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Hero Baby Institute and I+E Foundation by Pedro Abellán (Director Hero Baby Institute)

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Hero Baby Institute and I+E Foundation

  1. 1. P. AbellánPresidente Instituto de Nutrición Infantil Hero
  2. 2. Founders Companies present in several fields of activity
  3. 3. Founders Leader Companies in their sectors Global companies, belonging to Groups with the headquarters out of Spain. With relevant R&D Centers in Spain. From different countries: France, Luxemburg, Sweden, CH, USA, Japan, Germany.
  4. 4. I+E EspañaThe Foundation I+E represents:Founders + VODAFONEIn Spain About 40.000 employees About 200 mio euro yearly invested 1.700 professionals dedicates a la R+D Total Sales > 11.000 mio euro At global level 1.200.000 employees About 10.000 mio euro yearly invested
  5. 5. Mission ValuesPromote R&D and Innovation in Spain, trough: To promote Spain as an ideal country to set companies with Future vocation: capacity to anticipate the future, attracting and retaininga strong component of innovation, specially multinationals. professionals with talent, in order to generate high quality employment. Boosting creation and support to Innovation Centers in Commitment with R&D investment.Spain, in collaboration with Public Administrations. Transferring knowledge: sharing efforts for global collaboration with the To promote R+D+I in business network in Spain. different implicated stakeholders.
  6. 6. ObjetivesTo highlight the Spanish values as a place to establish R+D+I activities.To assume the responsibility as an opinion leader in collaboration with Public Administration.To highlight the role of Multinationals in Spain as a motor in growing and developing the R&D,To boost studies adding value to the Society and contributing to strength the R&D culture in Spain. ...providing our best resource: Talent for Investment
  7. 7. Informs and publications
  8. 8. Convenios fomento I+DFramework agreements with CCAA Madrid Murcia Cataluña
  9. 9. Colaboration with CEIs
  10. 10. Agreement to promote R&D Specific agreement developing the framework agreement for collaboration between MINISTERIO DE EDUCACIÓN, CULTURA Y DEPORTE, and FUNDACIÓN I+E to promote the excellence and internationalization in the Spanish CEIs
  11. 11. Agreement to promote R&D El Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte firma un convenio de colaboración con la Fundación Innovación España para fomentar la excelencia y la internacionalización de los campus universitarios españoles. 13 de abril de 2012La Secretaria de Estado de Educación, Formación Profesional y Universidades, Montserrat Gomendio, ha firmadoesta mañana un convenio de colaboración con la Fundación Innovación España mediante el cual se busca mejorar lainteracción de las universidades españolas con las empresas fomentando la movilidad y la cooperación entre ambossectores en aspectos de innovación, emprendimiento y empleo de graduados.La Fundación I+E está formada por las 8 mayores empresas con actividades de Investigación y Desarrollo en nuestropaís: Arcelor Mittal, Alstom, Ericsson, Hero, Hewlett Packard, Vodafone, Thyssen Krupp Elevator y Sony, totalizando45.000 empleados en España de los que 2.000 están dedicados a actividades de I+D con una inversión eninvestigación en nuestro país de 200 millones de euros.
  12. 12. Agreement to promote R&D Agreement with the Authorities with the commitment to participate in collaboration developing programs and projects of mutual interest, based on: To promote mobility of universitary professors and postgraduate students. To facilitate professional practices in high technology companies. To generate initiatives for talent attraction. To promote support programs for entrepreneurial initiatives. To boost initiatives contributing to facilitate the employment in young talents/researchers. To promote Doctoral Thesis in the companies. To promote research projects in cooperation with CEIs. To promote actions for interexchange and transfer Know How. To perform actions for spreading innovation culture.
  13. 13. Scientific Program in Hero
  14. 14. Research ProgramResearch Program on Infant Formulae."Closer to Breast Milk" StrategyProgressing of Infant Formulas towards the Gold Standard, Human Milk•New Ingredients o New probiotic microorganisms from breastfed babies (Probiodefens Project) o Human milk oligosaccharides development (Oligopreb Project)•Clinical Validation of Infant Formulas o Prebiotic effects in infant formulae (Nutradefens Project) o Low-energy, low-protein Infant Formulae validation (Tumme Project) o Premature formula validation (Premaval Project) o Hypoallergenic formula validation (Hypoaval Project) o Infant Dairy complements (Lactis) validation (Lactival Project)•Basic Research on functionality of components of Human Milk and Infant Formulae o Peptides and polyamines in human milk (Peppol Project) o Functional components of fat fraction of human milk (Globmil and Milkfat Projects)
  15. 15. Research ProgramResearch Program in Complementary Feeding."Nutrition Today Health Tomorrow" StrategyHelping in prevention of Infant Obesity•Infant Cereals oInfluence of design of infant cereals in glycemic load and resistant starch fractions (Restarch Project)•Baby Food oObesity markers and baby food (Lowprobes Project)
  16. 16. Colaboración Hero-Universidad Students in practices : 28 Doctorate students: 12 Students in collaborative projects: 3
  17. 17. Colaboración Hero-UniversidadARTICLES IN SCIENTIFIC JOURNALS and >30 PhDs & MASTER DEGREE THESES
  18. 18. Colaboración Hero-Universidad 1990INTERNATIONAL AND NATIONAL CONGRESSES . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2011 . 2012
  19. 19. THE SUM OF SUCCESS14