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LinkedIn 101 for Government

Learn what LinkedIn can do for your government office and how to use it.

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LinkedIn 101 for Government

  1. 1. Digital 3.0 101: for Government
  2. 2. What is LinkedIn? LinkedIn is your virtual introduction to a network of professionals from around the globe. And since a new member joins approximately every second, it lends the perfect opportunity to search for, make introductions to, and collaborate with potential clients and business associates.
  3. 3. Who uses LinkedIn? Business professionals. LinkedIn promotes business intelligence, business development, and the creation of business relationships—especially when your employees utilize this intelligent 3.0 tool to establish your company’s competence and expertise within your industry.
  4. 4. What is LinkedIn? To begin networking in LinkedIn, go to and register. Once signed up, you can create a profile that summarizes your professional expertise and various accomplishments. Develop your network by inviting contacts to join LinkedIn and connect with you. Eventually your network will develop into a vast number of qualified and like-minded professionals.
  5. 5. Get LinkedIn • Manage your public and professional profile like a resume • Make self-introductions to potential clients, service providers, and colleagues • Collaborate on projects, research, and share/network services • Find and advertise business opportunities via potential business partners • Create groups with other like- minded professionals and experts • Job search and create sales leads • Recruit the best talent for your company
  6. 6. Learn More Learn more about using LinkedIn by reading Ten Ways to Use LinkedIn.
  7. 7. Why LinkedIn for Government? How government plans to use LinkedIn is still a grey area. Whatever the decision, it’s obvious that usage would have to remain sensitive and behind a government firewall. However, that should not stop the government from using tools that consumers are comfortable with.
  8. 8. LinkedIn Government Benefits Creating an open government dialogue between citizens and the government Taking advantage of social networking as the technologies are well suited to mission-critical government tasks because they offer instantaneous, wide-range reach and help government officials speak with an authoritative voice online Spreading public awareness to government sites and programs

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Learn what LinkedIn can do for your government office and how to use it.


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