5 silent business communicators


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Do you send silent messages to your customers that sabotage your business? The presentation shares 5 silent business communicators that may turn off your customers.

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5 silent business communicators

  1. 5 silent business communicators that speak volumes
  2. www.simplystatedbusiness.com You work hard on your business communication
  3. www.simplystatedbusiness.com But, are you sending deadly communicators?
  4. www.simplystatedbusiness.com Silent communicators speak volumes about your business
  5. www.simplystatedbusiness.com Beware of these 5 silent killers
  6. www.simplystatedbusiness.com 1 DUMB SMARTPHONE USE
  7. www.simplystatedbusiness.com There’s the right time and place for smartphones
  8. www.simplystatedbusiness.com This isn’t it
  9. www.simplystatedbusiness.com How rude!
  10. www.simplystatedbusiness.com 2 IGNORED BUSINESS EMAIL
  11. www.simplystatedbusiness.com Your customer sends you an email
  12. www.simplystatedbusiness.com And this is what they get back
  13. www.simplystatedbusiness.com We all get busy
  14. www.simplystatedbusiness.com We all get busy but, at least acknowledge emails
  15. www.simplystatedbusiness.com 3 BAD TIME MANAGEMENT
  16. www.simplystatedbusiness.com Are you often late to meetings?
  17. www.simplystatedbusiness.com Do you take days to return calls?
  18. www.simplystatedbusiness.com Do you miss deadlines?
  19. www.simplystatedbusiness.com Prepare to miss your customers Do you miss deadlines?
  20. www.simplystatedbusiness.com 4 POOR BODY LANGUAGE
  21. www.simplystatedbusiness.com Body language is a universal language
  22. www.simplystatedbusiness.com And an equal opportunity offender
  23. www.simplystatedbusiness.com What message are you sending?
  24. www.simplystatedbusiness.com 5 THE UNSPOKEN WORD
  25. www.simplystatedbusiness.com can be even more powerful What you don’t say
  26. www.simplystatedbusiness.com When you evade the truth
  27. www.simplystatedbusiness.com Or fail to disclose business affiliations
  28. www.simplystatedbusiness.com Or ignore customer complaints
  29. www.simplystatedbusiness.com But, never leave this unspoken
  30. www.simplystatedbusiness.com But, never leave this unspoken
  31. www.simplystatedbusiness.com But, never leave this unspoken It speaks volumes
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  33. www.simplystatedbusiness.com Cathy Miller, Business Writer Business site: www.SimplyStatedBusiness.com