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3 Copyright Dos for Photo Use


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Basic things you need to know about copyright protections for photos

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3 Copyright Dos for Photo Use

  1. 1. 3 Copyright Dos for Photo Use
  2. 2. Major Disclaimer I am not an attorney= nor do I play one on TV The following suggestions do not constitute legal advice.
  3. 3. Do learn basic copyright laws Different countries Different laws The following based on U.S. law
  4. 4. Photos have copyrightprotection The creator owns the rights Owners have to okay the use of their photos
  5. 5. No permission = No Use
  6. 6. There are exceptions – Photo is in public domain • Term of copyright expired – Note: length of protection is a long time • Published before 1923 • The photo is work of U.S. government – Meets Fair Use standards
  7. 7. Factors for Fair Use Purpose & Nature of Amount Effect Character Original• Commercial • Factual in • Less is • Potentially vs nonprofit nature vs better deprives educational creative owner of • Using most work income• Parody or recognizable review • Applies to aspect of • Undermines published & the original potential unpublished affects fair market for use owner
  8. 8. Do follow licensing rules Stock Photos Standard License Extended License Limits on reproduction May permit uses prohibited and uses under standard licenseExample: Limits on print copies. Example: the sale of t-shirts, May not be reproduced for sale mugs, etc. with image
  9. 9. Creative CommonsSharing photos with different licenses Attribution – give credit to owner Non-commercial – allows non-commercial use only No derivatives – no changes to original Share alike –derivative okay with same type of license as original
  10. 10. Do publish your own carefully Do you have the permission of that person in the background? Does that building’s sign require special permission?
  11. 11. Do learn Do follow Do publish basic licensing your owncopyright rules carefully laws
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