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029 lesson 19


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029 lesson 19

  1. 1. Lesson 19<br />PROBLEM SOLVING INVOLVING DIVISION OF WHOLE NUMBERS<br />Objectives <br />After this lesson, the students are expected to:<br />solve the given problem critically;<br />follow the steps in problem solving ;<br />apply the division of whole numbers in solving mathematical problem.<br />Like the first three operations, the division operation is very usable to our daily lives. We use also this operation to solve some problems. Take a look and study the examples given below<br />1745615278765<br />ExampleYou are the manager of a ski resort and noticed that during the month of January you sold a total of 111,359 day ski tickets.  What was the average number of tickets that were sold that month?<br />SolutionSince there are 31 days in January, we need to divide the total number of tickets by 31<br />Answer: The ski resort averaged 3,589 ticket sales per day in the month of January.                   3589        31 | 111259                   93          31 x 3  = 93                 182        111 - 93  =  18 and drop down the 2                 155        31 x 5  =  155                    275      182 - 155  =  27 and drop down the 5                   248      31 x 8  =  248                     279    275 - 248  =  27                     279    31 x 9  =  279                         0<br />Another example<br />Courtney is hanging glow in the dark stars in each room of his house. If there are 160 stars in the box and she wants 16 in each room, how many rooms can she hang stars? <br />Solution <br />Since there are 160 stars in the box and she wants 16 in each room. And the problem is asking for how many stars in each room will be?<br /> 10<br />16 16016x1=16 1616-16=0 0016x0=0 00<br /> 0<br />Answer: Courtney can hang her 160 stars in 10 rooms<br />-535351-266700WORKSHEET NO. 19<br />NAME: ___________________________________DATE: _____________ <br />YEAR & SECTION: ________________________RATING: ___________<br />Analyze and solve the following problems.<br />Jacinta has 5 pennies in a jar. If she divides it into 2 stacks of 50, how many stacks does she have now?<br />_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.<br />-4267200186691<br />Harry has 300 pieces of chalk with the same amount in each box. There are 20 boxes how many pieces of chalk in EACH box?<br />____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.<br />-571500-359019The surface area of a floor is 150 square feet. How many 10 ft. square tiles will be needed (inside of 150 feet) to cover the floor? (How many 10's are inside of 150?)<br />_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.<br />Billy was offered a job at the nearby golf course. The owner offered him $500.00 per seven day week or $50. the first day and agreed to double it for each following day. How could Billy make the most amount of money? Which deal should he accept and why?<br />-4276725664211_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.<br /><ul><li>Sally is having a birthday party with 10 people. When everyone gets there she asks everyone to introduce themselves and shake everyone's hand. How many handshakes will there be? How do you know?</li></ul>_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.<br />