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  1. 1. The Process EngineDaniel Meyer
  2. 2. Process EngineThe Process EngineDatabaseProcess EngineClientsClientsRequestsPersist State of Process InstancesHandle Escalations
  3. 3. Java APIStart Process EngineDeploy ProcessStart Process Instance1.2.3.
  4. 4. camunda BPM provides great Spring Integrationandis first to deliver complete infrastructure & programming modelintegration for BPMN 2.0 with Java EE 6.Programming Model Integration
  5. 5. Spring IntegrationBoostrap Process Engine through Spring XML Configuration
  6. 6. Spring Framework & Java EE 6Configuration
  7. 7. Spring Framework & Java EE 6Inject Process Engine Servicesinto Spring / CDI / EJB Beans
  8. 8.  Integration with JSF 2.0JSF 2Task FormReference process variablesdirectly in Taskforms
  9. 9. What about the Timer??
  10. 10. Java EE 6 Infrastructure IntegrationJob ExecutorJCA ConnectorJava EE 6 Application ServerApplication ServerThread Poolcamunda BPM platformJob Hander MDBYourProcess App 1YourProcess App 2ProcessEngine(s)
  11. 11. But also on Apache Tomcat 6/7Job ExecutorThread Poolcamunda BPM platformYourProcess App 1YourProcess App 2ProcessEngine(s)
  12. 12. Management Layer IntegrationProcess EngineJMX (JVM) /Jboss 7 MSC /OSGI ?Runtime Container Integration
  13. 13. Unit Testing
  14. 14. Evolution Open Source BPMEmbeddable Workflow BPM PlatformStandardization?Proprietary Notations BPMN 2.0jBPM 3 Activiti camunda BPMProcess Engine = Middleware ServiceProcess Engine = Part of Application
  15. 15. VisionEvery Java EE Application Server supports BPMN 2.0Transactions Messaging Web Services …Persistence MonitoringWorkmanagementConnectivityMy Application 1 My Application 2…MiddlewareServicesEJBs PUs…JSF…CDI…ProgramingModel for AppsSecurityProcessEngineSecurityBPMN 2.0
  16. 16. Get Involved Download & use camunda BPMat Talk to us in the forums(Google Groups) Contribute to camunda BPM Start an incubation project
  17. 17. camunda BPM todayGlassfishTomcatJBoss
  18. 18. RoadmapBPM PlatformTodayCockpit,BPMN 2.0 Support,RESTESB IntegrationWebservice Support7.0 Final 7.1