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Pain free linked in recommendations


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A simple solution for creating LinkedIn recommendations

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Pain free linked in recommendations

  1. Pain-freeRecommendations
  2. You receive a
  3. Is this you?
  4. It’s not that bad Really
  5. Ask 3 simple questions How? What? Why?
  6. How? How do you know the person? How long?
  7. Worked at samecompany Independent contractor hired by your company
  8. What? What skills does the person have?
  9. Communication –Good listener –Articulate –Clear –Patient –Team
  10. Leadership –Builds support –Inspires confidence –Decisive –Delegates effectively –Takes
  11. Problem-solving –Resourceful –Creative thinker –Innovative –Imaginative –
  12. Time management –Organized –Sets priorities –Attention to details –Delivers on
  13. Change management –Flexible –Adapts to situation –Works well under pressure –Embraces
  14. Why? Why do you recommend this person?
  15. Attitude –Dedicated –Can-do –Hard-working –Strong work ethic –Positive, Optimistic –
  16. Knowledge –Graphic design –Social media –Marketing –
  17. Skills –Advertising –Business writing –Computer –SEO –Sales –
  18. Results –Increased leads –Greater sales –Increased visibility –Software solutions –Improved employee
  19. How? What? Why?
  20. Final Tip BeSincere