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What is Cancer Awakens? A quick tour.


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This slideshow is a tour of Cancer Awakens - - showcasing how our site, newsletter and social media channels support the cancer community.

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What is Cancer Awakens? A quick tour.

  1. 1. Cancer Awakensa growing movementabout complementary approachesto cancer.We support your personal cancer experience and medicaltreatment from a psychological, social and spiritualstandpoint.
  2. 2. More empoweringconversations With self Between patients and family members Between patients / families and doctors Between mainstream Oncology and Holistic practitioners
  3. 3. Changes language,changes mindset From “death sentence” to “growth/change opportunity” From “surviving” to “thriving” From “quantity” to “quality of life”
  4. 4. Taking charge andreclaiming power Encourages introspection, and taking responsibility for one’s own life Focus on Holistic and Integrated approach to cancer Works alongside Western / Mainstream clinical medicine
  5. 5. The Cancer Awakens Blog Learn about powerful new complementary approaches to Be inspired by cancer - old & new - from around ‘Cancer Thrivers’ the world – those rare folks who have overcome the disease and grown from it!
  6. 6. The Cancer Awakens Blog Care-givers Get expert advice from healers are often and experts in different systems: neglected. Yoga, Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, How can you Western psychology, etc.look after yourloved one and look afteryourself at the same time? Latest Research, Book/ Movie Reviews, Support Organisations, Humour and other tasty tid-bits to chew on
  7. 7. The Cancer Awakens Blog Comment Discuss Share Belong
  8. 8. Holistic Health Questionnaire Online Diagnostic Tool to uncover your ‘Stressors’ and ‘Illness Risk’
  9. 9. Monthly Newsletter
  10. 10. About Us Vijay Bhat was a highly placed corporate executive in a global role when he was diagnosed with colon cancer. Today, having completing 10 years as a “cancer-thriver”, he has turned into a transitions-coach and leadership consultant. Nilima Bhat is a facilitator of personal transformation. Vijay’s cancer experience has led her to becoming a yoga teacher and holistic health coach. The unexpected role of care-giver awakened her to her lifes purpose. Nilima heads Sampurnah, a holistic & integrative clinic. Nilima & Vijay are currently Bangalore-based.
  11. 11. Join the movement!Thank you for taking the time to see thisintroduction to Cancer Awakens. Stay connected!