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Camry digital media tools


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Published in: Education
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Camry digital media tools

  1. 1. o Slide show of pictureso Add your own dialogueo Each slide has its own dialogueo Creates the video for youo Can share
  2. 2. How can it be used in education?o What people want to tell otherso Get information outo Get facts outo Tell a storyo Public service announcements
  3. 3. o Make your own videoso Can add pictures, video, music, and texto Makes a 30 second long freeo Pay to get longer videoso Pick your own layouto Adds special affects to the slides
  4. 4. How can it be used in education?o Partieso Presentationso Giftso Projectso Sharingo For fun
  5. 5. o Create your own postero Choose your own layouto Choose your own topico Add your own photoso Add texto Use their fun graphics
  6. 6. How can it be used in education?o School projectso Upcoming Eventso Class electionso Presentationso Decorationso Blogging & more
  7. 7. o Create your own blogo Add backgroundo Pictureso Other people can read your blogso Blog about anythingo Follow other blogs
  8. 8. How can it be used in education?o Blog about ideaso To inform on topicso To share classroom assignmentso To reado To write
  9. 9. o Create pages on topicso Different pageso Share with groupso Add links, text, pictures, video, and audio
  10. 10. How can it be used in education?o Online blogo Make different pageso Share with other userso Make pages with other users who can also edito Way to connect
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