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Letter writing

  1. 1. BusinessLetter WritingFormatting and Structure
  2. 2. Letters?Letters are one of the most widespreadforms of written communications.A letter must convey a writer’s thoughts,ideas, wishes, orders, and opinionsaccording to his/her particular purposeclearly, concisely, correctly and in aninteresting manner. 2
  3. 3. First Impressionl Paper quality (weight + Cotton)l Appearance (printing)l Margins and line lengthl Spacing (b/w lines and words)l Special Symbols ( ½ , ®, ©, bullet symbols etc)l Corrections 3
  4. 4. In the modified block style letter shown at the left, thedate is centered or aligned with the complimentaryclose and signature block, which start at the center.Mixed punctuation includes a colon after the salutationand a comma after the complimentary close, as shownabove and at the left.
  5. 5. Why do we write letters? Invite Apologize Commiserate CongratulateComplain Inquire Order Explain Acknowledge Apply Thanks
  7. 7. STANDARD PARTS1. Heading-Letterhead2. Inside Address3. Salutation4. Main Body5. Complimentary Close6. Signature Area 7
  8. 8. HEADING- Letterheadl Name of the firm and its full postal addressl Name of departmentl Telephone, fax, telex number, URL and e-mail.l Optional  Directors name  Logo / Trade mark  Firm’s starting date 8
  10. 10. LOGOl Monograml Insignial Embleml Signl Symboll Crestl Mascot 10
  11. 11. EXAMPLE OF HEADINGBusiness Name & Logo FUIEMS New Lalazar Rawalpindi Cantt. Email:All Contact Address abc@fuimcs.edu.pk URL: www.fuiems.com Phone: 051 34526654 Fax: 051-11223344 October 18, 2010 11
  12. 12. INSIDE ADDRESSl Name of addressee with titlel Address of Receiver Example: Mr. A. W. Raja, General Manager, ABC Corporation, P.O. Box 1022 Islamabad. 12
  13. 13. Salutation and Complimentary CloseSalutation Comp. Close Context(Opening Greeting) (Signing off)Dear Yours Formal Situations Sir/Madam/Sirs faithfully, Recipient not personally known(Name not used) Recipient senior in years, positionDear Yours sincerely, Friendly (or would-be friendly, Dr/Mr/Mrs/Miss e.g. for selling or conciliatoryRaja, letters).Dear Colleague Established relationships.Dear Customer Implied relationships.Dear Javed/ sadia Yours, Close, informal relationships.My dear Javed / Yours sincerely, More personal. sadia Kind regards.etc. Best wishes. Affectionately, 13
  14. 14. BODYSemi-block Paragraph____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 14
  15. 15. BODYBlock Paragraph____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 15
  16. 16. COMPLIMENTARY CLOSEl Yours sincerely, Sincerelyl Sincerely yours,l Yours faithfully,l Faithfully yours,l Yours cordially, Cordiallyl Cordially yours,l Yours truly,l Truly yours, 16
  17. 17. Example of Complimentary Close Cordially yours, Your’s Sincerely ⊗ Yours sincerely, √ 17
  18. 18. Signature AreaSignNameDesignation Example: __________________ Saleem Azmat Marketing Manager
  19. 19. Signature Area• Sign• Name• Designation Example: __________________ Saleem Azmat Marketing Manager
  20. 20. NONESENTIAL PARTS1. Addressee notation2. Reference number3. Mailing Notation4. Reference initial5. Attention Line6. Subject Line7. Enclosure8. Copy Notation9. Post-script10.Second-Page Heading 20
  21. 21. 1. Addressee notationAddressee notation is written to make the readership of the letterrestricted. It is written two lines above inside address. It is written in capitalletters.Ways:CONFIDENTIALPERSONALPLEASE FORWARD 21
  22. 22. 2. Reference numberReference Number: (Account No., File No., Case No.)This in to give any number to business lettere.g. Ref. No.: FUIEMS/Exams/ F09/09. Ithelps to search for a particular business letter. 22
