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To pay or not to pay: That is the social media question


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Do you have a tough time deciding whether or not to pay for an upgrade on social media tools? These tips help you decide to pay or not to pay.

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To pay or not to pay: That is the social media question

  1. 1. To Pay or Not To Paythat is thesocial mediaquestion
  2. 2. We all lovefree stuff
  3. 3. Free blogging tools
  4. 4. Free
  5. 5. With all thisfree stuff
  6. 6. With all thisfree stuffdoes it evermake sense topay?
  7. 7. And the answer is
  8. 8. It depends
  9. 9. Consider these three factorsSize of yourbusinessYouroperatingbudgetFunctionalityyou need
  10. 10. byfunctionality??What do we mean
  11. 11. Let’s use Slideshareas an example
  12. 12. You have these optionsBasic (FREE) Silver (PAID) Gold (PAID) Platinum (PAID)Uploads limitedin sizeLarger sizeduploadsAll that Silverhas PLUS ~All that Goldhas PLUS ~No privateuploadsPrivate uploads Private uploads Private uploadsTrack onepresentationLimited videouploadsHigher limitvideo uploadsUnlimited #video uploads
  13. 13. Basic (FREE) Silver (PAID) Gold (PAID) Platinum (PAID)None Analytics Analytics AnalyticsNoneMeetingscapabilitiesMeetingscapabilitiesMeetingscapabilitiesNoneLimited leadcaptureCapture moreleadsUnlimited leadcaptureNoneTrack 5presentationsTrack 30presentationsUnlimited trackpresentationsPlus these
  14. 14. This SOLD meBasic (FREE) Silver (PAID) Gold (PAID) Platinum (PAID)No analytics Analytics Analytics Analytics
  15. 15. You decidewhat‘s rightfor yourbusiness
  16. 16. Think your businessDoes paidversionenhance?Assess yourtime vspurchase costEvaluate yourpurpose
  17. 17. Youdecideto pay ornot to pay
  18. 18. Photo Credits: BigStockPhoto.comWant FREE stuff while deciding?Download at –
  19. 19. www.simplystatedbusiness.comCathy Miller, Business WriterBusiness