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The tale of a business writing haunting


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Combining my love of business writing and Halloween. You can check out the audio version at:

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The tale of a business writing haunting

  1. 1. The Tale of a Business Writing
  2. 2. Long, long ago
  3. 3. Long, long ago a writing witch brewed an evil plan
  4. 4. She would snuff out the competition
  5. 5. by destroying the written word
  6. 6. Double, double Text means trouble
  7. 7. Boring burns and clichés stumble
  8. 8. Cool it with a content mill
  9. 9. Cool it with a content mill Then the word is gone for good
  10. 10. By the stripping of all good
  11. 11. Something wicked this way comes
  12. 12. Written word no longer LIVES
  13. 13. Stop wicked ways
  14. 14. Hire a professional business writer Cathy Miller, Business Writer