Cambodia With Al And Sara


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Presented to First Baptist Church 02/21/10
Hilarious good fun by Al and Sara... So pleased to be welcoming them May 12 through June 7!!! Sweet, sweet adventure... Grateful Grateful Grateful to the Spirit of Love and Life for infusing this presentation with joy and hilarity!

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  • These children are required to scavenge the dump for valuables that can be sold to contribute to the families income->  As scavenging can contribute 10-12 dollars a month, these children are not able to attend School->
  • A New Day Cambodia, an NGO, was formed in 2007 by a group of Americans who had travelled to Cambodia in the past, and witnessed first hand the stories of these children-> Homes were developed for the children to live in, and their parents were supplemented $10 a month for allowing their children to attend school->
  • Suzanne became involved in ANDC shortly after her arrival, and volunteers her time teaching quilting and speaking English with the kids
  • Here's a thank-you note written by one of the students->->->
  • Suzanne also speaks fondly of Marie Ens and Place of Rescue->  We were lucky enough to have Marie speak at the women’s breakfast in January Place of Rescue works with orphaned children, abandoned mothers, grannies, AIDS patients, and they also do Hospital visits->  Those who attended the breakfast will remember that Place of Rescue is continually growing and caring for more individuals in need->
  • Sue teaches ESL at Logos International School, a school for Cambodian children, children of missionaries serving in Cambodia, and other international children living in the country->The school provides education that is otherwise not available to most children, as they either have to pay for private schools or pay bribes to attend the government run schools->
  • Donald Miller's new book, "A Million Miles in a Thousand Years"  He talks over and over about how to write a good story-> He's not only talking about literally writing, but making your life a good story--a story worth telling->  It might sound strange, but I feel like Cambodia is meant to be a part of my story->
  •  We are travelling to Cambodia with the intention of meeting these people, seeing these place, and volunteering, BUT This is not all we will be doing-> We do plan on travelling around, sight seeing, and eating various Cambodian delicacies
  • As such, we are not up here today asking you to send us to Cambodia, what we are asking, is that you will think and pray about supporting Suzanne and the various organizations that she is involved in-> What does this look like? We hope to have at least one event before we leave that gives you the opportunity to donate, buy some beautiful Cambodian scarves, and learn more about Cambodia’s story->
  • Currently our story is University midterms, and therefore we will not be available after the service-> We would love your feedback on anything we’ve talked about today, email us here… Thank-you for listening!
  • Cambodia With Al And Sara

    1. 1. <li>SUE<br />Suzanne is in Cambodia!<br /></li><li>Sara and Allison are not-&gt;<br /></li><li>BUT Suzanne really wants them to be in Cambodia…<br /></li><li>So Sue began to brainstorm-&gt;<br /></li><li>She ask<br />IDEA #1-&gt; Enter the Paul Brandt Cambodia Trip Contest!<br /></li><li>The requirements said something about “Tweeting”, but we’re just not that into birds-&gt;<br /></li><li>Idea #2: Contact Travel Show Celebrity<br /></li><li>Idea #2 b) Have travel show celebrity offer autographed souvenirs-&gt; <br /></li><li>This caught Sara and Allison’s attention! As they are avid fans of Departures-&gt;<br /></li><li>But they weren’t quite convinced, so Suzanne began to tell them about all that she has done and all of the friends she has made-&gt;<br /></li><li>It would take a lifetime to tell you all of the stories, so we will just tell you our favourites-&gt; <br /></li><li>A New Day Cambodia<br /></li><li></li><li></li><li></li><li></li><li>Quilting, by Hem DavySuzanne was my teacher-&gt; She taught sewing to me and my friends-&gt; She came from Canada-&gt; I learnt how to sew the bloth to become quilting-&gt; We tried to sew together and asked her a lot of questions about how to do that-&gt; I always made the thread tangled and she helped me all the time and she said “we should be gentle with the thread and make it one by one-&gt;” She gave us a pack of equipment such as scissors, needle, thread…-&gt;She is such a wonderful teacher, calm, gentle, kind or generous, and very nice, especially absolutely beautiful-&gt; <br /></li><li>First of all, she gave a small square cloth and wanted us to sew around that cloth-&gt; And then folded it into a smaller square and then put a darning and than sewed it more to become flower on the cloth-&gt; Before I couldn’t do it well, so I tried and tried and now I can do it better-&gt; The most difficult for me was the thread, as you know I always made it tangled-&gt; I learnt a lot from her, sewing, make the thread not tangle and more-&gt; I was enjoy talking and sewing with her the most-&gt; I really love my generous and gentle teacher-&gt; We made the cloth to be handbag, bag and other things as you want-&gt;<br /></li><li>Place of Rescue<br /></li><li></li><li>Logos International School<br /></li><li>Meanwhile, back in Canada, Sara and Allison were reading “A Million Miles in a Thousand Years” by Donald Miller-&gt;<br /></li><li>So after MUCH conversation, Sara and Allison have decided to go to Cambodia in May-&gt;<br /></li><li>So why are we telling you all of this?<br /></li><li>Because we want this to be FBC’s story-&gt;<br /></li><li></li>