  23. 23. 3. Mailing NotationWhenever letter is sent by special / extra ordinarymeans such as Special Delivery, Certified, orRegistered Mail then we write mailing notation. Asmall caption (By Redg. Post, By UMS, By TCS, ByHand etc.) on top of letter, two spaces below thedate line, double space before the inside address orbelow the last notation, is made to give importanceto letter so reader realize it. 23
  24. 24. 4. Reference InitialSincerely, Sometimes the writer and the signer of a letter are differentSignature people. At least the file copy of a letter should bear both their initials and as well as the typist’s.Umar TalalManager Example:UT/sn or UT/sn/mak (signer, writer, typist)UT:sn orUT:SN 24
  25. 25. 5. Attention LineWhen you want to direct a letter to specificperson/department in an organization, youcan use an attention line.Its placement is normally between the insideaddress and salutation with a blank line beforeand after it. Normally it is flushed with theleft margin although it may be centered.Example: For the attention of: Mr. Raja 25
  26. 26. 6. Subject LineSubject Line helps tell your reader at a glance what your letter isabout. It also helps in filing. It may or may not include theword subject. It is normally placed on the second line below thesalutation and centered. It may be capital and lowercase or justcapital and also underlined.Example:Subject: Summer 2007 Sales MeetingSubject: Summer 2007 Sales MeetingSubject: Summer 2007 Sales MeetingSUBJECT: SUMMER 2007 SALES MEETING 26
  27. 27. 7. EnclosureThe notation alerts the receiver to check for enclosure. It isusually typed a single or double space under the reference initial.It also reminds whoever prepares your envelope for mailing thatsomething is to be enclosed. For an attachment that word maybe typed in place of “enclosure”.Example:Enc. (or Encs, for more than one items)Enclosures 2 (two docs are enclosed)Enclosed: 1) CV 2) Attested copy of NIC 3) Attested Final Transcript 27
  28. 28. 8. Copy NotationWhen you want persons other than the addressee to receive acopy of your letter, the names of these persons should be typedjust below the reference initials or the enclosure notationwhichever is last. Type “cc” before the copy notation names ifyou are sending them a carbon copy. Type “c,”, “pc,” or “copy”if it is a photocopy. Recipient’s address may be included aftertheir names.When you do not want the addressee to know that other personsare getting a copy of the letter, type “bc” (blind copy) or “bpc”( blind photocopy) and the recipients’ names on the copies only. 28
  29. 29. 9. Post-scriptIf you forget to write any thing in body of the letter,or if you want to emphasize or stress upon a pointalready in your letter or if you want to include a briefpersonal message (greetings) unrelated to the letter,a postscript, typed or handwritten (with or without“P.S.,” “PS,” or “PS:”) can be written at the end.Example: P.S., Please also send the rate list. PS, Eid Mubarik PS: Mary Christmas and Happy New Year 29
  30. 30. 10. Second-Page HeadingIf the letter is long and an additional page is required, a second page heading isused. The name of the receiving person or organization, page number, and dateare included in the second page heading, however reference number can also beincluded. Two line are left empty after the second page heading and then the bodyis written.Example:Mr. SharikOctober 18, 2010Page 2ORMr. Sharik, October 18, 2010, page 2Mr. Sharik Ahmed -2- March 10, 2010 30
  32. 32. PUNCTUATIONl Punctuation Style • Open Punctuation • No line of letter part, except the body, has any punctuation at the end unless an abbreviation requires a period. • Mixed / Standard Punctuation • In mixed punctuation a colon follows the salutation; a commas follows the complimentary close. • Closed Punctuation • In closed punctuation a comma follows the salutation; a commas follows the complimentary close. British and Asian writers use closed punctuation 32
