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Linked in don'ts you may not know


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LinkedIn shared its new Terms of Service, which SlideShare also shares. Do you know everything that's in the "Don'ts" of your User Agreement? This presentation shares a few LinkedIn Don'ts.

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Linked in don'ts you may not know

  1. 1. you may not know LinkedIn® Don’ts
  2. 2. We all do it
  3. 3. We register for a social media platform
  4. 4. Click the teeny, tiny Accept box √ I accept the terms and conditions
  5. 5. and never read the Terms of Service
  6. 6. Guilty as charged?
  7. 7. Want to know what you’re missing?
  8. 8. Let’s look at LinkedIn®
  9. 9. Just a small piece
  10. 10. Just a small piece a non-legal interpretation
  11. 11. We don’t pretend to be lawyers
  12. 12. Now back to our regularly scheduled presentation
  13. 13. Section 10: Dos & Don’ts
  14. 14. Section 10: Dos & Don’ts
  15. 15. Harass, abuse or harm anyone
  16. 16. Including sending unwelcomed communication Sign up for our
  17. 17. Doesn’t that open a can of worms?
  18. 18. Invite people to connect who you don’t know
  19. 19. People looking at your profile probably doesn’t qualify as knowing them
  20. 20. Use a profile image that is not your likeness
  21. 21. Use a profile image that is not your likeness or a head-shot
  22. 22. Share non-member information without their consent
  23. 23. Want more information?
  24. 24. Photo Credits: Check out the post on LinkedIn® changes to Terms of Service at or go to the definitive source – LinkedIn® User Agreement
  25. 25. www.simplystatedbusiness Cathy Miller, Business Writer Business site: