Analytics but just need the installation on the server. It is a secondary tool or alternative to those professionals who are unhappy with the performance of Google Analytics. The best part of this tool is that it provides complete access to the entire data of your site unlike Google Analytics who just samples data.
  4. 4. Kissmetrics allows the expert to keep track over the individual user’s activity over the website. The tool enables the experts to have individual level analysis. Visitors are anonymously tracked until they become the final customer of the company. Apart from current and past, future activities can be assumed which provides huge insight into the site.
  5. 5. Both Crazy Egg and Click Tale tools empower experts to notice the behavior of the website and finding which page of the website is doing great and drawing attention of visitors.
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