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  1. 1. CORPORATE PRESENTATION 20121 © Wärtsilä
  2. 2. Our roots and heritage Passion for engines.2 © Wärtsilä
  3. 3. Today we are much more than an engine company Passion for optimising lifecycle value for our customers with modern and sustainable power solutions.3 © Wärtsilä
  4. 4. Our mission, vision, and values We provide lifecycle power solutions to enhance MISSION the business of our customers, while creating better technologies that benefit both the customers and the environment. VISION We will be the most valued business partner of all our customers. VALUES ENERGY EXCELLENCE EXCITEMENT Capture opportunities and Do things better than Foster openness, respect make things happen anyone else in our and trust to create industry excitement4 © Wärtsilä
  5. 5. This is Wärtsilä POWER PLANTS SHIP POWER SERVICES5 © Wärtsilä
  6. 6. This is what we bring to the market ENVIRONMENTAL FUEL EFFICIENCY SOLUTIONS FLEXIBILITY6 © Wärtsilä
  7. 7. Our offering Ship Power Services CUSTOMERS integrated solutions solutions Equipment Lifecycle sales Power Plants From spare solutions customised parts to solutions service agreements7 © Wärtsilä
  8. 8. We provide superior value to our customers with our flexible, efficient and environmentally advanced energy solutions, which enable a transition to a more sustainable and modern energy infrastructure.8 © Wärtsilä
  9. 9. Power Plants offering• We are a major supplier of flexible baseload power plants operating on various liquid and gaseous fuels• We provide unique, dynamic solutions for grid stability, reserve, peaking, load following and intermittent power generation• Our multi-fuel solutions for the oil & gas industry are used for reliable power generation, pumping and compression All applications are supported with tailored lifetime operation and maintenance services.9 © Wärtsilä
  10. 10. Market trends and drivers• GDP growth, electrification and increasing standard of living drive the growth of electricity demand• Demand for sustainability and focus on climate change• Rapid growth of intermittent renewable generation• Increasing daily, weekly and seasonal demand fluctuation increase the need for flexibility• Changing roles of fuels – New coal power plants difficult to permit in the western countries – Increasing role of gas, especially as a balancing fuel – The future of nuclear is uncertain The world needs affordable, clean, flexible and reliable power.10 © Wärtsilä
  11. 11. Smart Power Generation – unique features Energy efficiency Energy • Highest simple cycle electrical efficiency efficiency • High efficiency regardless of ambient conditions Operational flexibility • Unlimited, super fast, reliable • High plant efficiency over a wide starting and stopping with no load range due to multiple impact on maintenance schedule generating sets • Fast reserve, load following, Competitive generation cost and peaking and baseload high dispatch Smart • All ancillary services Power • Grid support, wind enabling Fuel flexibility Generation Multi-tasking plant prepared for future markets • Continuous choice of the most feasible fuel • Solutions for – liquid and gaseous fuels – renewables Fuel Operational – multi-fuel plants flexibility flexibility – fuel conversions Hedge for the future11 © Wärtsilä
  12. 12. Smart Power Generation optimises energy systems In emerging markets, economic Affordable growth requires increasing investments in energy. In developed countries, the transition to solar and wind power brings daily variations that need to be balanced. Smart Power System Efficient and flexible Smart Power Generation enables power systems to deliver affordable, Reliable Sustainable clean and reliable energy.12 © Wärtsilä
  13. 13. Passion for optimising lifecycle value with modern and sustainable power solutions.13 © Wärtsilä