  34. 34. FORMATSl Semi-Block  Letter in which indented paragraphs are used. It is the oldest and traditional way of writing a business letter.l Block  The date, complimentary close and the signature section begins at the horizontal centre of the page or are placed so that they end near the right-hand margin. Attention and subject lines may be indented, centered, or begin at the left margin where all other parts begins. This letter style is used often and is attractive on the page.l Full-Block  Every line begins at the left margin. This is a common format because it is quick and easy to set-up. It is most popular format for writing business letter. 34
  35. 35. FORMATS FORMAT PARAGRAPH PUNCTUATIONSemi-block Semi-Blocked Closed Block Blocked MixedFull-blocked Blocked Open 35
  37. 37. SEMI-BLOCKED WITH CLOSED PUNCTUATIONTBG Torch Bearers Group, Foundation University, New Lalazar, Rawalpindi. Phone No. 051 5564321 E-mail: fuimcs@fuimcs.edu.pkRef. No. CS/BBA/FUIMCS/04/01 May 15, 2005Chacha Stationary Store, By Regd. Post123 Royal Lane,Mammon Abad,Lahore. Attention: Mr. Sulman Hanfi, Sales manager.Dear Sir, Purchase of 20 Calculators. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. Yours sincerely,Encl. Three Noor Ahmed . Manager.c.c. Mr. Ahmed Salman. A.M./b.k. Mktg. Manager. Shahjee Enterprises. 444-A Johar Town 2, LahoreP.S. Eid Mubarak.
  39. 39. BLOCKED WITH STANDARD/MIXED PUNCTUATIONTBG Torch Bearers Group Foundation University New Lalazar Rawalpindi Phone No. 051 5564321 E-mail fuimcs@fuimcs.edu.pkRef. No. CS/BBA/FUIMCS/04/01 May 15, 2005Chacha Stationary Store By TCS123 Royal LaneMammon AbadLahore Attention Miss Fatima Noor PrincipalDear Madam: Business Seminar on Product Marketing------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. Yours sincerely,Encl. Three Anum Saleem, Manager.c.c. Ministry of Education A.M./b.k. IslamabadP.S. Eid Mubarak
  41. 41. FULL-BLOCK WITH OPEN PUNCTUATION F U I M C SFoundation UniversityNew LalazarRawalpindi Cantt.Phone No. 051 5564321E-mail fuimcs@fuimcs.edu.pkRef. No. CS/BBA/FUIMCS/04/01May 15, 2005XYZ TradersP.O.Box No. 786LahoreBy UMSAttention Mr. Saeed Khan Mktg. ManagerDear SirPurchase of Stationary Items------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.Yours sincerelyNoor AhmedManagerA.M./b.k.Encl. Twoc.c. Ms. Huma Khan H.R. Manager ABC & Sons Roohi Plaza, Machine Chowk JhelumP.S. Eid Mubarik
  42. 42. EnvelopesThe quality of the envelope is just as important for first impression as thequality of the stationery. In fact, letterhead and envelopes should be of thesame paper stock, have the same color ink, and be imprinted with the sameaddress and logo. Most envelopes used by businesses are No. 10 envelopes(9 ½ inches long) which are sized to contain an 8 ½ -by-11-inches piece ofpaper folded in third. Some occasions call for a smaller, No. 6 ¾, envelope orfor envelopes proportional to fit special stationery.Next slides show the two most common sizes. 42
  43. 43. 43
  44. 44. 44
  45. 45. Addressing the envelopeNo matter what size the envelop, the address is always single spaced and inblock form – with all lines aligned on the left. The address on the envelope is inthe same style as the inside address and present the same information. Theorder to follow is from the smallest division to the largest:Name and title of recipientName of departmentName of organizationName of buildingStreet address, office number, P.O. Box numberCity, state/province and zip/postal codeName of country (if the letter is being sent abroad) 45
  46. 46. MEMORANDUM (Internal Letter) General FormatTo: ________________________ Date________From: _____________________ To: _____________________Date: ______________________ From: ___________________Subject: ____________________ Subject: _________________Date: ______________________Subject: ____________________To: ________________________From: ______________________To:________________________ Date:__________________________From:______________________ Subject:________________________ 46