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20111007 activiti

  1. 1. Actviti 5 – Open Source BPMBernd Rücker, camunda services GmbH
  2. 2. Activiti – The Open Source BPM Platform
  3. 3. Be part of the moment
  4. 4. Activiti is…BPM-Platform Framework Lightweight Collaborative Standards Java Open Source Community-driven
  5. 5. Los ht’ itL geht’s mit Demo einer kleinen Demo…
  6. 6. Es gibt noch viel mehr… Mobile Clients Grails Java EE 6, , (iPhone, CDI, JBoss Android) … Spring Mehr BPMN Elemente… Mule, ServiceMix, Ca Camel, OSGI , OSG Liferay, JSF, …
  7. 7. Wer ist Activiti Embeddable Engine ECM BPM Platform Integriert (optional) +CCommunity it & Ökosystem
  8. 8. The Activiti Open Source Stack Developer End User Eclipse Designer Task E l T k Explorer Activiti Engine H2 Connectivity
  9. 9. camunda fox BPM Platform Process Analyst Developer End User Signavio M d l Si i Modeler Eclipse Designer Task E l T k Explorer Administrator Cycle Activiti Engine Cockpit …Project Artifacts Connectivity …
  10. 10. Verfügbarcamunda fox BPM Platform November 2011 Sold as Enterprise Subscription with no upfront license costs Based on the Activiti Open Source Edition, but  Stabilized Release Branch (includes backport of Bugfixes)  Support by camunda with different SLA‘s  Product and Patch Alerts, Migration Support  Additional QA on defined plattforms  Sources are provided for all components, no vendor dependency Additional components  Cockpit (for Monitoring and Administration)  Signavio Modeler  Java EE 6 Integration ( g Deployer) & Development Stack g (e.g. p y ) p
  11. 11. camunda fox development stack BPMN 2.0 Activiti Your Process Your P Y Process Solution Your Process Solution Solution Java EE 6 enabled fox Engine Connectivity Transactions Persistence Wiring g GUI & Remoting JAX-RS, JPA CDI JSF JAX-B, EJB JAX-WS Java EE 6 Container (e.g. JBoss 7)
  12. 12. Productivity…
  13. 13. …but unlimited power
  14. 14. Was uns wichtig ist… • Developer-Friendliness over Zero Coding • Smart Communication over Single-Source-Models • Composite Architectures over one-stop-shops • Open Source over Out-of-the-Box
  15. 15. Akzeptanz von Open Source?
  16. 16. Akzeptanz von Open Source? Firefox Eclipse Pentaho Compiere VTiger JBoss Tomcat ServiceMix, … PHP Hibernate … … Apache MySQL Linux
  17. 17. Wo lauern denn heute die Risken?
  18. 18. Oder anders ausgedrückt z.B.: „Ich mag mir gar nicht vorstellen, was es an Zeit und Geld gekostet hätte, das mit z.B. dem IBM Process Server zu schaffen“
  19. 19. With the support by camunda we realised a Proof Siehe auch Referenzen online… of Concept for use of Activiti within our Liferay Portal surrounding. We were highly satisfied with camunda s camunda’s professional performance, especially the immediate technical implementation was great fun. Michael Kienzler, Senior Project Manager and The Activiti training was an excellent introduction into Conception Research Platforms the topic and has helped us very much. The trainer was Haufe-Lexware GmbH & Co. KG able to answer technical questions on a very high level q y g and elaborate on our requirements in a workshop atmosphere. Still, the training remained very balanced and also introduced beginners to the subject. It is obvious that camunda helps to develop Activiti themselves on the one hand and on the other hand has trained this subject for some time now. Activiti itself has also convinced us. Achim Weiß, CEO, ProfitBricks GmbH We are very happy with the BPM platform Activiti in combination with the y ppy p support by camunda. Of course there are the usual restrictions in dealing with open source. But the producers of commercial solutions are not different from the rest of us but then sell their products for high prices. With Activiti we have a wide range of possibilities as well as the safeguard through the support by camunda. And all this for reasonable conditions – all things considered clearly camunda has delivered excellent workshops to the better choice, especially in an agile environment. instruct and advise us in the use of Activiti. It was extremely focused to the point, hands-on and with Michael Paulsen, Head of IT, BRUNO BADER GmbH & Co. KG collaborative thinking and creativity. Response on support cases are treated swiftly by camunda and help us very much to succeed in our project. Last but not least: Activiti itself is excellent for our use case of integrating it in our own solution. Damien Trog, CTO, Collibra Many thanks for the informative and pleasant workshop. We were able to generate great additional value for our Business-IT-Alignment and also in the area of Forward and Reverse Engineering for the automation of business processes. Our expectations were fully satisfied. Tobias Synak, Business Analyst, DebekaMore online: http://www.camunda.com/unternehmen/referenzen/
  20. 20. Vielen Dank!
  21. 21. camunda services GmbH Vielen Dank! Zossener Str. 55-58 10961 Berlin 55 58 Telefon: +49 30 664 0409-00 Telefax: +49 30 664 0409-29 Email: info@camunda.com f @ Bernd Rücker Geschäftsführer bernd.ruecker@camunda.comActiviti 5ISOS 201 07.10.201 Berlin 1, 1, Der Praxis-Blog zu BPM: www.bpm-guide.de