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CamundaCon 2018: Big Workflow in Action: Zeebe Live Hacking (Camunda)


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Presented by Mike Winters, Bernd Rücker, Felix Müller

In this session, 3 members of the Camunda team will share the stage to show you how to get Zeebe up and running as part of a modern microservices architecture and will demonstrate just how scalable Zeebe really is when it's put to the test.

Published in: Technology
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CamundaCon 2018: Big Workflow in Action: Zeebe Live Hacking (Camunda)

  1. 1. Zeebe: A quick intro (Then we‘ll start hacking. I promise.)
  2. 2. Why Orchestration?
  3. 3. Social proof
  4. 4. In general, we may conclude that Camunda performed better and more stable for all metrics when compared with WfMS A and WfMS B. Micro-Benchmarking BPMN 2.0 Workflow Management Systems with Workflow Patterns, June 2016, University of Stuttgart, Germany and University of Lugano, Switzerland „
  5. 5. Workflow automation at scale! low latency, high-throughput low frequency, latency doesn‘t matter What people think workflow automation can do What we currently build workflow automation to be able to do What workflow automation can already do today
  6. 6. New requirements -> new solutions Remove RDMS Distributed system Design for performance Resilience Flexible persistence Load
  7. 7. Zeebe: What to know BPMN Support Scalability & Performance Language- agnostic Plays well with others
  8. 8. Time to hand it over to… Bernd Rücker Felix Müller