Rage recruiting 2013


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Rage recruiting 2013

  1. 1. 21st Century AthletesRage Coaches*Rage Parents*Rage Athletes
  2. 2. PreparationSkills checklistEducate NCAA RecruitingRules & GuidelinesNCAA Eligibility CenterRules (www.ncaa.org)AcademicsWebsites
  3. 3. The AcademicSide of the GameTestScoresCreditsCoreGrades
  4. 4. Overall GPA matters but,really countDiv I16 Core CoursesDiv II14 Core Courses
  6. 6. DIV IPRIOR TO AUG 1, 2016DIV IBEGINNING AUG 2016Aid and CompetitionGPA SAT ACT3.550+ 400 373.000 620 522.500 820 682.000 1010 86Aid and CompetitionGPA SAT ACT4.000 400 373.500 600 503.000 620 522.500 1000 852.300 1080 93Aid and Practice OnlyGPA SAT ACT3.550 400 373.000 620 522.500 820 682.000 1020 86
  7. 7. Div I athletes will require 10 oftheir 16 core courses by thecompletion of their 7th semester.th semester and cannot beretakenDiv I athletes will be required toachieve a minimum core GPA of2.300 to be eligible forcompetition. A 2.000 GPA willallow for aid and practice but notcompetition
  9. 9. COACHESTechniqueNCAA Requirements (www.ncaa.org)NCAA RulesNFCAWhat College Coaches Are Looking ForWhen Are They LookingAcademicsInformation DistributionProfiles (sample)E-­mails (sample)Ground RoamersWebsite (team)Travel ScheduleSkills VideoContact Colleges for your AthletesInclude High School Information
  10. 10. COACHESSkillsChecklist of SkillsPlayer Follow-­UpLetter and E-­mail CheckGrade Check (overall & core)Checklist for College Bound AthletesTournament Follow-­UpCoaches Watching List
  11. 11. STAND OUT IN THE MIXTake time to identify schools you maywant to attend (Do your research)Create your communication e-­mailCreate an e-­mail account to be usedto contact coachesBe professionalInclude your last nameName: SusieWhoEx: swho8@aol.comLike College Program FacebookCreate a skills videoUse drop box (skills clips, video)
  12. 12. STAND OUT IN THE MIX*PRE-­GAME WARM-­UP*Coaches will be at pre-­gameYou have more opportunity toshow your skillsAttitude towards the game andteammates*GAME TIME*On deck swingsReaction to errors/failure (yours andteammates)Attentiveness to gameHustle/AttitudeSkills
  13. 13. Dear Coach ___________ (send individual emails avoidgroup emails to coaches)I hope this letter finds you and your program in goodhealth. My name is _________________ and I graduatefrom high school in 20___. I am looking to represent aninstitution with a reputation for excellence in academicsand athletics. I firmly believe that your program andinstitution provides this environment.My research has led me to discover that you possesslevel.Currently, I represent ____________ (club team) as a_________________ (position), jersey #__. I would bemost grateful if you could watch me play at theFollowing event: (List next tournament or big gameshere with location information, kick-­off time and fieldnumber. Also, mention your jerseynumber & team colors).I currently attend _______________ High School andhave a GPA of ___ . I would be delighted if you couldsend me additional information about your program(such as camp details). I look forward to hearing fromyou,Sincerely,
  14. 14. Request camp info. (you can send thisemail/letter at any time)Dear Coach _________________,I trust allis well with you and ______________ (insertprogram name here) softball . My name is_______________ and I represent ____________(club team) and graduate in 20__ (year).In order to learn about your institution andprogram, I am very interested in attending yoursummer camp.You and your staffhave an excellent reputation for developingplayers and I am keen to experience this inorder to develop my skills and understandingof the game.Would you be so kind as to sendme information about your future campofferings.Sincerely,
  15. 15. My name is __________________, and I play for__________________ and graduate in 201_ . I would liketo congratulate you on your recent success or event. Inoticed from your website/facebook that_______________ (mention here either; coaching award,team victory, player names or team functions).I will be playing in the following tournament, and wouldbe most grateful if you or one of your assistants couldassess me for your program. Any feedback you couldprovide would be gratefully received.(Tournament details here, include: date, location, fieldnumbers, kick-­off times, your jersey number, your likelyposition and team colors)(if you are a Sophomore or younger you can add....)I am aware that per NCAA rules you are unable toreply to this email, but should you have anycomments or suggestions please feel free to contact mycoach. Her/His name is ______________ ,Cell:__________________, email _________________).I look forward to hearing from you.Kind regards,
  17. 17. What Colleges Are Looking ForNeedsFitTechnologySocial MediaWebsitesTwitter/FacebookCommunicationVideo AnalysisOn-­site Video Analysis
  19. 19. There are about 1,150 4-­year collegeteams.Roughly 25% are Div. I; about 23% areDiv. II and all the rest are D-­III andNAIA. (In other words, 75% of allcollegiate players will not compete at aDiv. I program)Less than 2% of College softball playersreceive full athletic scholarship. Manystudent-­athletes receive a combinationof athletic and academic money.Sixty percent (60%) of all colleges aresmall -­ as in having student populationsof 6,000 or less.
  20. 20. Approx. 55% of schools offer some typemajority that do, will not give out verymany (if any) full rides.Division I and II schools typically haverosters of 16-­22 players. Most Division Ischools are given 12 full scholarships andDivision II 7.2 to work with.NJCAA (Junior Colleges) are given 24scholarships to work with.All scholarships must be renewed on ayearly basis.There is no such thing as aguaranteed 4 year ride.
  21. 21. 90% or 9 out of 10 schools with teams are instates EAST of Colorado.That means only10% of all college teams are in the West.Wyoming has no 4-­year schools with teams.Arizona, Utah, Nevada, New Mexico, Idaho,Montana and Hawaii have only a fewcollege programs each. Oregon andWashington only have 5 D-­I softball schoolsbetween them! California has more thanany other West region state, but many arelimited to in-­state scholarships.There are approx. 70-­80,000 graduatinghigh school players every year. Some wontwant to play college ball. But if even 25%(20,000) of them decide to see if they canmake a college team, it presents ferociouscompetition because only about 4,500 totalspots on college teams open up each year.
  22. 22. http://www.ncsasports.org/blog/wp-­content/uploads/2011/07/CBSA1.pdfhttp://www.nfhslearn.com/electiveDetail.aspx?courseID=14000http://www.ncaapublications.com/productdownloads/EB13.pdfhttp://www.ncaa.orghttp://grfx.cstv.com/photos/schools/afa/genrel/auto_pdf/2012-­13/misc_non_event/ncaaguide.pdfwww.fastpitchrecruiting.com/index.htmlwww.eligibilitycenter.org