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camunda latest features and roadmap


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camunda latest features and roadmap

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camunda latest features and roadmap

  1. 1. camunda latest features and roadmap
  2. 2. 1. What‘s new in 7.2 2. From the labs 3. Roadmap & your ideas 4. Q&A
  3. 3. Demo Time Highlights of 7.2 • CMMN Case Management Engine (Roman) • Connectors, Dataformats and Scripting (Sebastian) • New Tasklist (Daniel) From the labs • (Nico) • Camunda BPM Workbench (Thorben)
  4. 4. Also New in 7.2 • JBoss Wildfly Support (Christian, Sebastian) • JAX-B & JSON Variable serialization (Thorben) • Performance Improvements: 1st Level Cache reuse on Asynchronous Continuations (Daniel) • Asynchronous Continuations After Activities (Daniel) • Improved Pluggability of Persistence Layer (Roman, Sebastian, Daniel) • Custom History Levels (Daniel) • Fixing of Deadlock Problems (All) • REST API Enhancements (Tasks, Deployments) (Kristin)
  5. 5. Roadmap • 7.2 Attributes in the Eclipse Modeler • Cycle Connectors & Distribution • Advanced Search in Cockpit (Business Key, Variables) • Full BPMN 2.0 Support and Attributes for • Authorizations and Rights Management in the Engine • Workbench? What do You need?